Pancreatic Insufficiency And Vitamin B12 Deficiency In A Dog

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by kimw30, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, no she doesnt have any dental problems, she had her teeth cleaned. She is very sick today, she has throwed up 5 times this morning. I carried her to vet and he gave her shot for vomiting and steroid shot and pain shot, she doesnt like her stomach to be touched, she will cry and he is talking to a specialist to see what they think and he is going to call me. I hope they can find out what is wrong with her.
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh poor baby, it's heart breaking for you both. I sure hope that a specialist can find out what's wrong with Prissy. She's such a darling little girl.
  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, it's so hard to watch our pups go thru something like this, you wish they could talk and explain things, too - what they're feeling, etc. It's good that your vet is talking to a specialist. Please keep us posted as soon as you know something.
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  4. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for all the comments, I carried Prissy back to the dr. today, she has had a bad weekend and the vet said that he talked to the specialist and he said he believed she does have inflammatory bowel and the pancreatic insufficiency, but he said possibly something else too. So if she doesnt get better the vet is going to do explatory surgery. Prissy is also having trouble with that incision where she had her spayed surgery, the dr. will drain it and the abscess comes right back. The vet drained it again today, he said this is his last time he going to drain it, if it doesnt get better he going to go in and see why it will not get better and clean it out. He gave her a antibiotic shot. She is giving me so much trouble about eating, she refuses to eat her dog food. She has decided that she wants to eat a little people food sometimes, if I give her some it makes her sick. I dont know what to do. I asked the vet and he said put her food in her bowl and give her 30 minutes to eat it and then take it up and tell her she eats that or she eats nothing. She cant digest regular food. He said if she begs for food again, put it down for 30 minutes and then take it up. It really upsets me when I cant get her to eat so if I noticed she wanted something I was eating I would give it to her. She hasnt ate anything really all weekend, she hasnt wanted to eat anything.
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  5. MissyBC Experienced Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Prissy. I hope all goes well with everything at the vet's the next time you need to take her.
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that Prissy still is not doing good. I really hope that the vet figures out everything that is wrong with Prissy so that she can get better. Keep us updated on the sweet girl.
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    So very sorry to hear sweet little Prissy is still not eating. I would try ANY food, maybe yoghurt (natural organic plain or flavored) just a little at a time, even maybe try to get her to lick a little off your fingers.

    Is she drinking? Just did a quick google and someone has suggested Puppy Replacement Milk. And to use a syringe, eye dropper, to just get a few drops down the throat.

    Also Pedialyte warmed like baby formula in case of dehydration. You can tell if dog's dehydrated by taking a gentle pinch of the skin on the scruff of the neck. If it snaps back immediately she's not dehydrated if it takes longer than a second or two, Prissy is dehydrated and getting fluid into her is a must. Use the syringe if needed, be VERY careful though that she can swallow and do NOT give her much at one time. She hasn't eaten properly for a long time, she's a small dog and her stomach will not be huge. Tiny amounts, given often, are much better than one massive amount.

    To be honest, I don't think leaving her food for a period then removing it is going to help. Dogs WILL eat if they're capable of eating, Prissy is obviously NOT capable for medical reasons of eating food. No dog will willingly starve themselves they have a strong 'survival instinct'.

    Another thing. Has Prissy had a bowel movement? If so what is the stool like? She may have an obstruction in the bowel.

    Please keep us posted, I know everyone is wishing Prissy well:)
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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Mary, I agree with everything you've said. It would be one thing if Prissy were just being really picky about what she ate, or you were trying to get her to stick to an eating schedule. But she's not feeling well, and eating is making her uncomfortable - she's not trying to difficult. I'd forgo the advice about only leaving the food down for 30 min then picking it up.

    I'm also wondering if she's got an obstruction of some kind - has the vet discussed that possibility with you? And Mary asked what I was also wondering ... has she had a bowel movement lately, and if so, what has it looked like?

    Do try to get liquids in her. Another thing you can try is a little bit of chicken broth, altho watch the salt - dilute it with water, and maybe warm it up a bit (maybe the smell will entice her ), and see if she'll drink a little. She's a small dog and just can't go indefinitely without eating. You said she's wanted some people food, but then she gets sick. What have you tried giving her? Or, what has she shown interest in?

    Please keep on your vet, something needs to be done ... before it's too late.
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  9. 648117 Honored Member

    Sounds like she can only have prescription food or she gets sick. So getting her to eat other food (ie, people food) isn't an option. So I guess the vet was suggesting removing the food to try and make her only eat the prescription food, eventually she will be hungry enough to eat it if she has no other option.

    Is this right?

    Is the prescription kibble or wet food?

    If it's kibble then you could add some warm water to it, it will make it smell more strongly and the food may swell and be easier for Prissy to eat (although not all kibble does swell, eg., grain-free kibble doesn't seem to), the water will sort of add a gravy to the kibble that shouldn't upset Prissy's stomach since it's just water. Or you could see if the vet can suggest a wet food (if there is one that she can have) to mix with the kibble to make it tastier.

    If Prissy's food is already wet food then maybe ask the vet if there is anything that you can add to it that will not upset Prissys stomach but make it more attractive to her. You could try warming it up a little (again, it will smell more and Prissy might not like warm temp or fridge temp food).

