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  1. sara Moderator

    I will do one... It'll go something like this:


    oh wait...


    You should get that one, or maybe this one...

    hey! there's one for me!!!
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  2. sara Moderator

    From the person with 5...
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    sara, i bet i bet i bet, i'd also have 5 dogs, if i could get Buddy up to snuff....heh heh, maybe someday, though. Do you have more pictures of your fab 5, Sara?? I can not see really really well, and i can barely see them in your icon.
  4. sara Moderator

    I certainly do! left to right starting with the back row: Scout (deaf) Zoe (paranoid) Oliver (fear aggressive) and in front: Mouse (deaf, blind in one eye and extremely photosensitive) Boo (deaf and very nearsighted)
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    OHMIDAWG!! THEY ARE SO SO SO CUTE!!! SQUEAL!!! loved it, thank you, THAT picture, i can see well!! so so adorable, your love for them comes right through my computer!! You, Sara, are one special person!! with some reeeeally special amazing dogs!! What interesting personalities, too!!
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  6. sara Moderator

    Thanks! I adore my dogs, and think they're adorable too! It makes for alot of comments when I walk all 5 at once!:eek: (though that doesn't happen often O_o) they are quite the Motely Crew! LOL
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  7. sara Moderator

    Btw, what the heck are you doing up this early/late? Tigerlily???:coffee::coffee::coffee:
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  8. Ina Well-Known Member

    Sara, your family pack (I'm sure you can call them a pack) is gorgeous! Oliver just speaks to me - if there is ever a rescue dog here in AUS that looks like Oli I will not be able to resist. Intelligent eyes, cheeky AND cute .. aaawww
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  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Ha, i work nightshifts off and on, and, when i get night off, I'M WIDE AWAKE!! ha ha!! NOw it sounds like Ina also needs an intervention.

    Sara, i BET that is quite the sight you walking your fab five all at once!! So how do you do it, divide them up into 2s and 3s to walk?
  10. Ina Well-Known Member

    My bet is she does a walk with 4 on one side and Oliver on the other ..snicker
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  11. sara Moderator

    Thank you Ina! Ollie spoke to me too! the pics that were sent to me from his rescuer made me decide, right then and there, that Whatever it took to get him from Texas to Alberta would be done! He was supposed to be a foster, I would work on his issues a bit and train him a bit then adopt him out... but the day I met him, I knew he wasn't going anywhere!

    Here's the first pic I ever saw of Oliver

    And here's the moment I met him (when I picked him up from the Airport)
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  12. Ina Well-Known Member

    On the second picture he looks as if he is saying "What took you so long to get me ??"
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  13. sara Moderator

    I work nights too! but always nights.

    When I walk all 5 Scout and Oliver are on my left at heel, Zoe is on a retractable out front (I dont like retractable leashes, but Zoe feels too confined on a regular leash) Boo is at heel on my right, and Mouse lags behind, with the leash in my right hand. It's nice to have at least 2 dogs with a really great heel! LOL
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  14. sara Moderator

    ha ha! Looking back at those pics though, he sure looks a mess! When I got him, a week after he was rescued off the streets, he was a mess! he had had a bad case of fleas, (which incedently, was why he was temporarily deaf... he's allergic!) hot spots, scabs and scars, and his coat was extremely sparse and harsh.

    He looks totally different now! (2 years later)
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Flea allergies include temporary deafness? wow! So Sara, you took him thinking he was deaf, but Oliver was only temporarily deaf then?

    Yeah, that Oliver is a heart-stealer!! WOW, from Texas to Alberta? WOW!! I knew there was a nationwide network of drivers, and even some private pilots who pass the dogs, from one leg to the next, to their new home, but wow, i think that is the longest haul i've heard of! So Oliver is a REAL Texas Terrier, ha ha!! Wonder what Oliver thought of all that, but, wow, how lucky was he to get there. But wow, was he worth it or what!!!!

    And you say Oliver is fear aggressive, towards ppl, or toward dogs? I'd bet you'd have your hands full, if you were walking all of the Fab 5, and Oliver decided he was going to act up. Do the other 4 just ignore Oliver's reactions, or, can Oliver get the other 4 to join in with his complaint?
  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    i'm still picturing the walk, when you DO take all 5 at once.....Sara, do you ever put on giant belt over your jacket, to slip Zoe's extenda-leash onto that, to have one less thing in your hands?

    dawg have mercy, there is no way, no way, *i* could ever walk 5 Buddies!! ha ha!! I couldn't even walk 2 Buddies!! haha!! Okay, okay, every once in a blue moon, when Buddy gets the best of me cuz i wasn't watching to head the whole performance off, and Buddy performs his 'full on' Cujo imitation, i can barely walk the ONE Buddy!!
  17. sara Moderator


    Well, to be fair, 4 of the 5 are small dogs. but Zoe, Boo and Mouse are all great with other dogs, Scout, Mouse and Boo are all great with People, Oliver reacts very badly to other dogs, which can sometimes set Scout off, but Scout usually just ignores everything. Scout doesn't like other dogs, but doesn't react... she just ignores.

