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    Pet Pei,
    why oh why would you not want to use fresh ingredients if you make homemade dog treats?
    Chicken liver is only about $2 for a tub of it.
    dogs are meant to eat MEAT. I do understand why you would not use meat....?

  2. JoAnne Well-Known Member

  3. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    I certainly don't disagree w/anyhing you're saying but I highly respect this woman. She only breeds from titled parents. Asher is third generation from agility/rallly o/OTCH champions and she did it all with clicker. In fact that's how I got here, by her encouragment to train him this way. And yes, I'd be asking her all these questions 'cept she gets a $100.00 a hour for a private and you guys get...Me!:p

    My Crossover book came yesterday, (haven't started reading) but our training session improved enough to banish some of my discouragement a bit. I got a Clicker for Birds from the library for Bird; it will be interesting to see if there are any tips I might pick up for Ash, (it's from the Prior group too).
  4. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    I bought some hotdogs, (Nathan's...yum) just for a change because I don't know how to keep the liver fresh and flavorful long enough. I know that confirmation, (boo) people use dried, not freeze dried, liver for baiting but I don't know how they preserve it. Personally, I like MINE with bacon and onions!
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    I too, used to think having a title, meant the dog was free of illness, but, there are plennnnnty of instances, when the 'titled' dog, is carrying genes for illness/deformities, and even directly suffering from them himself. But, most ppl think like you do, if the dog has a title, he's a-okay.
    but, it's a myth. I was shocked when i researched this, and learned more on that. Kinda the same way i was shocked when i discovered, late in life, that store bought dog food is often crappy dog food. (heh heh, Joanne, it might be just ME, it might be *i* am just 'easy to shock', ha ha)

    In fact, there ARE breeders who breed specifically to remove the health problems that are so rampant among purebreds, but, such breeders are only 5% of all breeders.
    85% of breeders are backyard breeders, with zero health testing done at all. Some feel if both parents have 'papers', they are good to go. Papers mean nothing at all, except the person paid money to the AKC. that's it, that is all papers mean.
    Title means a bit more, but in NO WAY indicates their health was ever ever tested.

    Of the remaining 15% of breeders, 10% do "some" testing, but not nearly enough testing.

    and the rare 5% do extensive testing, researching the entire family tree of both parents, including blood tests, xrays, all kinds of testing is done, but that HISTORY of grandparents, great grandparents, etc, health, is very important too.

    ACTUALLY, since this idea i just said is SO controversial, i just posted new thread, in chit chat, "THE PLIGHT OF THE PUREBRED"......
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    JOanne, i think that is brilliant you are changing up the treats. I just saw a kikopup video on treats, let me refind it for you, but intuitively you are doing just what she advises in changing up the treats!!!
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    JOanna, HERE is that video, i tend to use real meat, cut up small,
    or hotdogs,
    or those cookie treats i bake.
    and occasionally cheese.

    BUT, i had never thought of bringing more than one kind on a session, never crossed my mind.
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  8. sara Moderator

    I personally believe there's a place in this world for responsible breeders. I am also passionate for rescue, but will, one day buy an Irish Terrier. There is always a risk in breeding dogs, but I do believe that a good breeder is one who'll take responsibility for every puppy they breed. Meaning they'll ALWAYS take back the dog, for whatever reason, regardless of age. A responsible breeder titles parents not just in conformation, but working titles as well, to show the dog has the instinct it was bred for, and adaptability for training.

    I think Joanne's breeder sounds wonderful, and I wish there were more breeders out there like her. and without breeders like her, we'd lose the breeds and specialized working ability of those breeds. and I, for one, dont want to see that.
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  9. JoAnne Well-Known Member

  10. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    Tigerlily you are a SNOB! And I mean that in the most insulting way! This woman trains dogs WITH, not for, the police department.

    And I am TOTALLY confident she has researched every nook and cranny of each dog before she breeds it. When my vet asked where this pup came from, and I told him he replied that he was familiar with her work and was very impressed with her.

    I am, for one, a person that can't get a shelter dog because the pain of choosing one dog over another at a shelter is too unbearable for me. I worked Animal Control for years and have earned the right to do as I do, without any preconcieved judgement from 'rescuers'; "Oh, you don't have a fenced yard". "Oh, you have a child under five", "Oh, you work too many hours", "We'd rather keep this dog in a cage or a foster home instead of seeing it in your family".

