Possible Puppy.


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//Was looking on petfinder and found border collie mix puppies. I want one so bad :p//

one can google "border collie rescue" + name of your town or state.
Or ANY breed, like "golden retriever rescue" or "pug rescue"
almost all breeds
have a network of fans who work to pull their breed out of dog pounds. Many of them have vast network, all working together, to save a certain breed, and find foster homes for their dogs, etc, etc.

these dogs in rescue often make ideal dogs, because they are usually "No Mystery" dogs, and the foster family can tell you all about that particular individual dog.....alllllllllll about it. How much exercise that individual dog needs to be sane, etc. (lol, what time this dog gets up:ROFLMAO: )

cuz all dogs are unique individuals...
if you are unable to sway your father to go along with your plan, you also have option to just adopt a "ready to learn" 8 months old puppy from a rescue...:rolleyes: .i'm just sayin.


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Hmm, keep in mind that you said in 8 months time you want to move out of home. Assuming that you're a student, you're not going to have much money, and by going on that, you're going to intend on renting the house for a bit yes?

Please keep in mind just how horribly difficult it is to be a FIRST time renter (no retal history) and finding a landlord who will actually give you a try.... The likelihood of this landlord also allowing you have have pets is like 0.00001%. And if they DO allow you to have pets, in your first house (which i highly doubt they will and you'd be VERY lucky to find a place that would) then they're most probably going to say in your rental agreement that they're outside pets only.

I just thought I better add this because it was only a couple of years ago that I got my first rental property and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Also, our first rental property would not, under any circumstances, allow us to have a dog/cat even if it was to live outside. So my bf and I promptly moved house. But, because we'd been living there for 8 months we actually had a rental history, and a good one at that, which helped us secure our current house which allow OUTSIDE pets only.

Sorry about the rant, just thought I better put it out there.

On the other side, I bought a BC pup around Christmas this last and she's absolutely wonderful. I don't know how I ever lived without her :)


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I don't intend to rent, but will if I have too. I'm not saying I'm going to go out and buy a house, but I'm saying I'll probably live with my parents a little longer... maybe stay with my mom a few months to help her out before heading to CO to pursue dog training.


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I thought this stopped, but apparently it never has. I walked into my bedroom after I got home from school (where I keep the dogs' food and bowls) to find all three bowls hanging out on the floor with their kibble filled to the RIM of EACH bowl. I'm assuming my SM forgot to clean it up... or maybe she just wanted to start a fight like last time she "accidentally" left them out.

I feed them every morning before I go to school and every evening, but somehow I ALWAYS hear, "Did you feed the dogs?" like I just forgot to feed them. One question, WHY would I EVER forget to feed my dogs? Every morning, every evening. Every morning, every evening.

I am a responsible person... I walk, I feed, I water, I train, I play with all three dogs. What do they do? They sit around, watch tv, and take naps... every single day.

She thinks I'm not feeding them enough, but they are at PERFECT weights right now. If I see them getting skinny, I'll feed them more and vise versa, but so far with what we got going on, they haven't been needing anymore food than what they're already taking in.

Is it seriously hard to trust me?

I just lost their trust completely and I'm being serious. No more.

If they can't trust me to feed these dogs, how are they supposed to trust me with a puppy?

My mind is completely blown. I just have no idea...


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sorry Jordy, i'd bet your SM has no idea you find her questions kind of insulting.
It is NOT easy to be a teenager. nope.
it's also not easy to be a mom, or a stepmom.
we are all just doing our best, teens, moms, sms, families....

Also, in attempt to help dissolve your annoyance at SM, remember, we moms/stepmoms are often in charge of feeding, it becomes knee-jerk reflex to wonder out loud if all creatures have been fed.

I agree, with you, Jordy, there has to be total family agreement on WHO is feeding the dogs,
or how much.
Doxies especially---- are notoriously prone to obesity, so this is a concern, that others are also feeding your doxie.

Maybe, you can calmly plan out and call a family meeting, and tell them, that because Doxies are SOOOOOoooo prone to obesity,
and obesity in a doxie is SO MUCH MORE LETHAL than it is for most breeds, (Obese doxies spines give out and they can even get paralyzed)
that you wish to politely :) announce,
that you,
and ONLY you,
will be in 100% charge of feeding the doxie. Find a way to politely say that your wish is that NO ONE is allowed to even touch Rucker's dog food bowl at all, except you.
You can probably EASILY get your vet, or your vet's office, to back you up on how damaging extra weight on a Doxie IS!

