Puppy !!!


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New pictures !!! She still hasnt opened her eyes though .. :S

CAM01596.jpg CAM01601.jpg CAM01598.jpg CAM01602.jpgCAM01608.jpgCAM01616.jpgCAM01619.jpg

She's growing alright ... and shes sooo cute :p


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How do you choose a puppy when they are so young? Is there really much difference between them at that age? And how do the breeders keep track of them? Do they tie ribbons on them to tell them apart so you know for sure you are getting the one you chose?


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Well, in my experience, from raising a litter of st. poodles, and various litters of rescued rez dogs, it's pretty easy to tell them apart, if you spend enough time with them. You know which ones are male and female, they're all slightly different sizes, slightly different colours, and have personalities already... some are pushy, some noisy, some cuddly, etc. But alot of breeders do put ribbons or something on them so they're easily recognized, but a breeder that spends enough time with the litter, shouldn't need it :)