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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    thanks, Tx!! i needed that!! I will go walk this off now....
    and back at you, Tx, you are in school full time, and also work...and also train dogs...and horses, too.....and you have a life........ Tx, even YOU only have 24 hours in a day!!!
    and No one in school has oodles of dollars, not that i ever heard of anyway. You can not be certain the pup will not grow up to be a bully. (it's happened, to even the best of trainers, POOF, the dog is a bully..) uhm, what else....
    that's all i got right now...

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, I know. In terms of $ and time, I'm doing good. I'm not rich by any means, but I could handle another dog. It's really a matter of whether or not I want to. I graduate in May, and will have only one class this summer(if I decide to not take the summer off). After that, I will still be able to handle it; I'll be working a little bit less(I make the schedules at work, so I do what I can to give myself plenty of time for studies and whatnot). Plus I'll be taking "fun" classes that I'm actually interested in because I'm done with all my basics. Yay!
    As of right now, I have NO clue what this puppy's personality is like, so the adoption coordinator's response will be the determining factor. Then we'll just see. I'm not set on getting him. If he's not a good fit, he's not a good fit. And if he is, then maybe he'll come home with me. :)

    I'm not going to rush out to get him if it's not a good fit for either of us. ^^
    I want another dog, but the dog has to fit certain criteria and I really have to make sure that it's the right time for another dog. So if now is a good time for a PUPPY, and he's a good fit, then we'll all be happy. And if it's not, then my next dog will find me later on. :) Still considering all of this, and waiting for more info on the pup.
  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Ok, had to jump into this pond!! :p Haven't been on in several days, computer issues - now come back to find out the support group has been meeting without me!! So Tx, ya want a puppy. Oh where oh where do I start? HE'S SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I wanna kiss his little face!! You know all the "stuff" - I know you'll make the right decision, whatever that is - so I'm just gonna say, go with your heart - if he sounds good, you should go meet him, give him a kiss, smell that puppy breath, ya know, the basics ... then make your decision :confused:. Giggling.... So now I'll be checking for updates - keep us posted!!!!
  4. sara Moderator

    MY GOODNESS! That JRT is ADORABLE!!! I wouldn't mind a deaf JRT, really, who wouldn't want one! but I am truly at my limit, unless I win the lottery and can move outta town.

    YOU on the other hand, need to forget the puppy and adopt that JRT!!! You NEED a JRT, none of those wimpy hearing BC's! Learn how to REALLY train dogs! LMAO!

    Oh hey, I know! You can adopt BOTH of them! LOL

    OK I'm done now, but I got my fingers crossed for you and Hitch!
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Sara is now nominated to be President of the Petfinder Support Group, and Jackie is now VP of the group......

    and Tx, Tx is their Poster Child!! rofl
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL! Yes, the little JRT is adorable. ^^ Definitely not good for my pack though, as they recommend a very calm home. Mud and Z are certainly not calm, plus a cat who looooves to roughhouse and start play fights with the dogs, lol....we aren't exactly a calm home. :) Plus I have Z, who has so much further to go building his confidence, and although I would LOVE to work with this little JRT, I don't have the time for another project(NOT that Z is a just a project), and Z doesn't need another dog with issues to reassure him that things REALLY ARE that scary. But the JRT is ADORABLE!!! Would love to have him and would definitely love to train him. ^^ Also one of the reasons I am looking for a dog without major issues--I need to find a dog that is as stable as possible, because Z really feeds off of his buddies, Mud especially. Fortunately Mud loves everything and everyone, so she's a good influence. So I need another stable dog that will not take my time away from Zeke's needs, and will not give Z any more reasons to fear everything. A stable dog would be fine, as training tricks and obedience is not as big of a deal to me as training tricks and obedience, and working on behavior problems. (No matter how much I love working with behavior problem dogs!) So I need a mostly stable dog, submissive or middle of the road personality(not submissive timid, just submissive bottom of the food chain), and male. Lol, does this type of dog exist?


    Called the shelter yesterday and left a message, humph.
    Then got an email back, saying Kyle had been adopted.

    Yay Kyle!
    :( me.
  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Just peeked in for an update - needed to see if the group was meeting and in need of 'support'. :rolleyes: Well, I suppose ... good for Kyle, let's hope he found his forever home - but awwwww, Tx, we were all ready to welcome your new puppy boy and throw a virtual party, and everything!!!! Which means ..... your dog is still out there, which also means ... we all have to keep helping you look!!! :p So sorry this didn't work out, I know your heart had kinda started to fall in love - I do know how that happens (I have two to prove it - that's exactly how it happened!!) Keep your eyes and heart open - your real dog is still out there - we'll all help you find him!! Members unite, we have a job to do!!!!!!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, I fall quite easy though. But with a face like that, who wouldn't? ^^ But, in my defense, I ask a ton of questions to the fosters/shelter workers/etc before letting myself fall too hard. Haha, Tigerlily can tell you I've fallen harder before!! But, I kind of knew this little guy probably must have been adopted very soon, as puppies go fast, so I didn't get my hopes up too too much. I did really like the little guy, but at least he found a home. :)

    Ah well. My next buddy is out there somewhere. :)
  9. sara Moderator

    I'm curious. Why do they recommend a calm home? What's the dogs issues? JRT's dont usually require a calm home, so I'm wondering if they just think that all deaf dogs need calm homes, or if there's another issue there.

