My New Baby Girl Leaf Has Arrived Home!


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Finally, Leaf has arrived home! She's absolutely delightful, adorable (I could go on but you get the picture) and has fitted into our household beautifully. It's as if she's always been here:)

My Golden Oldie Zeus is extremely happy, perhaps a May/September romance is about to happen? He loves the fact she, after one attempt to encourage him to play, respects his mature age and doesn't pester him, puppy like, to play but prefers to lay with her head on his ample butt! He did draw the line at her laying completely on top of him, but well 9 kilos is a bit much, don't you think?

Leaf's already figured out that cats don't want to play with puppies. She did try once, with HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten, who rather impolitely (her language where did a Queen learn such dreadful words) let Leaf know "Bug Off" (in cat speak of course). Leaf was fortunate, must be her sweet little face, that she wasn't bitten (yes HRH bites - hard) or swiped with a pawfull of razor sharp claws.:rolleyes:

And Maeve, well she's spent most of her time on the 'high shelf', she's still trying to figure out if Leaf's a friendly puppy or horror of horrors like the two dogs who tried to murder her in a previous home.

Leaf, what can I say without sounding like a totally biased Mom!;)Which of course I am.;):)

She's just delightful, very loving, a real cuddle bug, very quiet, calm for a puppy, and really well behaved - for a puppy. Leaf has us all well and truly under her dainty little paw though, and she's already 'Daddy's Little Girl". Actually he's appointed himself her Stylist. Yes, my partner is getting into girly doggy gear! I bought her a little Pink Hoodie, prior to her arrival, and whilst it fitted her it was a tad too tight. So, had to be exchanged and as the place is around an hour's walk, no way could I leave my new puppy that long, so partner was given the task. He decided not worth exchanging, as it's polyester, but wanted to get her a real leather coat! Of course, he forget obviously where real leather comes from, I had to request faux please! And I also had to point out, she's a puppy and they have this habit of growing at an alarming rate. Clearly remember every two weeks visiting the Doggy Boutique to buy new coats for Zeus and his sister Tiger Lily, then taking the almost new, but too small ones, to doggy school. Boy was I popular!

Common sense prevailed, he exchanged the Pink Hoodie, but is planning to buy her a 'proper' coat when she's fully grown. Honestly, he's never been interested in Doggy Fashion before, this kid sure has charm!!!!!!!!!:cool:

She'll tell you more about herself when her secretary (Mom of course) has the time to help her type. She has tried typing but found even her dainty paws were just a tad too big, so she's retired already from that and is not considering a career as a P.A.:p Mom will just say, she's a girly girl, not a tomdog, and let her explain that to you all in her profile.

She has, seriously, been wonderful and has brought happiness back into both myself and my partner's lives. After loosing my adored Ra Kismet it was as if a blanket of darkness had fallen on our home. She's brought the Sunshine back and I have my wonderful Fur Angel Ra Kismet to thank. He chose her and, as always, his taste was impeccable!:cool::) Thank you Rakins, you chose the perfect little girly:)

I will post a video it's absolutely shocking quality for some reason we just cannot get it to work well inside, too dark, horrible 'golden glow' over everything, makes the kitchen sink look like it's rusted, the floor tiles look filthy (they're ghastly enough at the best of times) and you can hardly see Leaf at all. But after fiddling most of the night trying to improve the unimprovable, the darned program decided it was retiring for the night and froze on me:mad: So as it's late now, I'll start all over again tomorrow. Plus will re-size the baby photos her foster Mom Ana sent me and upload those as well. LOL that's saved you all requesting videos and photos - they're on their way!!!!!!!!!!:p


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Congratulations on the new addition!!!:) She sounds perfect, and soooo cute!!!:love: Can't wait to see pictures (and video)!!! I'm so glad little Leaf brought some light back into your life. :)


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Thank you everyone. Sorry didn't have time today to try to improve the vid or re-size her rescue/foster home photos. Wanted to take some of her wearing her new Pink Hoodie but the wind and rain was a bit too much to take photos. But the gal did really well on her walk (it wasn't raining then). The wind was really strong and she didn't bat a baby eyebrow, just toddled along next to Zeus good as gold.:)

Yes Dogster she sure has brought some light back into my life.:)


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Waiting .. waiting .. waiting .. to see pics of the newest little princess in your house!!! :love::LOL: So glad little Leaf has brought some sunshine and joy back into your home - puppies are amazing in their ability to do that, aren't they? Congrats!!


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The wait is over for Leaf's baby photos:D She's grown a little since these were taken, but not overly much, still a small, dainty little Leaf-let:) Video will follow, just got to attempt to make it half way (nope a smidgeon) better and upload etc. Plus, still trying to get photos of her in her Pink Hoodie, but it's raining and blowing so hard, the kids weren't into a photo shoot:eek:

Leaf and her sister Blossom at the moment they were taken from an "Abusive Environment".

Leaf is the smaller of the two on the right of the photo.

We're being rescued!


In our Foster Home. I'm the little one on the left. Yes, I am the smallest of us all. Good things come in small packages don't they?;)


Just me, peaking! Aren't I just too cute?:)



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Thank you both:D She sure is adorable, and very precious, cheeky now, but although she's grown taller, is still a very dainty little girl.;)

Jackie, more photos will follow, just waiting for the weather to calm down, it's pouring at present.


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Thank you everyone:D

Yes, you can see her thinking Brody's Mom, she's one smart little cookie and LOL knows how to use her cuteness too - Daddy's Little Girl can do NO wrong at all. Not even the odd accident, he just goes 'oooo did you have a widdle accident Leaf" and promptly cleans it up! Now how does she manage that???????

Tx-cowgirl, she's a darling to cuddle, yes she loves snuggles, kisses and cuddles and adores being picked up and carried around. A real snuggle bug.

And everyone wait till you see the cute photo taken yesterday with her Big Bro - sure it will have you all in cuteness overload.;) I'll do her profile either today or early tomorrow and upload it then. And the ghastly video, still trying to improve that, hence the delay in uploading it.