Pooch Party 2012!!!!!! :d


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I already wiped my hard drive of most of the pics and videos (I have an external hard drive) but still not loading. they start to, then stop. But then I'm at the library today, so it could be their Wi-Fi blows


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YAY!! that link is from IMGUR,
is super easy, super fast way to turn any photo into a link. takes 5 seconds to link a photo,
and for you facebook users,
IMGUR can be a way to link a photo into a comment on facebook, too.;)

IMGUR gives a person 5 or 6 ways to link a photo, depending on the site you are posting it to...


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me too, Lisa, me too, and i'd bet, i'd feel old next to YOU, too, Lisa!!:ROFLMAO:

oh look i've discovered the secret to these young people's dog training success:

It's crazy pajamas and magic dog training slippers....(is joke from another thread, might not make sense on this thread:LOL: )

Dogster, Sara and Dogcrazy must wear Magic Dog Training Slippers like Tif does?

DTA slippers.png