Not only digging but....


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Ok, I am frustrated today. Both my dogs like to dig and to eat plants. The other day I had to run after Queeny to get the Tulip bulbs out of her mouth, so my concern is not only that my garden looks like a disaster zone, but this could also be very dangerous for them. Hopefully in May I will be moving to my new home, where I will make a corner for them with tiny gravel, hiding treasures like toys and bones, but in the meantime I am renting, and before my landlord sees the mess I decided to clean it up on this springy day. I bought 3 bags of earth and grass seeds to do my patches. Placed the bas of earth on the patio, went inside to change clothes, and when I came out, they were both on top of the piles of earth, tore the plastic bag and eating the earth. Now I understand their nature for digging, they are terriers, but eating earth? How am I going to manage this, any ideas?:dogangry:


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Maybe you could try that you leave them in the garden, and you go in the house, and watch them through the window, and if they start to dig/eat something, you could just run out, and then scould them. Try this a few times, maybe it works...:dogwub: