Please Tell Us About Your Dog's "quirk"??


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I'm loving this thread, each and every answer has made me smile! Every single quirk listed is great, and so fun to picture! Aren't dogs great!?
Buddy has many quirks, just tons of them. He herds laundry baskets, cuz he has no sheep. He has 3 outdoor laundry baskets, and 3 indoor laundry baskets. Buddy NEVER ever gets confused which baskets are HIS, and which are MINE (for actual laundry) which i find amazing.
If we take one of his indoor baskets and put it outside, (or vice versa) Buddy quickly corrects that error, and gives us a look like we are crazy for misplacing a basket.

Buddy spends HOURS head-butting these baskets all around, or drags them by his mouth, one at a time, to a certain spot in the yard. Then he goes back for the 2nd basket, and finally, he gets that 3rd basket over there, too. Then he sits and stares at the baskets, looking very pleased.
Then he begins agains, "sneaking" up on the basket, giving it "the eye" in a crouched stance, and the he rams it, moving it to a NEW spot in the yard, and so on, all day long, for hours.

Buddy does this with both his indoor and his outdoor baskets, moving them about------ and regrouping them, and then staring at them.
He would have been such a great herd dog.
The quirky part is THIS:
Almost every evening, with rare exceptions,

-----------------Buddy will take his INDOOR baskets, and stuff them under the dining room table, one at a time, as if he is putting them "to bed in the barn" for the night. We did not teach him any of these behaviors, not a one. Doesn't it seem as if Buddy is putting his "sheep" away for the night? I find it hilarious and fascinating anyway, the whole "put the sheep away" thing.


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Buddy has a FANTASTIC memory. He seems to remember EVERYTHING. HERE IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE: (i've got tons of examples but this one is easy to explain)

Buddy has decided he loathes raw eggs.
When i made up his dinner wth raw eggs, i always stood in a different spot in the kitchen when i made the eggs, than i do if i am making him a dinner with meat. I did not notice myself doing that, but BUDDY DID.

Now, if i make him a dinner with meat, but i stand where i usually stand to make egg dinner, Buddy approaches his dinner bowl very reluctantly, stopping several feet away and looking unhappy about his bowl, (even if it HAS meat, Buddy is worried it will be eggs cuz i stood in wrong spot).
TOO FUNNY! It's been months now, since he got his last raw egg, and he STILL worries if i stand in 'other spot' to make his dinner. STILL!!!


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i bragged out loud that Buddy never ever gets ticks, even though we are in the woods allll the time.
So of course, one day, we walked in a new woods, and came home, and both Buddy and i had ticks crawling all over us, but none were yet embedded. CREEPY!!
Well, of course, we checked carefully for ticks, and then both Buddy and i got showers, Buddy got checked carefully, got a flea/tick shampoo, etc etc, car vaccumed, floor vaccumed, etc etc.

Still, every few hours, i'd find another tick crawling on Buddy and removed it.
All day long, Buddy kept staring at his own legs, almost nonstop, staring at his own legs all day long.............because Buddy kept staring at his legs all day with a look of horror, then i kept looking at Buddy's fur, too, but never found any more ticks...
and occasionally Buddy would start chewing away at a spot her or there,
as if gnawing a tick off, as if he had a tick, every time i looked, i could not find any more ticks, but he ACTED like HE could feel some ticks or fleas or something....spent the entire day, staring at his own legs. Barely played all day, too busy staring at his legs.

All day long-------- and for many many many weeks after,--------------- Buddy would prowl the house, stopping and staring at any lil crumb or dot on the floor, as if maybe it is a tick. He had a look of fear on his face, with his ears up and whites of his eyes showing, etc, looked very startled all day long at every spot he found, walked around watching for spots on the floor, and reacting at every spot on the floor.
BUDDY SEEMS TERRIFIED OF TICKS, and fairly obsessessed with ticks, as well.

THAT NIGHT, Buddy hopped up into his favorite chair to sleep. But soon enough, Buddy hopped up and jumped out of his chair, and stood staring at his chair, backing away with total fear in his eyes, and i went and looked and found a tick crawling in his favorite chair.

Buddy has NEVER ever slept in that chair, ever again!!!!!!!!!!

Even though i treated the chair, studied it from top to bottom, no ticks were ever seen again, ever. still, Buddy will not believe it.

