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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by lexio2, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. lexio2 New Member

    Took Baxter and Koda out scootering last night, and had a great helper take some photos for me. This is only the 10th time or so Baxter's been out with us. He's such a complete natural it's a joy to ride with him. he and Koda are making a terrific lead set!

    With trophy he's either hauling butt, or slacking so badly Koda's practically dragging him along by the neck line. Baxter shares the responsibility equally. I've discovered that Trophy has a lot more heart if hitched in the wheel position, so I'm going to give Trophy a break until i get a two by two gangline for my scooter.

    Enough chatter, on to the pics.










  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Great pics!! And LOOOVE the huge smiles in that last pic. ^^ So cute! They are definitely enjoying themselves. Such pretty dogs. This scooterjoring thing is growing on me...
  3. jazzycat New Member

    Those are awesome lexio! I want a scooter! I want a scooter! *pout*
    What kind do you have again, and where did you get it?
  4. lexio2 New Member

    Diggler - Dog Scooters & Scootering Accessories

    I have the diggler DSK because i know my dogs are a bit hardheaded when they're running full out and i wanted to be able to stop!
    Diggler is supposedly coming out with some new model scooters specifically built for dog scootering later this year.
  5. good_doggie New Member

    Nice pics! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yeah I agree, lovely pictures! I so want a Diggler but I can't afford it! I'm wondering, does your dog's pads get worn? I find that my Border Collie always hurt her pads when she runs too long on pavement... :dogsad:
  7. jazzycat New Member

    So lexio, do you have any control over where they go? Can you steer them, or are you at the mercy of the dogs?
  8. lexio2 New Member

    Most of the trails i run are actually dirt/gravel and are well groomed by the park service. There is one trail i go on very rarely that has a patch of larger rocks (they're like 3-4 inches across) and i think they cut Koda's pads up once. Other than that their pads are in great condition! I don't do much to them at all. If their pads are dry and prickly (happens more with the dogs that don't go running) I will coat the pads with vaseline, slip on an old sock and vet wrap it to keep it on, and leave it overnight or for at least 3 hours and then rub in the rest when i take the sock off. That helps to hydrate the pads and keep them soft. But for the guys that go running all the time i don't do much.

    We use a product at work called tuff-foot that helps dogs who are very sensitive to walking on the pea gravel we have in the out door yards. That seems to help them, maybe it will work for Chase?

    I don't have reins or anything, if they decided to veer off course randomly i am completely at their mercy, except i can stop them if they don't wreck me (which has happened only once so far *knock on wood*).

    That being said, Koda knows vocal commands for left, right, woah, line out (still working on perfecting that one), and we recently started working on gee and haw which i am using to mean "move to the right side of the trail" or "move to the left side of the trail" without turning. Baxter has just started learning the commands left, right and woah - which are the most important.

    Trophy is clueless and just runs for the thrill of running. Often he will try to veer off after a bird or rabbit. Baxter ignores birds, but did try to go after a rabbit that crossed several yards infront of us once.

    That's where i just thank my lucky stars that Koda knows that running the trail and not going off course is his JOB and luckily he keeps the others in line. That's something that can be taught but will take a long time to teach if your dog doesn't pick it up in the first few sessions. Koda was born to run the trails!
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks for the info! :dogsmile: I think they sell little botties for this kind of stuff, but never bothered getting them. I remember last winter snow melted on my husky's paws and I think it made ice - she was crying for like 2 minutes - poor dog. But then after she was still okay to pull. I guess in the winter little botties would definitely be beneficial.
  10. jazzycat New Member

    This kind of scooter with the dogs in the back looks really cool too, and you have control over where they go because you can steer. I'm thinking with Blue, I might like to have a scooter that can be adapted for both purposes. That way she can be in back while learning, and then go in front once she understands what's up.

    They do make booties for dogs! They look so cute!
  11. barfer101 New Member

    That is really awesome! I would love to give it a try but I just can't justify spending that much money right now.

    Great pictures!


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