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//If you're using a commercial pet food, beware of the "feeding guidelines" on the bag or box. It lists different weights and the corresponding amount of food to feed your dog to maintain that weight, and should be used only as a rough guideline.
Many dogs are overweight because their families closely followed the directions on the label, which often indicates portion sizes that are too large. After all, the sooner the bag is empty, the sooner you will need to buy more food.:rolleyes://
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My dog gets 2 cups a day of Performatrin Ultra. She really likes it. My mom loves to overfeed my dog because my dog always looks hungry:mad::mad: She isint overweight because she goes on a 3 hour walk every day!


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well, it's one thing to actually believe a dog is hungry, {whether the dog is hungry or not.}:ROFLMAO:or whether or not the dog needs any more calories or not.......
......maybe your mom genuinely believes your dog is not being fed enough, but, maybe you are right, that your dog does not need any more than what you are feeding him right now.
If your dog's weight is fine on what you are feeding him already,
is probably proof you are feeding him just fine right amounts, right now already, and doesn't need any extra food.
But, you can maybe ask your vet, if your dog is right weight, if your dog is being fed right amount, and if your dog needs this extra food or not?(if you think your mom is overfeeding your dog, you can ask vet if dog needs extra food or not.)

It's not that hard to do, to overfeed a dog we love.:LOL: and some dogs DO figure out how to "work us" to feed them more!! Doesn't take a dog too long to figure out which facial expressions or behaviors get them extra food!!


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OH boy, Dogster, do i know what you mean about dogs working us!! MmmHmm:rolleyes: , Buddy works my guy terrible, just terrible....but, at least i got my guy to make dog do a trick for each scrap!!:ROFLMAO:

but, you know, it sure seems best, if just one person feeds a dog.
Like just only Jordy, or just only Dogcrazy, feed the dog, not lots of ppl all adding in extra foods....seems like..

just seems safer...

My guy does make Buddy's breakfast, but my guy is NOT in charge of how much food Buddy gets each day. My guy has to stick to feeding Buddy only a certain size breakfast only. My guy loves to cook, and he can use any kind of meat he wants to put in the kibble,
but the AMOUNTS are 'set'.

I can tweak the size of Buddy's dinner, now and then, but not my guy (meals he makes are "set" sizes, it's no good if we BOTH are tweaking the size of the dog's meal).

This way, i know how much food Buddy is getting each day,
even if i am not the one pouring Buddy's breakfast-----> THAT meal is a "set" amount.:)

that way, if i gave Buddy a ton of training treats that day, or if Buddy ran miles or swam a lot that day, or if Buddy layed around on a rainy day, or if i am going to trim his nails that night (lots of treats for nail care:rolleyes: ) i might tweak the size of Buddy's dinner....but his breakfast amount is set in stone.


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GOOD LUCK JORDY!! I bet, your folks will agree with you,:) maybe if you give them a lil time to let your ideas sink in and all.

If not, your vet is probably on your side, if you just act like you all 3 want the info on whether or not one has to strictly adhere to what a dog food bag says to feed,:rolleyes:
whether or not your dog IS proper weight,:D
and how a dog being proper weight is good indicator that his current amts of food are fine/doesn't need extra food,:D
and how "free feeding" is good way to end up with a pudgy dog,:cautious:
etc etc.