    My deafies certainly dont care if we're runnin this way or that, or if the puppies are playing, or if we're takin' everyone for a group walk, they're always up for crazyness... infact, Mouse is the worst instigator of 'em all!

    Darn it! I wish I could take another dog! LOL
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    He's nervous in new situations and super sensitive to movement, which I would assume is simply because he's deaf along with being timid. O_o That's my guess.
    But even with that....not entirely sure that he would just shut down in a not calm home. But, I don't know the dog, so not sure.
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yes, yes, i can vouch, this is only Tx's "Dog of The Week" ache, i've known her to really get set up for a new dog, get her heart alll set on it, that met all her qualifications to fit in with her current pack, but that fell through. OUch, that bites, it happened to me twice prior to getting Buddy, ouch. Been there myself, really bites. I was strung along--for months--- by a border collie rescue, we got our hearts set on this dog, for months.
    Followed him closely waiting for all the paperwork,
    including a six page form,
    then a 4 hour home visit<--took months to find someone who could come to our home, she gave us 2 thumbs up,

    and all the many references from many people,
    as well as our vet,
    etc etc and then,
    when we had all THAT done,
    it took many many months more for their decision.
    And they rarely returned our calls or emails. We sent email each week or two, saying we are so interested in the dog, and that we now had finished all paperwork, and we called every 2 - 3 weeks, worried the dog would be snapped up by someone else....(my guy reeeally could not not not figure it out, at all, at all)
    they never
    ever ever
    would return even a msg---------- about ever 2 or 3 months, they'd write some rude email to us, they are busy, they'll let us know, etc etc. All the while their website makes pitches "Help a dog, call us today" etc etc. THEY TOLD US WE HAD PASSED, and were now qualified to get a dog, but AT THAT POINT, they seemed to lose all interest in giving up one of their dogs....

    The dog's fosters said we were perfect match for the dog, who had no particular issues, wasn't even high energy dog, and the fosters were sooooo excited about us, cuz they admitted they just had no time for the dog at all, for past year, the dog had been sitting in their back yard, outside, alone, most of the day alone, for over a year, while they both worked 2 jobs, etc etc., and we did have time, someone is almost always home here, plus we were crazy about the dog.
    but the rescue org admin, who never personally met us, said no. The dog continued to sit on their "Available Dogs" list for at least another year!! (i then quit checking, he might still be there, who knows..)

    this happened to us twice, from two different BC rescue orgs.:unsure: We were also very baffled the admins were not even polite,:oops: rude even. Just baffled us. Mind you, the volunteers, the fosters,<--- i can not not praise them enough, wow, they were all so nice and dedicated, and polite, welcoming, eager to find the dogs the right homes, just can't brag enough on those ppl!!!!!!! Huge praise about them.
    but the ppl at the top, the admins, i do not have good experiences about THEM, to report, at all.

    Im still shocked at how both of the 2 rescues i worked with, seemed to think humans are criminals out to perform lab experiments on dogs or something..just rude. Maybe they have great dog skills, but their ppl skills were sadly lacking, just flat out rude for no reason at all!!! None!
    We were nothing but polite, just wanted to support their org and give one of their dogs a home. But, you'd think we'd been caught trying to steal their dogs, or something, i just can't tell you how shocked we were to be spoken to so rudely, so often, but, we kept taking it, thinking, well, once we get the dog, is all that matters, we are big enough to withstand some of their grouchy attitudes to get the dog we'd fell in love with.

    It's fine to be initially suspicious we are alll out to abuse dogs or stupid or something, but at some point, after our vet and other references, the 4 hour home visit, we'd had border collies before, etc etc, shouldn't they at least have been polite???? baffling.

