Need To Blow Some Steam Of After Incident On Walking Trail.


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I've had an annoying owner experience as well. We took Fairley to the local discount spay and neuter facility. It was sooooooooo busy, so we found a seat in the corner as far away from anyone or their pets. This was when Fairley was EXTREMELY timid. So, a woman came in with her little dog and stood near us since the room was packed. She began making small talk (something about what breed my dog was and then how she used to breed collies, like Border Collies and Collies are the same thing O_o) The whole time her little dog was pulling to get to Fairley. After she was done talking, she let her dog lunge at Fairley who was clearly terrified and hiding in the corner. I didn't know what to do because I couldn't take her anywhere else in the room and Fairley was to be taken to the back soon, so I couldn't take her outside. I didn't know what to say. She kept telling me that he was SOOOOOOOOOO friendly and from our previous conversation, she was clearly stupid (forgive me for being rude). Finally, one of the workers approached her and told her that she shouldn't let her dog approach other dogs because they might not be friendly. I was so grateful.

Looking back and being the loud and opinionated person that I am, I would do so many things differently. I know some people may disagree with me, but I would have freaked out and screamed at him until he couldn't hear the person on the phone, calling him every name I could think of and telling him how stupid he was. After he had stopped and looked at me like I was insane, I would have began to call the local Animal Control, even if it was just to freak him out and teach him a lesson. That's just me though. You can't always be nice or ignore the person. I feel like if you're stupid enough to cross me, you'll get what's coming. :D

I've also had problems with the neighbors' dogs. The neighbors on one side of us had a dog named Duke that they had gotten after their previous dog was left to be taken care of by our other neighbors (who don't even know each other). So this dog wasn't taken care of and the other neighbors took him in as well. God bless them, the wife that took in the dogs would go walking with their three hounds. We live out in the middle of nowhere, but she would still take them off-leash. One day, they spotted our cat who fled under my car when they came after her. The woman came into our yard, calling their names. Like any untrained dogs, they ignore her and continued to bark at our cat. Duke actually jumped on top of my car, and since he's big and his nails aren't clipped, he scratched my car up. We told her about the damage and they said they would pay for the repairs, but I still see her walking them without leashes. :mad:


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The only issue i have with going out walks is that most people will see me and Atka and walk the complete opposite direction as if to avoid us :< ive lived in the same area for 16 years and i know what dogs are friendly ect so i think they avoid us because Atka looks wolfy or shepardy? or maybe its cause im autistic? idk :< they must think my dog is intimidating even though she walks to a heel close by me and is so submissive she approaches dogs very gently and will often roll so her belly is showing in submission if the other dog is friendly then she may do a few play bows wanting to play but i feel Atka isnt seeing very many dogs out on a walk cause they all avoid us , there is no such thing as dog parks here and even if there was i'd be wary of them , the only doggy socialization she gets is from training class .

Ive had dogs approach my dog that weren't exactly friendly but luckily none have ever started fights .I'm so sorry that you have experienced such things D: some owners just don't know much about dog psychology and think their dogs are friendly when really they are showing signs of aggression ect and us people who do know the body languages are left dealing with such owners lol.It'd be really fun if every owner before buying a dog was made to sit a small test about dogs and their languages ect ^^ i think that'd be very good !

I have had one experience that had me on edge not that long ago i just seen this huge dog with a look that said "dont come near me" it was off-leash in the middle of the forest we stayed still hoping it would run back to its owner but it came right up to us , sniffed Atka ,Atka submitted but i think that set the dog off it put her in her place by snapping at the air around Atka , I stayed calm and watched for a sign that said the dog was going to attack , when Atka got up it nipped her butt but that was it , after that it moved on and the owner showed up ,the owner explained that her dog was old and grumpy and had a bad run into a dog when it was younger.It is scary though if i hadn't known about the body language of a dog i'd probably be running (which is worse thing to do lol )

dogs are fascinating though , i love their complex language <3