Please Take This Quiz About Your Dog's Likes And Dislikes?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tigerlily46514, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Just doing informal survey of some things that some dogs react to:

    ~~Please state breed, or suspected breed, in the dog you are answering for. Or, for you dogs who are typing along, "please state your primary breed", ha ha.

    ~~Please state if your dog is an only dog, or does have dogmates he lives with.

    Please state which of the Types below is the MAIN type your dog usually is:
    Type #1)an overly aggressive gangsta type (who does 'argue' with many or most other dogs and/or bites some ppl), Certainly, these dogs are friendly, loving, etc, if no other dogs or strangers are around, but, if this type of dog sees another dog, is about 50/50 chance or more that your dog will not 'like' the other dog and/or new person. Has history of not getting along with several other dogs or people.

    Type #2) friendly 'normal' dog who does not normally argue or fight with most other dogs nor bite people, is not generally afraid of most people. Maybe every once in blue moon, your dog disagrees with one particular dog here or there for a moment or so, but, in general, your dog does not have social problems with other dogs.

    Type #3) if your dog is a very very shy type of personality dog, tries to avoid people he does not know.

    Please state if your dog reacts to:
    1) The dark--im very interested to hear if anyone else's dog gets anxious/extra-alert in the dark.
    2) Strong Winds
    3)Rain (Won't go out in the rain unless coaxed or led out)
    4) Plastic bags, either loving them or afraid of them
    5) Being alone outside. (Ever acts unwilling to go outside to pee all by himself, without you, even if it IS nice outside.)

    Final question:
    6) How would you rate your dog's interest in TOYS (of Any type, sticks are included)
    Very strong---dog often plays with toys, even all by himself, many times a day, some say your dog is "obsessed" with toys, plays for extended periods of time with toys
    Strong----dog plays with toys frequently, even all by himself, daily
    Medium----dog plays with toys now and then, especially if human also participates
    Weak---dog only rarely plays with toys
    Very Weak---dog never plays with toys at all, no interest in any type of toy.
    N/A--my dog only gets to play with toys if i allow him, toys are not left lying about to observe how often HE would choose to play with toys on his own. Toy play is earned for rewards only.

    :DTHANKS FOR TAKING QUIZ, if you do!
    i'm just curious is all, results will not be published, ha ha!!!:D
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  2. heidio Active Member

    Max is a Golden Retreiver
    Type 2
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  3. jennyw Well-Known Member

    Jess - Stafford/GSD/Airedale type 1 with other dogs but not people, strong interest in toys.
    Finley - English Springer spaniel probably type 2 but is fearful of other dogs, loves people, strong interest in toys.
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THANKS! Heidio, and Jenny, do any of these dogs react
    ~strong winds,
    ~the dark,
    ~or being outside without you?
  5. charmedwolf Moderator

    Jinx- Boxer - Lives with others
    Type #1
    reacts to plastic bags & being alone outside.
    Interest in toys: Weak

    Isis- Boxer- Lives with others
    Type #1
    reacts to the dark, strong winds and rain. If it's thundering and lightning is the only time she will refuse to go outside
    Interest in toys: Very Strong

    Kratos- English Mastiff- Lives with others
    Type #2
    reacts to the dark
    Interest in toys: Strong
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  6. Hayley Thompson Well-Known Member

    Riley is a Border Collie
    Only Dog
    Inbetween a 1 and 2. Was feerful of some new people, seemed to overcome that more or less on her own (knock on wood), only has been around one dog consistantly but often very loud but not aggresive, multiple dogs in puppy class was fearful at first, became social but often very loud but not aggresive
    1) The dark--no reaction
    2) Strong Winds-- LOVES it wind=blowing leaves to chase
    3)Rain-- no reaction
    4) Plastic bags-- loves em'!
    5) Being alone outside-- would perfer to have a friend to play with, but will hang outside all day and play by herself
    6) Interest in toys--STRONG!!
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    fascinating!! THANK YOU Charmed! so my type 1 dog is NOT the only dog who reacts to the dark, and you have both a Type 1 and a Type 2 dog, neither of which is a border collie, who ALSO react to the dark!

    i just learned a lot right there!! wow! (i've always found Buddy's fear of the dark odd, i don't personally know any other dogs who share this concern of Buddy's, so i'd been making assumptions about it, see, which you are helping me dismantle, hee hee)

    and Thank you Hayley, kudos on the good work! whoooot!!
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  8. heidio Active Member

    no to all of the above.
    In fact Max is such a creature of habbit that once he goes to bed he doesn't want the lights on and will whine if it's after 9:30 and the lights are on. Max loves being outside and isn't faze in the least about being alone without me. He does wait for me to come from work...and happily trotts up to the car after I pull in the driveway. I open the door and he greets me and we spend about 5 minutes just cuddling.
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  9. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Only dog
    Type 2
    No reaction to any of the above
    Toy drive is strong
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  10. jennyw Well-Known Member

