Photo's Gone Missing!!!!


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well, wait Salixfire, Dogster does NOT have much trouble loading photos, right Dogster? and Dogster is NOT using wireless, so maybe your hypothesis has some merit....unless i am misunderstanding you..?


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Yes you are correct tigerlily :) You understand perfectly. And well done on getting the correct name *clicks and treats* :p I'm a bit of a techy person, though been out of the loop for some time. There's a million reasons why a laptop could run slower than a PC, I was just choosing the most likely one. Also yes dial up is verrrrrrry slow. The fasts speed available I know of for dial up is 56 kbit/s compared to the slowest broadband speeds (according to a survey in UK) of 1Mbit/s which is 1024 kbit/s, which as you can see is only slightly faster :p