    Sorry girl, this time you don't know what you're talking about.
  11. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    One more thing Tigerlily, her name in Pam Juliano and her facility is Blitzen K9 Academy; Google it.
  12. sara Moderator

    People are so passionate about the things they believe in. Tigerlily's right about there being few breeders who are responsible, but so very wrong about painting all breeders with the same colour. but it's what alot of rescuers believe in. If Peta had it's way, there'd be no companion animals left... spay and neuter everything! And that attitude is just as wrong, imo, as people with purebreds looking down on rescues and mutts. Dogs are dogs, no better, and no worse than any other dog.
  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Lol, Joanne, we can stay at a grown up, mature level of discussion. Calling me names is not a kind, nor an intelligent response. I'm a skeptic, not a snob. I am most approachable, kind, outgoing, friendly, loving person you might ever meet, but, i am verrrrrrrrry skeptical about breeders, (and dog food manufacturers, too!!)

    doesn't make me a snob. Our opinions just do not match. that is all. doesn't make you a better person, that you think another way than i do.

    but, if it makes you feel better to call ppl who have another viewpoint names ala "grade-school style", have at it. I'm big enough, but, i think it is better to attack an idea, or a fact, than to attack the person.

    I am glad if you have been able to locate one those 5% of breeders (i have thread up on this in chit chat, which explains what that 5% do prior to cranking out more litters into this world). YAY!! I mention in my whole other thread, the exact type of breeder who is breeding SPECIFICALLY to weed out deformities. NOt sure if you've seen that thread yet, in chit-chat.
    I have not googled this person, but, a vet's thumbs up, (after so many vets pushing "Science Diet" onto us) does not quite carry the weight with me that it once did, in years gone by.
    I respect their education, oh i do, but, i do not take a vet (or a human doctor) word without also researching it out for my own self.
    And i just can not bring myself to ignore the six million dogs out there, being killed each and every day, cuz ppl prefer to "buy" their dogs, to me, that is $upporting the BULK of these backyard breeders, with my wallet, amidst a SEVERE dog overpopulation CRISIS.

    Makes no sense to me. I just prefer to know, for my own heart, that *i* am not supporting them myself, with my wallet. YOu can do what you see fit with your wallet.

    and yes, Sara, and JOanne, too, i SO agree, there IS a place in the world for "RESPONSIBLE" breeders, WE CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT ONE TOGETHER!!!

    but, factually, these wonderful breeders make up less than 15% of breeders.
    that is just the sad truth.

  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I"ve googled her site, it is IMPRESSIVE!!! I can not locate, on the webpage, what all testing she does for her GSDs, nor, how she feels about the trend to breed GSDs for that now popular sloping hip, but, impressive website!!!
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  15. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I can assure you that she's all that and more. PLUS************Asher now takes it, holds it, downs, swirls, and will go back outside to get the toy he brought out to go potty. AND we have to pass a sheep pen when I go to tend to one of my 'let out' customers and this time parked and let him out on two leashes, (just to be sure) to see the sheep. Most were out at a far pasture, but when he barked at them, they all came running in to where we were standing! I'm sure it was just out of curiousity but that's what Australian Sheps do...they talk to lambs! I was sooooooo proud!
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    GOOD WORK!!!
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  17. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    thanks.....hee hee...............!
  18. JoAnne Well-Known Member

    She's focussing on Aussies and Border Collies fact, she was going to keep Ash, but then she found a Border. (who was being neglected by the way...sometimes that's worse than abuse,) she wanted to have.
  19. Dodge Well-Known Member

    A couple I know at our park bought a clicker to teach their two (boxer) pups,for the recall they kept clicking and clicking . . . . obviously not the right way to do it:confused: and thats why I kinda stopped our clicker training for a while,I did not want to be the one telling them that thats the wrong way to do it,,I really like them and didnt want to step on their toes as it worked for them for a little while . . . .(Dodge came back to the sound of the clicker,but it did not last,) I ve now started the proper recall training again with the clicker as Dodge likes to "do a runner" now and then,and they have not used theirs for ages :)
    They have seen how much the right click at the right time means and what difference it makes,whithout trying to sound like a moreon "I told you so!"

    Funny thing is,lol,I call Dodge and I ve got their babe's back quicker then my own O_o lol
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  20. JoAnne Well-Known Member

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