    You could try hand feeding her the food, sometimes dogs will eat a small amount that way even when they wont eat out of the bowl (sometimes just to make their owner happy). Espescially if putting their head down into a bowl to eat makes them feel unwell, handfeeding or raising the food bowl may help (we did this with Paris when she was in heart failure and was starting to build up fluid around her lungs - we put her dinner on top of a stack of DVDs).

    Another thing that you could try if she wants human food is to put her food on a human plate and pretend to eat it and then offer her some, or just put the plate down on the floor (just do whatever you would normally do when giving her human food that she will eat) so she thinks she is "sneaking" human food.

    Also (although talk to your vet about this first) with Paris we were also told to put some crunched up crisps on top of her dinner to make the food more attractive and to help her keep some weight (even freshly cooked chicken didn't appeal to her by then and she was pretty bony - it didn't matter if she had a balanced diet anymore) but she did not have stomach problems, only do this if your vet says it is alright for Prissy.

    I know it's horrible when your dog wont eat. I dreaded waking up in the morning because I knew I would have to try and get Paris to eat her breakfast so she could have her pills and then it would all be repeated again in the evening. One morning she would eat a particular food but the next day she would refuse the exact same thing and we would have to find something else. It absolutely sucks having a dog that is happy to miss a meal when healthy and then for it to get sick and really not want to eat. I will try to think of any other tricks that I used with Paris (she was also a bit funny about eating even when healthy - I think it was because she had throat problems as a puppy and had to have her tonsils out, maybe it taught her that food isn't always good since it can hurt to eat?)

    Sorry about the long post,

    good luck with Prissy :)
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  10. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the information, yea she is drinking some, the vet gave her subcutaneous fluids yesterday. she didnt have a bowel movement yesterday or today but she did have one sunday, it was hard and it smelled really really bad, worse than usual. She just shakes all the time. She acts like she wants the food, but then she gags and spits it out.
  11. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the information, He said a obstruction is possible, she gets them often, she has had 3 in the pass 4 months. She is getting a x-ray today. she has shown interest in a hamburger and some toast, but she gags and spits it out now. She has always liked to eat, till about 4 months ago and she got sick.
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  12. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Holy smokes, 3 obstructions in the past 4 months?? :eek: I'd think that would be the first thing the vet would have looked for, then (it sure would have been the first thing on my radar!). What is causing so many obstructions?

    So glad she's getting an xray today. Keep us posted.
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  13. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Yea she has spent several nights in the hospital getting enemas and getting IVs, I asked him why she is getting so many obstructions and he said he wasnt exactly sure, but if she doesnt get better he going to do explatory surgery, He said it could be cancer, which I hope not. I asked a dr. online and he said it kinda sounded like cancer to him, but he wasnt sure. Thanks so much for all the concerns.
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Oh no.....Poor Prissy.:cry: I really hope she gets better, I hope it's not anything too serious. I hope you find the cause of these problems soon.

    I would try to give her anything, even if it is human food, just so she will eat. Yogurt is probably your best bet, from what I hear. I also suggest to give her as much to drink as possible, lots of fluids.
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  15. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Please let us know what the xray showed ... am wondering if there could be some kind of intestinal tumor or ?? Maybe an endoscopy is called for, the vet needs to get to the bottom of this. Poor Prissy, I just can't get her off my mind.
  16. MissyBC Experienced Member

    I keep checking back on this post, keeping my eye out for her next update.

    Yes, please do update us on how Prissy is doing and also let us know what the x-ray showed.
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  17. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the concern, the xrayed showed she has another blockage, she had to have a enema and she goes back thursday for another xray to see if it is gone. I been trying to tell the vet that she hasnt really been going to the bathroom much, when she does go, it is so hard and she cries, but he been saying she hasnt been going because she hasnt been eating. I have carried her to so many vets in the last 4 months trying to get her some help, the one she is going to now is the only one that says it isnt anything I am doing to her, the rest of the vets said I wasnt trying to feed her, but I try to get her to eat.
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  18. kimw30 Well-Known Member

    Yay I finally got her to eat 4 bites of food, better than nothing, and she took some chicken broth.
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  19. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that Prissy still isn't doing well. At least you know why she isn't eating. Has the vet said why she is getting all the blockages? I'm glad that she ate some try to give her very soft foods like yogart and the Chicken broth you gave her is a good idea. Make sure she get's plenty of water and keep us updated on her. Get better soon Prissy.
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  20. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Another blockage - so sorry to hear this. This is so disconcerting. What is causing them tho?? Something is - and that's what the vet needs to determine -- not just send you home and tell you to feed her. Something is very wrong in her GI tract. Where are you? Maybe someone knows of a fabulous vet who could help. Prissy can't live her life like this - nor can you. Prissy is going to get to where she won't want to eat because she'll associate eating with pain - so she'll just avoid food. There is a reason these blockages are occurring - it's not normal. Ask for some answers, and if your vet doesn't know, ask him who can help you find out. Ask if it's possible she could have a tumor, or some kind of obstruction which is causing this. Just throwing things out here - but this has me so concerned.
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