Every night, he'd START to get in chair, and then, remember, and just stare at it with big worried eyes, and back away...even though no tick was ever seen again, not ever. EVERY NIGHT for months, he did this routine, pretending he saw imaginary ticks on that chair.

I actually had to click and treat him to ever get in that chair again. WHAT A CHARACTER. what a memory he has!!


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Maybe my alltime favorite thing Buddy does, is his "Victory Laps" when we come home.
He greets us with enthusiastic happiness, whining and crying and leaping all over, just going crazy with joy, and then,
he EXPLODES with joy-------------- and runs FULL SPEED laps in the house.
Around....and around....and around.......zooming as fast as he can, just barely making the turns, with a crazy-happy look on his face, zooming around so so so fast.
We enjoy this scene so much, we've actually re-arranged our furniture for him so it is easier to make some of the turns.

THEN, he suddenly stops, and asumes a sphinx type position, with a fairly dignified experession, like, "What? Who me? doing the zoomies? nah, i'm just over here being cool and dignified...."

hilarious. This never fails to make us laugh. You kind of have to see it i guess. Cracks us up evvvvery time.
We find this habit so amusing, we begin to look forward to this "Welcome Home" greeting--- even when we are still a few blocks away, to see Buddy's "Victory Laps".

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Riley is a "tosser" too, and has freakishly good aim! I have gotten a tennis ball dropped directly into a coffee cup when I wasn't paying enough attention to her, and a tennis ball in a paint can when not paying attention to her! we could have 5 tennis balls in our living room and will watch her one by one take them and throw them under the couch and lie there and cry until we go dig them out, all for her to do it all over again! I also frequently get hit with tennis balls in the face, and she is no longer allowed to have any toy that is attached to a rope in the house as we call them her weapons! lol She once had an oversized tennis ball that was attached to a rope that was about 8 inches or so long, so in her mouth goes the end of the rope, swinging it back and forth and back and forth and then while I was lying on the couch, she decided to let the toy go: Big toy, violently swinging back and forth, lots of speed, let go=bruise on my cheek when it smashed me when I was laying down!!

Hayley Thompson

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He greets us with enthusiastic happiness, whining and crying and leaping all over, just going crazy with joy
Riley does this too, and no matter how calm we act when we arrive home , if she is outside, she goes NUTS! Now if she is inside and Grant is home with her and I get home, she can barely contain her excitement to sit at the door and watch me walk in, I can almost hear her saying

"Oh my god, mom is home, oh man she's getting out of the car, betcha she has something for me again, gotta stay still, gotta stay still, man Riley keep your cool, aaaaaahhhh she's on the steppppp, ok I wanna jump but she wont open the door, butt on the floor Riley, butt on the flooor, oh man she opened the door Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!" In my mind if you say that with a goofy, girlie voice, really fast, that is exactly what Riley is saying in her mind!!

Riley also will do the "zoomies" as you call them, and it is a riot!!!


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I swear Missy tries to talk to me when I'm petting her or just talking to her she starts making the strangest noises. Also when I have been away for the house for more than a day she will collect some of my stuffed animals and not just any random stuffed animal she will smell all of them before deciding which ones she wants. After she picks them out she'll set them in a corner and cuddle up with them protecting them like they're her puppies. My other dog Chase will try to smell them and she'll show her teeth to him letting him know to back off.


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these things are all so so funny!! too cute!! rofl!

yeah, we probably *SHOULD* teach Buddy to not jump up, but, we actually encourage it. Buddy is not allowed to jump up on anyone BUT us, anyone else, nope, he WILL keep his butt on the floor, but us, nope, we do not mind it a bit, and have never ever once corrected it, and we pat our chest to make him jump up.........and then we have this huge hug-fest, with much face licking and all that, and we LOVE it, but, we are probably sloppy pet owners to allow that, ha.


