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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by blacknym, May 16, 2013.

  1. blacknym Experienced Member

    I signed Deja and I up for a tracking class. It starts this weekend, I really looking forward to it. I think Deja will enjoy it because she loves to have her nose in the ground and follow whatever scent she finds. :D

  2. Linda A Experienced Member

    Sounds like the perfect thing for her. Good luck!
  3. blacknym Experienced Member

    Thanks! I think she will do brilliantly. :)
  4. blacknym Experienced Member

    So we have had two classes. LOVE IT!!! So much fun. Deja does amazingly and im so proud of her. :D Im gunna try and film her in action, she is so good about staying on the scent. :D
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  5. Gordykins Experienced Member

    That sounds awesome! I thought about signing Gordy up for a nose work class. I emailed a trainer, and didn't hear anything back after a few days, so I emailed another facility that had some classes I was interested in. I heard back from the second facility first, and the owner/trainer and I discussed some options and I decided to sign up for Rally-O with Gordy. Right after that we heard from the nose work trainer... but I hadn't been prepared to cough up the enrollment fee for two classes right away. We love rally, but if there are openings for another tracking/nose work class in the future... I definitely think it's worth a try :)

    I hope that you're able to get a video soon!! I looked some up on you tube... and those dogs just have a blast doing nose work!!!! It sounds like Deja is doing a great job, and learning pretty quickly!
  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm hoping to do nosework with Missy in a few months once I get a job and my licenses.
    I hope you get a video of Deja and Please post it!!
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  7. blacknym Experienced Member

    Oh i hope you guys do!! it is a great mental excersie for the dogs! Deja absolutley goes nuts when she knows we are going to doa track. She aready know what they flags are for. LOL. Such a smarty pants she is. LOL.

    I will for sure post a vid once i get one. :)
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    It sounds great. and it's perfect for my Missy because she is dog reactive.
  9. blacknym Experienced Member

    And here it is!

    Deja is only three weeks in to this sport. She is still learning and quite excitable. She loves it so much she cant stand herself. LOL. I do need to figure out how to calm her...Im going to have to talk to the instructor about it. I also am waiting impatiantly for a front clip harness to come in the mail to cut down on her pulling.... UGH.

    anyway!!! She ia amazing and herre is the vid....

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  10. Caiti Experienced Member

    Awesome! She looks like she really loves it. :D
  11. blacknym Experienced Member

    She loves it... And her puppy exuberance shows. Lol

    Gonna be working on her crazies. I do notice that if we do more then one her second and third run are less frantic. ;)
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  12. Caiti Experienced Member

    That's good. :) At least she loves it!
  13. Dlilly Honored Member

    Why would you want her to be calm, you should be happy you're dog is exited to work! In my nosework class, there were 3 dogs who were just all over the place, very hyper. (Rory was one of them) After a few more classes, they all still acted 'wild' but they were working and enjoyed it! As long as Deja is successfully finding the odor,her being exited shouldn't be a problem…..

    It seems like you learning differently than I am though. I'm doing Nosework (dogs find a scent in a box) you are doing tracking.

    She seemed to do a fantastic job in the video! She seemed very focus and exited, not really crazy. (I know crazy, that wasn't it.)
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  14. blacknym Experienced Member

    Hummm you think so? I like that she is excited and that she loves it but if I don't actively guide her and even restrain her at times she will be all over the place. Lol

    I guess what I really want to get to is her being confident and excited but focused and THINKING not just going on instinct. Am I making sense? :/

    It will come with time and practice. :)
  15. Dlilly Honored Member

    Has your instructor said anything to you about her acting like that? She can probably give you some suggestions. If she hasn't mentioned anything, she probably knows with more practice she will soon learn to focus.

    So, if you just let the leash loose she would just wander around?
  16. blacknym Experienced Member

    Yes she has said that Deja will calm with age which I knew. :)

    Yes I hold her back a bit because if I did t she would be running and then lose focus. She is the type the just wants to do everything super fast. Lol it happens a lot in our other types of training so I do things slowly and deliberatly to help her focus and actually think and learn. :)
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