Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One...


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ANYWAY, i love love love seeing how many ppl DO always bring
WATER along for their dogs!! YESssssss!!!
I don't bring water along for Evie but I do bring my drink bottle where ever I go and she will quite happily drink that water out of my hand :rolleyes: (I'm sure if given the chance she'd drink it straight out of the water bottle too :oops:


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Those dont hold near enough water for my guys ... I use a milk jug ( litre?)
and that usually runs out.

Always bothered me at the dog park when people didnt bring their own - I usually brought extra -- never deny another dog water --but sometimes my guys got shorted

finally they got a water line into the park so Yay !


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All the dog parks i go to have their own water supplies with water bowls which you can tip out and put fresh water in for your puppy to drink from :)

Think this is why Evie doesn't have her own water bottle. 90% of the time that we go out it's to the dog park (which has water) or to my family's house (she knows where the water is) or down the street which includes popping into the pet shop for her dose of people time (who also have a doggy water bowl). That and it's winter at the moment, might be a different story come summer.


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They started to add drinking fountains for the dogs at the dog parks here. It's like a human drinking fountain but at dog level with the button at human level and the water goes into a bowl that slowly drains so the dog can drink it but the water has to be refreshed all the time instead of just sitting there.

Holly is little and doesn't usually choose to drink that much water when we are out (although it's winter so not hot) so the water bottle with the attahed bowl thing is plenty.


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Holly has a bag of stuff that we take to obedience class and agility. It contains (excluding the harness and short leash that she leaves the house wearing):

- Canvas treat bag
- Zip-lock bag of good treats
- Zip-lock bag of less-good treats (kibble)
- Zip-lock bag of cheese (extra good treats for recall in distracting environments)
- Towel (for drying her/putting on car seat)
- Long leash
- Seatbelt attachment for car
- Clicker
- A pen
- Poop bags
- Tea towel (for tugging)
- Big ball thing for playing and tugging
- Two little tennis balls (one has a hole in it from when she first learn't to fetch)
- Two target discs (lids) - one for paw and one for nose
- Water bottle with attached bowl thing
- Baby wipes for getting dog and treat residue off my hands and getting the worst of the mud off Holly's feet
- Holly's jacket (in case it gets cold)

So, yeah, I don't find dog stuff in my bag because she has her own bag full of stuff

Sounds like Gretel's bag!!



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I'm going on a holliday next week. I'm now packing my dog her stuff.
Must bring enough food, toys, leaches, training ideas, blankeds and rezerves...
Im not even thinking off my owwn stuff now. It depends on how many room i have left for myself hihi..