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    Oh wow!! We ve had our first ever tick a month ago and I told my hubby we had to go to the vets right away (:whistle:) I didnt have a clue how to get it out even though I knew you have to "screw" them out with one of those tick things . . .needless to say that I bought a couple of them things there and then,wish I didnt bother now:ROFLMAO: hope hubby wont come across this,lol!!! Thank you,that sounds far easier,will pass this message on to everybody up our dog park(y)(y)

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    so THAT'S what extinction means! THANK YOU!!

    OH, that dishwashing detergent trick did NOT work for a tick on Buddy, neither did touching it with hot matchstick head, (light match, blow it out, and touch tick, i had Craig holding the dog to ensure Buddy did not move or get burned), neither did vaseline, neither did alchohol, nope. I think i even tried a number of other tick remedies, but, not a one of them worked...tick just sat there, with his head embedded in my dog.....

    and was annoyed at myself that now, the tick was SLIPPERY! from traces of soap and vaseline, etc. Then i tried getting soapy stuff off with alcohol, so i could get ahold of it better, still, it was slippery.

    Maybe it depends on how embedded the tick is?
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Buddy RARELY gets ticks, but, i recently bragged on that, so of course, now we both came out of the woods covered in tiny ticks. I didn't realize it, got home, and as i was washing my hands, i realized, MY shirt was sprinkled with ticks!! Eough! ONe of the ticks had 'embedded' into my shirt, too!! ha.
    then, after i could breathe again, (i'm kinda grossed out by ticks) and before i hopped into tub, i checked Buddy, yeap, he had 3 or 4 crawling on him, too. (Ticks DO tend to crawl around for about SIX HOURS prior to embedding).
    AND DANG IT, THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT PLACE TO WALK THE DOG, was new woods i'd just found....drove home smiling, thinking, WHAT a find!

    anyway, i must have missed one tick on the dog, and Buddy must have found it, and then Buddy spent entire rest of the evening, staring at his own legs. Was funniest thing ever.
    I do think, he'd gotten some sort of plant sap on his legs, which itched him maybe? Cuz he kept biting his own legs, all four of them.
    So of course, we kept running over with magnifying glasses, and checking his legs, no ticks. Still Buddy continued to stare at his own legs, for HOURS.......
    (border collies can so obsess, so fixate...oh they can!!)

    it was hilarious, how he'd stare at his legs, and then, also, then he'd stand up and stare at floor all around his legs, scanning it very carefully and slowly, and any little speck on the floor, he would examine and stare at and sniff to see if it was a tick.
    I finally had to give him a bath, to remove whatever plant sap was itching his legs, so he could rest.

    OH! OH! i left out a part, there is a chair Buddy often lies in, {and prior to his bath}, all of the sudden, Buddy like almost fell out of the chair, and then stared at the chair, with wide, white showing all around eyes, then ran over next to me, appeared very frightened. I went over, and did find a tick in the chair.
    It has NOW been a day or two, and Buddy still keeps staring at that chair as if afraid of it now, as if he thinks it has ticks in it. He occasionally stand up, puts his paws on the chair, sniffs it all over, and then backs away, watching the chair very worriedly as he walks backwards away from the chair....the face he makes, is too cute...such fear!! Oh my!! Each time, i run over to see if there is indeed a tick on it...nope, none.
    I've checked the chair any number of times for ticks, but, Buddy is now afraid of that chair.
    {Honestly, i have not worked to get him back in that chair, yet, thinking if he does have yet another tick, maybe best if he doesn't infest the chair afterall, not sure, we've NEVER had ticks, not ever.}

    how funny though, Buddy is afraid of ticks!!???
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  5. JoAnne Well-Known Member


    I could surely use all of your experts' advice. A friend of mine volunteers at a shelter and she's looking for CRATE GAMES to help occupy the brains of the shelter dogs. So... P L E A S E if any of you have ideas that I can pass on to her to make the time pass by more creatively I would be SO grateful!!! Please help with ideas that don't require human assistance as I'm afraid that's one of the problems. Thanks guys!
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    awwwwwwww, what a fine person to do that, and good luck to you both helping those dogs!!!

    Now Joanne, when you first click on the link below, you will think, "What? this is no help at all.."
    but SCROLL DOWN to HOw to make puzzles for dogs video. It's actually called "How to Make an INteractive Dog Toy" but i call them puzzles...

    hope that helps.....???
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  7. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    I just got e'd back andthey've only got one, but they're using something called a "TREATSTIK" for anyone who needs such a thing. Apparently its expensive so does anyone know a philanthropist who donates? BTW, she says thank you all for caring.
  8. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    When Ashy gets bored, (which fortunately doesn't happen often 'cause I'm in business for myself) he just 'romances his bed', then has a smoke and goes to sleep. But I am definately going to try some of the homemade toy ideas. He's not a monster chewer and I'm either with him or he's still crated when I leave. But just because he's a herding dog, doesn't mean there aren't times I just cannot be at his beckon call 24/7.

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