Please Tell Us About Your Dog's "quirk"??

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tigerlily46514, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Does your dog, or even a previous dog you've loved,
    have any really odd, quirky behaviors??

    I LOVE reading about dogs with quirks, please share any odd behaviors, strange likes or dislikes, that your dog has??? Or customs, habits, cute things he/she does, etc.
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    My old dog Toby, had strange custom, whenever i'd freshly vaccuumed, at his next mealtime, Toby would take mouthfuls of his kibble,
    walk from kitchen into the freshly vaccuumed living room,
    dump out his mouthful of kibble onto rug,
    and then eat them,
    one a time, off of the rug.

    Toby ONLY did this if the carpet had been vaccuumed that very day.
    weird, eh? what was THAT about, i always wondered...
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  3. heidio Active Member

    Max only seems to have this thing about going to bed at a specific time and will whine if the lights aren't shut off.
    My old dog Blue (bassette hound) loved to cuddle and watch TV with me, but had to lay on my feet.
  4. running_dog Honored Member

    Zac is a homicide specialist, he has to determine the cause of death of every roadkill we walk past. He's incredibly good at spotting the most insignificant splat on the road and he'll keep tabs on the same dried up skin for weeks :sick:.

    He also crosses his ears behind his head when he's worried :)
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  5. Anneke Honored Member

    My Shane, my old dog, I swear he knew what I was saying to him. I'm a talker, I tell my dogs everything, sometimes people in the street will look at me strangely, because I am talking to my dogs as if talking to a person:oops: Anyway, I took Shane along almost everything I did. He would patiently wait outside stores. We live in a small town, so I can do that. So sometimes I would go for a few things and tell him. First we go to the bakers, the to the butchers and then to the pharmacists. But along the way I would think it better to go to the butchers first, he would refuse and pull me to the bakers. :D
    Also we used to spend a lot of sunday afternoons at the pub, owned by friends of ours. First we would watch a movie at home and then go to the pub. Shane always came along, because of his fear of people. We worked hard to make him trust strangers al little more.
    As soon as the movie ended he would whine and walk back and forth untill we finally got up and went over to the pub. I don't know how many times we went, when actually feel like staying home, just to stop him whining:D
    Yes he was truly a special dog.
    Cooper has his thing with the rubber squeaky toys, that he liks and then hides.

    I can't think of anything special about Jinx though. Apart from her talking back to me. If I ask her to do something she will always "talk" especially when she is excited.
    Oh I just thought of one thing... She will come and sit next to me, giving me a demanding paw. I mean she will put her paw on my arm and drag it towards her. What she wants is for me to scratch her chest and tummy. Not a hard scratch, but gently. And if I don't scratch the right spot, she will paw some more untill I hit the spot.
    Last month, she came into heat( do you call it that?) for the first time and her tummy apparently hurt. I was scratching her chest, but that wasn't the right spot. She positioned herself so that her tummy was up and pawing at my hand. I had to rub her tummy:rolleyes:
  6. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Blade loves being chased. By anything and anyone. People. Cats. He will play bow at my cows until they charge at him and he absolutely LOVES out running them, you can see him grinning from ear to ear.
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  7. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Brody, whenever he is excited jumps onto the couch and rubs his body on it and also makes weird growling sounds ( not really growling).
    And every time you walk into the house Mahoney picks up a shoe and carries it in his mouth.

    Riley used to sit on the back of a couch like a cat :p
  8. Hayley Thompson Well-Known Member

    Riley does this and I think it is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen in my life!! Do your dogs do this??!!!

    When I pledge my coffee table, Riley will lower her head so it rests on the coffee table and slide her head all the way back and forth the length of the table, she even tries to get her chest on the coffee table to slide! I have no idea why!! It must be the sensation-because it isn't the smell or taste as she doesn't sniff it or try to bite at the coffee table, she just wants to glide her face all over my just cleaned table!
  9. sara Moderator


    Quirks... well, I have 5 weird dogs, so yes, we have quirks!

    Zoe will not step over a power cord on the floor or ground outside... She. Will. Not. If she must go over it, she'll walk up to it, pace away, then back, then away, then take a running leap over it, as high and far as she can! She also wont jump on the couch, yet has no issues jumping on the bed which is nearly double in height. She has many other phobias but those are the funniest!