    We then quit looking at rescue's dogs, after wasting all that time, all that time, having dog aches, and as eager as we were to support them, we gave up on them, and went for shelter dogs then, esp dogs with issues. (we would never qualify for a dog with issues via the rescue org, we couldn't even talk them into giving us a "normal" laid back dog!! ha ha, can you imagine how rude they'd been if we'd tried for a dog with issues? probably would have slapped us)
    We wondered (?) if they felt we were too old,??? (we're in 50s) although we are fit and lively, large fenced back yard, out in woods all the time, almost always someone home,... we never understood, but, they bummed us right out, more than they realized, i am sure. ouch ouch and ouch.

    but, back on topic, Luckily, this particular dog Tx was eyeing was determined to not be perfect match for her current pack prior to getting her entire heart set on it, right Tx?
    Tx, why do you prefer a male dog for your next dog? just curious.
  12. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    sorry for rant. Again, i want to point out, the fosters, the volunteers in rescue orgs, are 4-star heros, can't praise them enough, have never had one bad experience at all ever with any of them.

    it's just the ppl at the top---the admins----they've gone off the rez, over a cliff...at least the ones i've dealt with have...

    not shelters, not dog pounds, but actual large rescue orgs, is what i am describing. Keep one foot on the floor emotionally if you go for rescue org's dog, so you won't get your heart broke.
  13. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    IF I were to get a female, she would have to be very submissive. I have found far more submissive males for adoption than I have found submissive females. Mud can get along with anyone, but is very nippy at first. If girl is not a total wimp, lol, then it will take longer for Mud to teach new girl dog that she is going to be in charge, and that's that. With a new boy dog, especially submissive ones, it takes very very little time for boy dog to understand, "Okay, I'm not going to be on top here."

    However Mud acts towards a new dog determines how Zeke will act. If new dog submits to Mudflap easily and there isn't a long transitionary period of tiffs deciding who's on top, then Zeke will understand, "Okay, Mud thinks this dog is okay, so I don't have to be afraid of them." If it takes a while for new dog to submit, there are lots of tiffs until they sort it out, etc, then Z is less confident that this new creature in his home is okay.

    I'm not saying THIS IS THE WAY OF BORDER COLLIES, AND IT SHALL BE ETCHED IN STONE, but in my experience, from the BCs I have worked with...the majority of the dogs that are dominant are females, and more of the males are submissive. The females, no matter what the personality, seem to be a bit braver when approached with a challenge. I know that there are submissive females and dominant males out there, for sure. I'm just going with the majority, as finding a submissive or middle of the road male will be easier to find than a submissive female.

    I could be totally wrong, another somewhat dominant girl might be completely fine in my house. But I'm going with the safer option for both my pups, and looking for a submissive or middle of the road dog. If I get a puppy, I definitely want a boy, because Mud may be slightly more tolerant of a boy pup. She is not very patient with puppies, and it takes her a little bit longer to get used to a new puppy vs. a new dog.
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  14. sara Moderator

    No his nervousness is not due to him being deaf, it's either his personality, or the people who owned him made him that way. I have 3 very confident deaf dogs, it's my hearing dogs that're nervous! LOL

    but you're right, he's not the right dog for your pack. can you post his petfinder link? I want to post him on the deaf dog, and deaf pets needing homes yahoo groups I'm on.
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  15. Ina Well-Known Member

    Get a cheap clicker and a couple of lollipops. Put both in an envelope with the message:

    "Thank you for opening this letter.
    Please place clicker in your left hand, push the button. After you heard the click take lollipop and put in your mouth.
    Thank you. You have just been rewarded for opening your mail.
    If you want more treats, check your email and send a reply. Then click and eat another lollipop."

    Now you know why I am called the SH!T-Stirrer :D
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    @Ina---> [IMG]

    dang, i WISH i knew you back then, i might have been tempted to try that!!! rofl!! I know my guy would have, i had to calm him down a number of times, he kept saying, "but, it's been months and months, and that dog is just sitting home alone all day, and we want him, and we got qualified, so, so so why won't they answer us??"

    oh, if only i'd thought of your idea!! ha ha!!!
  17. Ina Well-Known Member

    In future, if you need long distance help you know where to find me. ;)

    I'm still in attack mode with my vet regarding pet food. Lucky boy is on holiday which means the folder where I collect info about dogfood is getting bigger and BIGGER. When I am finished with him he will take "Science Diet" of the shelf!
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  18. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Oh Ina, I LOVE that!!! (both your clicker/lollipop and and Science Diet ideas!!) :p
  19. reveuse Well-Known Member

    awwwwwwwww Tx......... the puppy was adorable.....

    sara you know you want that JRT ;)

    I think I'm not just a member but a hardcore ocd addict at this point......... I'm still largely in the midst of Whisper (tho she is a much different dog than she was 6 weeks ago!!!!) and am already decided on the requirements for dog #3 - but won't be in the market for such for about another year , and definetly need more space and preferably a yard before I go there. I want another female and something in between my two in terms of size ( like a mini aussie mix or similar)...... LOL.....
  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    i think Tx and Reveuse are going to need an intervention.....[IMG]

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