    Although Jess struggles with Separation Anxiety she enjoys exploring the garden while I'm indoors, although if the door gets shut and she is outside she sits on the step waiting or peeps through the window to get attention. Fin finds plastic bags endlessly fascinating at the moment and so far is happy to go outside without anyone there with him. As far as the dark goes, I leave lights on if they are by themselves for a bit in the evening but I do that more to make them less anxious about being left, I like it to be the same as when we are at home. They've never seemed bothered by the dark. Neither of them particularly enjoy being out in the rain and Fin finds walking in the wind a bit difficult but otherwise not much of a reaction. They don't show a reaction if they are indoors and the weather is bad.
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  11. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    River: Golden Retriever
    River is my first and only dog, but he lives with my roommates dogmates, Service dogs and Search and Rescue dogs in training.

    Type #2)

    Please state if your dog reacts to:
    1) The dark - sometimes if there are strange objects/ people doing strange things he will be more alert.

    4) Plastic bags- loves retrieving them.

    Final question:

    6) How would you rate your dog's interest in TOYS (of Any type, sticks are included)

    My dog only gets to play with toys if I allow him, toys are not left lying about to observe how often HE would choose to play with toys on his own. However other dogs he lives them will leave them around and he always chooses to play with them when he gets the chance.
    (The reason he doesn't get free access to toys is because he will destroy them, and eat them.)
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  12. Anneke Honored Member

    Cooper, Australian Shepherd, lives with other dog an a cat.
    He is a type 1, with dogs, with people he can be reserved, but usually friendly

    The dark- he can be a little more alert in the dark, not always.
    Strong winds- no problems aside from the fact, the wind blows the hairs on his behind, that annoys him:LOL:
    Rain- no problems
    Plasic bags- when lying in the bushes are approached with care, sniffed at and then ignored
    Being alone outside-we don't have an outside for him to be in, but while staying at a friends house, he will stay outside, just lie on the terras looking around, even in the rain, being happy.
    With toys he is medium.

    Jinx, australina shepherd, lives with other dog an a cat.
    She is a type 2
    The dark- no problems
    Strong winds- loves it, because she can chase the leaves:ROFLMAO:
    Rain- no problems
    Plasic bags- approached with caution, snifed at, willing to chase them if blown by the wind:D
    Being alone outside- like cooper she doesn't stay outside alone a lot, but when she is, she will find something to do. Like gardening:rolleyes:
    With toys she is strong, with the frisbee she is almost obsessive:D but she isn't allowed to play with that alone.
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  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy-Border collie mix.
    lives with another dog
    very strong

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  14. Caiti Experienced Member

    Wylie is a Terrier and Poodle mix.
    We don't live with other dogs.
    Type #2
    Wylie does fine in the dark, loves to chase things blowing in the wind, took him awhile but he's fine with rain, loves plastic bags, loves to be outside by himself or with me.
    Medium with toys.
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  15. running_dog Honored Member

    sighthound cross (greyhound/whippet/border collie/saluki)
    Type 2
    Reacts to 1)dark - goes on high alert at night but this might be because of the wild animals moving around at night rather than the dark, 2) Strong winds - often on high alert, probably wild animal scent, 3) Rain - not really 4)&5) no reaction.
    Medium - strong interest in toys
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I'm so enjoying reading everyone's replies, (i so enjoy hearing about other dogs anyway, to me, dogs are so fascinating), and so many of you, even if you do not realize it,
    are helping me
    dismantle 'stereotypes' i had developing in my head!
    Like you, Running Dog,----- your dog is a Type 2 dog, yet, also shares Buddy's(type 1) 'over alertness' (good way to put it) in the dark, and also when the winds are very strong.

    My two-cents theory on why some dogs dislike strong winds---is---if you turn your own ear a certain way the strong winds can sounds like almost growl-like inside your ear, maybe sounds that way to a dog too, ? also, it is somewhat uncomfortable to have a strong wind hit your ear in just the wrong angle, ouch! But, yes, it could also be scents being carried by---hadn't thought of that one! At any rate, i now know, that dislike of strong winds is NOT limited to only type 1 dogs! ha.