    When Scout gets cold feet int he winter, she'll sit on her bum, then sit up like a rabbit with her front feet tucked into her chest fur, all the while balancing on her bum, trying to keep her back feet from touching the snow! and she WONT MOVE!!! We have to go out and rescue her! LOL She also grins when greeting, or playing, she bares her teeth and wiggles all over... she only started doing this in the last few years... she never used to do it. She watches TV... When an animal comes on she jumps up and runs to the tv barking! And lastly, she is obsessed with lights and reflections... we've had some laughs over her weird obsession... but taking her camping is the funniest! She knows that the flashlight is what makes the light, and will actually find and bring it to me... she really wants me to turn it on! LOL trying to get into the tent and change cloths in the dark is rather awkward with a dog chasing the light all over the tent! LOL

    Ollie loves to snuggle, and will climb into my lap so he's sitting up, then flop his head onto my shoulder and give me a sideways kiss... too cute! He also does headstands when he's playing. And he feels very strongly that bugs are a menace and must be eliminated!!!

    I dont think I'll even get into Mouse's quirks... I think that's he middle name!!! She is one odd dog (if she even is a dog!) And Boo's not much better LOL
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  10. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :ROFLMAO:what a funny thread:ROFLMAO:
    Dodge will "back up" on to feet,even lifts his leg over your feet whenever somebody has got their feet crossed or is holding up a foot . . . to have his bits twiddled with (:oops:Bob's fault,he thought it was a good idea to do when Dodge was a pup and it stuck:LOL:)no humping going on,he will stand as still as a dog could:LOL:
    Another thing he does is,if he wants a treat or dinner or wants to go out the back door for his potty needs . . . he will sit in the appropiate place,so we know which of those things are on his mind (I know,demanding,ey:ROFLMAO:) and will do this noise "urhm",very low from the belly kind of, its the cutes noise I ve ever heard and just cant say no,in reason of course:barefoot::LOL:
    There s to many quirks he s got on walks,I would need to write an essay if ever I would have to leave him with somebody,lol,xx
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  11. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Hahaha too funny. Brody used to sleep under the coffee table all the time.....until he to big to fit under it. Now he just rest his head under it.
  12. Hayley Thompson Well-Known Member

    LOL Dogdge I don't even know how to respond to your post!!!! Oh my goodness!!!
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  13. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:cant believe I seemed to have stopped the thread,lol,there must be more quirks out there,peeps :D
    Aint it funny how different dog's behaviours are :love:
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  14. Anneke Honored Member

    Dodge, that is definately the weirdest quirk I have heard!!! Had to read it twice to see if I understood right:LOL::ROFLMAO: And then laught untill my face hurt!!! I would love to see that live!!!
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  15. bekah1001 Honored Member

    If you stratch Mahoney's face on one side, he lifts his lip up in the same side. it looks really funny... kinda weird explination of it but it's halarious
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  16. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :ROFLMAO: we ve tried to film it last night,both my boys have their feet in the air,normally he does not need enticing and the feet are not that high,lol,I wanted my son to put it on his u-tube account so I could post it today,as I dont know how to do it and he was tired and wanted to go bed,giggle,yep concerned mum I m not,lol:LOL: well,enjoy :ROFLMAO:
  17. Anneke Honored Member

  18. BruceLover Active Member

    Bruce loves wagging his tail and when he does his whole body shakes! Its so funny!
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  19. Caiti Experienced Member

    Wylie huffs when he's frusturated. :)
    He also picks up his food, takes it onto the carpet, digs and imaginary hole and burries it in imaginary dirt.
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  20. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Zekers likes his paw to be held, it's really cute. Shake was one of the first tricks he learned when he was little, but he doesn't just put his paw in your hand. He actually kind of holds it, clenches his paw a little bit, I guess it's a comfort thing for him. And if you don't hold it long enough, he will wave it at you to try to get you to hold it again. When I'm drying him after a bath, at the beginning of it he tries to get me to hold his paw. I think it makes him feel better. As terrified as he is of strangers, he will shake the hand of any person that asks. He just loooves holding hands. He'll sit there forever if you keep holding his paw. :rolleyes:

    Mudflap likes to toss things at you rather than bring them and drop them. Teaching her to get a kleenex, keys, a drink, and Easter egg hunt was interesting. I had to get a little creative to teach her to bring and drop instead of toss, lol!
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