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Oooh I recognize the greeting so much!!:ROFLMAO: Cooper has this high pitched cry and Jinx this low growl to greet someone.
Cooper only does this with special friends and even then he has a degree of crying for each one. His very very favorite person is Vera, my friend. She has known Cooper from the very beginning. She was a little afraid of dogs and had asked me if she could come around often to get to know Cooper as he was growing up, so she could "grow" with him.
His crying is actually as if a dog is in terrible pain. More than once a neighbour would come outside to see what is going on:D
I wanted to film this greeting, but my friend was away for a few weeks. So today we had a "date"(she come to color my hair:cool:) I had my camera ready. Unfortunately she brought her leaky fitnessball with her, so the greeting wasn't as loud and wild as usual;) The ball survived a good three minutes before Jinx put her teeth in it:rolleyes:


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I just played back the vid to see if it was posted... Jinx went crazy!! She heard herself, Cooper and Vera so she jumped up, looked at the laptop, started growling and running around, looking for the source of all the excitement... My friend left half an hour ago:p


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Oka also has freakishly good aim with balls. at teh MIL house they have a slope leading to their front gate, the gate has a 5" gap at the bottom and goes onto a road. Oka likes to drop the ball at the top of the slope and run after it to the gate. If you put soemthing across the bottom - so it doesn't roll out - she will "accidently" throw it out, she throws it around inteh vacinity of the gate then "opps" it went out...then looks at me with big eyes of 'open the gate muuummm and let me out to get it, pweeeaasse'.
If we use the microwave to defrost her meat, she will lay on the floor like this:

In what we call "sulk mode" this is the position she assumes whenever something hasn't gone her way - no instant food, she can't play with the kids teddies, it's raining and she doesn't want to go out in it (yup - thats our fault too).
So her food is defrosting, and we may go outside or into the living room whilst its going, - she is "sulking" as soon as the microwave beeps she runs to you bumps your leg, waits for you to look at her then runs to the microwave and sits down and stares at it. If you don't arrive within 30secs she runs to you again bumps your leg, then waits till you move in the right direction then runs back to the microwave, sits and stares at it.


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Kratos is probably my quirkiest dog. He likes to attack paper towel rolls or card board boxes and shred them. I think he learned that from Moose as Moose did the same. He also will wake out of a dead sleep at the beep of a microwave.

Jinx likes to hit the ice button on the fridge and chase them around the kitchen. She always greets people with her toy monkey or a shoe in her mouth.


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I wanted to post a few of Cody's "quirks" When I give him certain treats he will sit outside the kitchen like he is supposed to, take the treat when I offer it and then run all the way to my room. Where he waits just before the door, if I don't follow he peaks his head outside making sure I come. When I get there he wags his tail, grabs his treat, leaps onto my bed where he promptly lays down. Then and only then will he eat the treat, like he had to show me what he had and how good it was.
Cody has to lick my chin when I get home, leaps on me to give me sloppy kisses and this dog doesn't give face licking to anyone else. Sure he will lick your arm if he likes you, that is close family members and my best friend, but he just seems to like doing it to me.
When Cody gets one of his bones he will choose to do two things. Either lick it and eat it OR he will opt for the most adorable thing I ever seen. If the bone is too cold, he doesn't want it right then or finished with it he will "bury" it. He eats bones on a bed, on a specific towel to keep the blood mess down. He will study the bone then begin nudging the towel (bright yellow I must add), grabbing parts gently and pawing it till the bone is covered to his liking. Hidden from sight and of course nobody will find it in the middle of a bed in a bright yellow towel. Then he will lay down give me a look and then give the pile a look, then go to bed. I have a video of it.


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bacon the pug has the most annoying quirk

he steals your socks, sometimes there still on your feet and he'll grab them right off, he shakes it and when you tell him to drop he looks at you like "what you gunna do bout it" its a case of playing chicken and fooling him cause if you go to reach out and grab it he runs like the lil fat whale he is tossing his head in the air and out the door,
sometimes he runs back inside with your sock still in his mouth to do a victory lap then back out again, then after awhile he walks back in and you can ask him where the hell he put your dam sock but he looks at you as if to say " what are you talking about? im just chillin"
later you'll find it somewhere in the garden along with some other household members socks lol once i even found a bib went to grab it and the lil :poop: managed to grab it soo fast cause he saw my hand reaching for it

lol gotta laugh:ROFLMAO: (also we quite often have to buy new socks as some just never get found again)


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When we are working on a trick, Fly "talks". She starts growling and this growling ends up with a sharp bark.

And of course, Fly is a border collie. She can fix her ball forever and a day, lying down with her nose between her paws, waiting for the ball to move on its own.


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Two of mine have developed a decidedly undoggish quirky habit when I leave the room for a while:
Thanks, to doggiecam, I've finally worked out which one of the four is responsible for my high power bill. Taped them doing this for 17 minutes the other night!