My Rat Terrier Dog Is Breaking Out With A Rash


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I was thinking, until you get things all sorted out, adding a bit of pumpkin to her food each day may help with her constipation. Be sure it's 100% pumpkin *and not pie filling*, and just add a spoonful to her meals. It helps balance things out in the digestive tract - it's fiber, so it works both ways, it helps with both diarrhea and constipation. And it's good for them. (y)
Thanks for the information, I got some pumpkin and I went and got 2 cans of different dog foods that I seen had a good rating and she wouldnt eat either one, I got blue and wilderness, I guess I will be going back in the morning and getting some different kinds. I called the vet and told him about I went to store and got them cans of food and she wouldnt eat it, he said try 4 health so I am going back tomorrow and get that kind. She is so picky. I dont want to change her to fast so I am going to mix a little and try to get her used to her new food. I really enjoy this forum, everyone is so kind and helpful.