If the parental units balk at idea,
maybe, you could swallow your pride for a week or two,
and keep calendar on fridge, and make checkmark on it, each time you feed the dog,
to show YOU HAVE fed the doxie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that way, they do not have to ask you,:):)
and that way, they can SEE you DO feed the dog every single time!!!!:):)

maybe, overtime, you can fade out the calendar. Try not to "click/treat" your parents when they begin to trust you DO feed the doxie!!:ROFLMAO:


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You can probably also get your vet,
or your vet's office,
to back you up, that you ARE feeding your dog proper amount, or must be, since dog is at right weight.:D
and have vet's office tell them that your doxie IS at perfect weight. Maybe the parents will believe it better from your vet?? not sure, really.

btw, dog food bags are notorious to almost always advise feeding way too much food for most dogs to eat without getting fat...and dogs do not necessarily stop eating when they have had enough food.....nope! dogs can and will eat themselves right into obesity....
we can't just "let the dog to decide":rolleyes: how much food a dog should eat.


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AGAIN!?? I DID IT AGAIN!!!?? I got Dogster and Dogcrazy mixed up with each other AGAIN?? oh no!! facepalm!! i can't see that well, anyway!! duh!

OKAY, i would also happily vouch, that Dogcrazy, also obviously knows a lot about dog care, and dog training! And i'd also trust Dogcrazy to care for my beloved dog!!

i think anyone who hangs around DTA often, could vouch for either member, Dogcrazy, or Dogster, that they DO know their stuff!!!

lol! sorry guys!:oops:


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Tigerlily, she has gotten after ME for not feeding the dogs what the bag said to before. I told her, calmly, that they are just guidelines and most dogs shouldn't be feed the amount recommended on the bag because it's too much. Did she listen to me? No. She just walked off.


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Tigerlily, she has gotten after ME for not feeding the dogs what the bag said to before. I told her, calmly, that they are just guidelines and most dogs shouldn't be feed the amount recommended on the bag because it's too much. Did she listen to me? No. She just walked off.
:( I hope everything works out!!!!


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welllll, everyone should try to get along, in a home...i'm sorry you don't feel heard on this issue, but, sometimes, ppl need time to get new ideas absorbed.....Jordy, i am glad you do use calm tones and all, even if there is some disagreement on how much the dog should eat. Good on you, Jordy!!:)

anyway---- I hope everyone treats each other lovingly, with gentle tones of voice, etc, even if we disagree about dog food!!:ROFLMAO: I hear you, i believe you, JOrdy, but, new info can take a while to get used to.

Do consider discusssing WITH YOUR VET, about how much dog food your dog needs, how you ARE keeping the dog at a proper weight with the amts YOU feed him,
and maybe,
your folks will believe it if a vet or a vet's office, tells them, that many dogs can NOT eat the amounts the dog food bag recommends, or else the dog would get fat.

I'd bet i could find it online, some article on this, if you'd like me to try to find one to send to her? But above all, everyone should try to treat each other lovingly, even if we are frustrated, it's VIP to remember, we are all just doing the best we can,
even if we don't always agree, or even if we don't fully understand the other, keep it all in perspective, and love comes first.
but, i think, you might find a great ally in your vet on this topic. Most vets are very up in arms about all the rampant obesity epidemic among dogs!!! Most vets will do anything to cure or prevent a fat dog from happening....Might be worth calling up your vet, or asking to set up even a phone call conference, just even 5 minutes, so vet can tell your folks you must be feeding correct amts of dog food,
since dog IS at correct weight and all. and have vet tell parents how lethal obesity is to dogs....and how not many dogs need to eat the amts recommended by what the bags says.

or maybe, the whole "ask your vet to help" idea is stupid, not sure, maybe that could cause embarrassment. Unless it is put forth, NOT as a dispute, but as a general question/need info kind of thing.

at any rate, hang in there,
and give it all a lil time,
new ideas take a lil while anyway. I am glad your dog has you to keep him fit.