Please Take This Quiz About Your Dog's Likes And Dislikes?


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Cody - Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd/Unknown - I have to say Type #3, he has gotten much better but he was born nervous of strangers. It has come a long way, but he will always be shy.

#3) you shake the plastic bags at him, he will react. He doesn't like it at all. But one on the ground or in your hand isn't scary. Nothing else on the list frightens or gets a reaction out of him.

Very Strong! He LOVES toys and his "stranger danger" attitude vanishes when you play with him. He plays by himself, with others, anything with toys. Soccer Balls, his Bumper and Pig Stuffed animal are his favorites.


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Lol, we have discussed Zeke so you know he's a bit odd, but I'll answer what you have here.
Zeke, ACD/Border Collie
-Type 3
-Reacts to being alone, strong winds, rain. After the rain, he loooves getting good and muddy. Snow on the other hand is a glorious thing and he loves it.
-Very strong interest in toys. 100% confident, different dog when his tennis ball is out. Has an obsession with the noise of a squeaker but is uninterested in squeaky toys. Doesn't want to play with him, but the noise could tear his attention from almost anything.
-Generally extremely needy and unsure of newness

Mudflap, Border Collie
-Type 2 I suppose, we've discussed her too. Normal alpha girl.
-Reacts to rain and loves plastic bags. Storms are the only thing she is not confident about. Loves getting covered in mud after the rain. No exaggeration, if there is a quarter-sized puddle of mud in the yard she can find a way to cover herself from nose to tail. Like Z, she loves the snow.
-Medium/strong interest in toys

Gypsy, Weimaraner
-Type 2
-Does not react to anything so far (Haven't had her very long though)
-Weak/Medium interest in toys; I think will become a definite medium after a little more time with the other two toy-loving dogs. :)

Nick, Teacup Chihuahua
-Type 2
-Does not react to anything, very confident and sure of himself.
-Weak interest in toys; used to be not quite as weak but now is a grumpy old man who wants things his way and plays when it's his idea. :rolleyes: Lol, he's MOM'S DOG!


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only dog
Type #2) friendly 'normal' dog who does not normally argue or fight with most other dogs nor bite people, is not generally afraid of most people. Maybe every once in blue moon, your dog disagrees with one particular dog here or there for a moment or so, but, in general, your dog does not have social problems with other dogs.

Please state if your dog reacts to:
1) The dark--im very interested to hear if anyone else's dog gets anxious/extra-alert in the dark. - yes, doesn't like going alone in the dark, trying to train out of this.
2) Strong Winds - no, not worried about them at all.
3)Rain (Won't go out in the rain unless coaxed or led out) -only if its really heavy rain, doesnt like the rain in his eyes.
4) Plastic bags, either loving them or afraid of them'- yes, thinks he will get a treat if he hears a bag, tries to sniff for food etc.
5) Being alone outside. (Ever acts unwilling to go outside to pee all by himself, without you, even if it IS nice outside.) - no will go out to pee, but prefers to come straight back in and be with his people.

Final question:
6) How would you rate your dog's interest in TOYS (of Any type, sticks are included)
a mix of these two
Medium----dog plays with toys now and then, especially if human also participates
--my dog only gets to play with toys if i allow him, toys are not left lying about to observe how often HE would choose to play with toys on his own. Toy play is earned for rewards only.


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All these dogs live together

German Shepherd, Type 2, no reaction, Very weak
German Shepherd, Type 3, not keen on being alone outside, Strong (with one particular toy) otherwise Weak,
German Shepherd, Type 2, no reaction, Weak
White Swiss Shepherd, Type 2, no reaction, Strong


Rachel is a suspected boxer mix
she lives with my other dog Bella
she's pretty much a type 2 dog
she hates rain
she used to play with toys but as she gets older she gets lazier

Bella is a suspected collie mix (i think she's part wild dog lol)
she lives with rachel
she's a type two
she hates rain
she'll toss a ball to herself sometimes and its really cute i'm gonna try to video it.


Cabela is a lab/golden retriever
Only Dog
Type 2
1.The Dark- doesnt bother her
2.Strong Wind-Doesnt bother her
3.Rain-No reaction
4. Plastic Bag- Doesn't bother her
5. Being Alone Outside- She'd rather have us outside with her, she will cry sometimes, but yet she is only 8 months old so she is still a pup.
Thanks for the Quiz Never Think Of These Things


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German Shepherd Mix (We don't know what she's mixed with....)

We have another dog, Delilah, and a foster Beagle at the moment.

Type 2

1) The dark- From what I've seen, she is fine in the dark.
2) Strong Winds- Same as above. She has seemed fine.
3)Rain- She doesn't like the rain at all.
4) Plastic bags- She is freaked by them, but she doesn't like them that much.
5) Being alone outside. She is fine alone. :)

Final question:
6) How would you rate your dog's interest in TOYS (of Any type, sticks are included)

---dog only rarely plays with toys


Chloe and Buddy

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Breed- Beagle (We think part German Shepherd)
Sadly, he is an only dog at the moment.
Type #2 As soon as Buddy sees you, he is like "I WANNA BE YOUR FRIENDDDD!!!"
1) The dark-Eh, not really. He goes out all the time at like, 8 pm, so...
2) Strong Winds- Not really, but I would NEVER let him out without me being out with him in high winds.
3)Rain- He will do his business and get in. So, not really afraid, but he woun't be outside for a long time in it.
4) Plastic bags- I really haven't let Budd near a plastic bag, but he has seen them and he really isn't afraid.
5) Being alone outside- Well, I recently have stopped letting Buddy out alone,I will either go out with him, or stand in the door watching through the window. But he grew up going out alone.
VERY STRONG! Budd has like, a BILLION toys! (I am, of course exaggerating, but...) His fave is in my avatar pic.


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I will do it x 3 for you! :p.
They live together for three months, after then, the collie mix goes home with me and the other two stay together.

Breed: Some sort of collie mix according to the vet.
Type 2
Reacts to: Darkness, rain, and doesn't like plastic bags much, but he doesn't totally hate them. He's not a fan of going outside on his out either unless he's with another dog.
Toys: Weak. Fetch one or two times.

Breed: Husky x GSD
This one is a rather strange type. He does not approach people/dogs with bad intentions or anything, but he has absolutely NO manners. He jumps and bites (playfully) people's feet and he comes off as dominant to other kinds of dog because his natural ear/tail position, when relaxed, is to raised/over the back, and he just runs towards them with absolutely no respect. So I have to make him sit down when meeting a dog buddy, and after the other dog smells him, everything will be fine. He doesn't have a bad intention or anything, but obviously the previous owner didn't take him outside much, and was probably separated early from his mom. It'd be between 1 and 2.
Reacts to: Plastic bags (when on my hand, loves them because it means he's going for a walk, if on his own, hates them) and practically ANY noisy thing. Dunno about the darkness, never walked him at night.
Toys: Strong, but I don't let him free access to toys any more. It's a pretty cool reinforcement!

Breed: Plain mutt. In her younger days, she looked like some sort of greyhound cross, believe it or not.
Type 2.
Reacts to: Rain, being with the other two dogs outside and no humans.
Toys: Very weak. I think I saw her fetch something three or four times in 12 years.


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Shivon: the "ex-con". Labrador Reriever (most likely black), Whippet mix
Only (and sometimes lonely) dog.
Type #2, but never fights with other dogs.
Reacts to:
1) Strong winds- thinks it's a dog howling.:)
2) Rain- does not like it. Thinks it's a punishment.:rolleyes:
Interest in toys: