Naming New Toys As They Are Introduced To Dog


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OHhhh! lol, then you and i DO have exact same thing, dogs who are NOT crazy about fetch! :ROFLMAO:

in one way, Pawbla, maybe we are the lucky ones, in one small way, is,
that dogs who DO love fetch, can drop that slobber-covered ball in your lap, for hours.......and hours.....and hours.:rolleyes:day after day after day.........all day long.

That *might* get old after a while, and although i'm sure the dog can be told to go lie down or whatever, i'd feel bad to not play with him...


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My aunt has one of those dogs! A BC... craaaaazy about fetching! The shy-or-something-like-that one.

You're right :ROFLMAO:. I'd rather have a dog that does not fetch at all, than a dog that drops the ball in your lap for hours!


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Even thought my dog is 1/2 golden retriever she hates fetching. She loves chasing the ball but will drop it 5 cm after she takes it in her mouth. If I tell her fetch in the house and I have treats she will fetch about 4 times.