    I'm learning so much, i am so enjoying the replies! EAch and every reply, i thank you all!! Aren't dogs so interesting!!?
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  17. Anneke Honored Member

    You are so right, tigerlily. So many times I wish I could just take a look inside a dogs head, to see what they are thinking.
    Just today, my Jinx, who is usually fearless, was afraid of a pipe of some sort, covert by a metal lid. We were walking in the woods and she was terrified of it. I tried to show her it was nothing to be afraid of, sat by the lid, trying to lure her in with treats. But she made sure I was between her and the lid. I called Cooper in to help. He didn't even notice the lid and came charging in for the treat, but Jinx stayed weary. No idea why she was afraid of it and Cooper wasn't. I didn't push her and we just walked on.
    I love observing dogs and their behaviour, trying to figure out why they do things.
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  18. ambara Active Member

    Hauru (Mudi) is sort of a cross between 1 & 3 I guess. He is very aggressive towards dogs but I suspect fear is, alongside with very high territoriality, the motivation behind he's aggression. Towards strange humans he is generally shy and wants to keep he's distance.

    He is very afraid of the dark.
    He's afraid of plastic bags if they are fluttering in the wind.

    He is into squeaky fur toys, any other kind he doesn't really play with. He likes to play by himself and plays almost daily but doesn't like playing with humans though I've conditioned him into tugging with me.

    Rohan (Dalmatian) is type 2 and doesn't react to any of the given examples. He's interest in toys is very strong.

    Max (Bouvier) is also type 2 and doesn't react to anything. He's interest in toys is medium.

    Obviously they all live with other dogs ;)
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  19. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Makena, GSD, is a Type 1, with dogs only (altho somewhat recovering, not as bad as she used to be), altho she loves people, very friendly all the time.

    Please state if your dog reacts to:
    1) The dark - no reaction
    2) Strong Winds - no reaction, and since we've been doing Nosework and have learned to work the wind for scent, I think wind has become our friend, she works wind really really well! :)
    3)Rain - she'll go out, but it's not her favorite thing (I think princesses don't like being too wet :p)
    4) Plastic bags - if one is blowing, she'll approach cautiously, sniff, then just go on, no problem.
    5) Being alone outside - no problem

    As for toys, she does love her toys. They have a big toy box, she LOVES her kongs, carries one around all the time, also loves squeaky toys, and LOVES to play with humans, altho also plays tug with Alfie, and will sometimes play by herself.

    Alfie, GSD, Type 2 (thank goodness!)

    Please state if your dog reacts to:
    1) The dark - no reaction
    2) Strong Winds - no reaction
    3)Rain - no problem
    4) Plastic bags - no problsm

    5) Being alone outside - no problem. They have a doggie door, and most every night, he goes outside and lays in the yard for a couple hours alone, I guess just enjoying the cool air of the evening.
    Alf loves his toys, he loves to play with humans, he and Makena play tug quite often, and when he has no one to play with, no problem! He'll find a toy, and roll around on the floor, growl, bark, and cause quite a commotion all by himself - he's his own party! :p
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  20. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    Atlas is an Australian Shepherd.

    at the moment, I would consider him an only dog, even though our roommates have dogs. he doesn't really get to interact with them because neither of them are other-dog friendly and stay in their respective rooms. he has, however, had many dogmates in the past (roommates, family, the dog my ex kept).

    Atlas is type two, and then some! :LOL: he thinks everybody wants to pet him (except the homeless, I couldn't tell you why), and will jump up and down and pull towards everyone while on a walk. he also gets overly excited when people come over, and will jump and slobber all over them. we're working on it, haha. with dogs, unless we're working, he will walk up to any dog with his stub wagging and want to play.

    because he is deaf, Atlas is hyper-aware of where I am in the dark. if he's out in the yard (or at the park on very rare occasions) at night, he will check in twice as often. sometimes I'll see him searching for me and getting a bit panic-y, and will have to go and get him.
    wind doesn't have any affect on him, unless he smells lifestock (particularly sheep, :p) in the air. then I can see him perk up a bit.
    Atlas ADORES the rain. he will prance around in it. he also loves the mud it makes, and will roll in it until I make him stop. :ROFLMAO:
    plastic bags don't faze him, probably because he can't hear them, haha.
    I wouldn't say that he dislikes being alone outside, but I don't think he enjoys spending a whole lot of time out there without me. he likes to stay glued to my (or, recently, my boyfriend's) hip.

    Atlas has a VERY high interest in toys! balls and frisbees (and sticks) especially. when we're at the park, or in the yard, he will fetch/catch the frisbee until he passes out! if no one will throw the ball for him, he will toss it around himself.
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