Martingle Dog Collar?


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i could go on........and on........and on. To avoid the bazillions of sites SELLING these torture devices, or the sites run by trainers who "train" dogs by choking the dog,
do google "prong collars dangers" or "prong collar ineffective" or "prong collar damage" or "prong collar cruel" etc etc.

true, if you just google "prong collar" <------those words alone,
the shopping sites pop up first.


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Thank you SOO much!! The links you gave me a great!

A few of the people were saying that the prong collars don't choke or hurt the dog. :rolleyes: I'm a bit worried they won't switch to martingale collars…. I'm not going to give up though! I have at least 1 other volunteer who likes the martingale collars.


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DILLY, since you are trying to convince the Humane Society to stop using prongs and/or choke collars, here are just a FEW of the 100s of articles one gets if they type in, "Humane society prong collars"
all these, and 100s more, are about local branches of the Humane Society trying to get ppl to STOP using prong or choke collars:

Colorado Humane Society offers to give new collar for anyone turning in prong or choke collars:

The ASCPA claims that the use of a prong collar can cause and exacerbate serious behavior problems in some dogs causing fear and aggression. For this reason, the ASPCA recommends the use of a prong collar only under the guidance of a
certified professional
dog trainer.

The Humane Society
of the United States specifically categorizes the prong collar as an ''aversive collar'' which works mainly by suppressing the dog's unwanted behavior rather than properly channeling the dog toward the desirable and more appropriate behavior.//

Kentucky Humane Society:

and on​
and on.........lots of local branches of Humane Society trying to stop use of such collars. HOPE THIS STUFF HELPS YOU CONVINCE THEM, DILLY!!!! GOOD LUCK DILLY!!



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Well, Dilly, some experts say the prong collar is LESS damaging than a choke collar,
so, between the two, the prong is better,
but, still, it can damage a dog, and it def causes pain, as the links say. And you can do the wrist thing mentioned in that one post.

AND so many of the articles i posted, say how even a professional can have difficulty "correctly using" a prong collar "just right" to make a dog stop pulling.