    No I dont put anything on a belt, I prefer to have control. Oliver walks on a front clip harness, Black Dog Training Halter, and double ended lead, so even when he does react, he has no power behind the lunges. Scout is on a front clip harness, Boo and Mouse have vest style harnesses and Zoe has just a collar. They're all very good.
  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Oh, thank you for mentioning that "black dog" harness again, i'm such a space shot, i'd already forgotten about that, i am so interested in trying one.
    I can hook Buddy's extenda-leash to my belt, but, i can reel him in easy enough. Actually, it is easier to reel him in if i have both hands free, well, it is for me anyway. In the summer, with no mittens on, that cord can kinda hurt my hands a bit, is why i carry that lil flashlight to use to wrap into cord and pull him back, just like fishing. Well, i admit, what i just described,
    IS my "Plan B", ha ha!! hopefully, he returns on cue at my request, but, sometimes, if we are surprised by an unexpected dog--BAM--in our faces, well, i have to do what i have to do if Buddy has instantly crossed over into a full blown reaction.
    but, i'm getting better and better at spotting those earliest signs and heading off the whole thing, if i get a lil notice.

    Ha, i actually carry a small rubbery flashlight, that i use instead of my hands to reel him back into a heel. My extendaleash has a lock i can set to ANY length. And if i have it on my belt, i have both hands free to work with Buddy, if i need them.

    so CUTE about Scout!! ha ha! I used to think, if i get Buddy a sibling, that he liked, that THAT would help with his issue, but, many dog-aggressive dogs, have siblings they love, but, dogs don't generalize much...to dogs, each other dog, is an individual.
  19. sara Moderator

    When I walk Oliver in areas without much traffic, I use a tracking leash, at a regulation 33' that way, he can run and play but I have control. I wouldn't ever use a retractable leash, as they're known to break, and Oliver is a very dangerous dog when it comes to other dogs. and, when on the long line, he's on a harness, cuz if he hits the end of that 33' at full speed on a collar, he could injure himself.

    Oliver's the same as your dog, he's fine with dogs he knows, but very reactive with dogs he doesn't know, and doesn't generalize. He has his friends, but new dogs have to be introduced carefully. Once he knows a dog wont hurt him, he's fine with that dog forever.
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I will have to learn more about this "tracking" leash, have no idea what that means. (off to google with me!)
    We've always always always used extenda-leashes, always, and never ever ever had one break ever, except one that we bought at the dollar store. We suspected it was super-cheapo, (since we did buy it at Dollar Store, and, it was so so lightweight in our hands), but, other than the Dollar Store leash, (we felt stupid :oops:to have thought it would work when that one was so so light and cheap, but, at least we DID learn, ha ha).
    and i do mean ALL
    for decades
    of our extenda-leashes have never ever broken. We replace them every year or so, simply because they get grungy/smelly, dispite washing, there comes a day.....But yeah, that would be bad news if one broke.
    (just adding that in for any newbie dog owners who might read your post and think extenda-leashes are unreliable, imo, only the absolute cheapest ones are. And of course, we always buy one that is for the weight of the dog we are walking, not going smaller than recommended). We get ones that cost about $10 to $14 each, i've seen some cost $50!! though.

    Yeah, oddly, Buddy seems to sort of know where the end of his leash is, not 99% the time, but almost always, i can see him stop himself when he's reached his limit of cord length, he's memorized it i guess. Ha, i've obsserved him rising to a breech, on his own, in a reaction, BEFORE he hits the end of the leash!! Sadly, he probably learned that the hard way...:notworthy:
    But yeah, a dog sure CAN get a lot of torque going at the end of a long line.
    I can wrap/grab that cord with my rubber flashlight. Well, if i had stronger skin on my hands, i could do it with my bare hands.

    I soooooooo like having both hands free,:D for many reasons, so i can power walk and fully swing both arms, prevents "bunny elbow", or "bunny wrist", (i HAVE had "bunny wrist"!! OUCH!! scared me,:sick: that i might have damaged something or need surgery, but, it healed, whew!!)
    and so i can have both hands free if i am clickering him for tricks on the walk, so i can massage him when we stop, or have both hands free for training him, working with him on his issues, etc etc, lotsa small reasons. I guess, besides all dogs being individuals, all of us humans are too.:D

    for much of past 2 years, i walked him largely off leash, only leashing him for corners, and ANY oncoming lifeforms of any type, and surprisingly, in all those miles and encounters, only once did he not come when called, BUT, i'm losing some ground on his recall, it's dropped from 98% down to about 85%, especially for bunnies....he was better off leash, than on his long leash to come.....oh, and SKUNKS....i fear them now, we have TONS of skunks in our countryside suburb. (many of our blocks are half woods, half houses)

    so he is leashed again for most of his neighborhood walks, but, Buddy still gets almost daily chances to run free off leash, cuz
    we often often often take him out in woods, fields, parks, empty fenced school yards, and (even empty fenced in cemetaries, if on one is there) all give him a chance to run off leash.

    You are right, i think a dog could get hurt, and we can get "bunny elbow"....ha ha!! But more and more, i am keeping the extenda leash locked into a heel postion, only lengthening it for his pee breaks, etc.

    I've really found, that keeping him in a heel position, reeeeally helps him lunge way less often.:D I am surprised how very veyr helpful that is for Buddy, anyway. And weirdly, he tires out easier, in a heel, than at the end of a long leash. (which is GOOD, ha ha)

    I don't know if he lunges less cuz he is smart enough to know he does NOT have enough leash to react, or that he does not feel he is in charge since *i* am choosing each place we stop, not him, (sorry for DW talk there) or if it is cuz he has to focus to stay in step iwth me, or why, but, he just doesn't lunge as often, not even at bunnies) He can heel, even if clipped to my belt. but, also, i am lucky, my dog is only 50 lbs/ i am tall, = so it's okay,
    ( i'm not petite person with giant dog, that would NOT be safe!!)
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