Looking For A Good Dvd. Please Help With Recommendations Please. Much Appreciated Help! :)

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by dereksmagic, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. ackerleynelson Well-Known Member

    Welcome!!! I would also go with southerngirl. A number of tutorials are available for tricks on youtube. You just have to type any related keyword and you will get a number of results...
    All the best!!!

  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Kassidy is right, you can still use a clicker, just make sure you 'charge' the clicker. The box clickers are quite loud, so I would try one of those.

    Good idea, peas are an excellent training treat. I also buy organic treats for my two, easy to use, no mess.
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  3. Dlilly Honored Member

    Really, you should pick a few easy tricks and go from there. The more tricks your dog learns, the faster and more tricks he will learn. I teach my dogs foundation tricks first, listed below, and from there move on to more advanced tricks. What I do is when I see a cool trick I then decide to teach it, I don't really have a big plan, but there's nothing wrong with that!

    Foundation Tricks:

    Sit, Stay, Lie down, come, Leave it, Watch me, Steady (stay still)

    Speak, Nose Target, Paw Target, Item Target (target stick, sticky note, a lid, ect.)

    Paw target --> Shake hands --> Wave paw --> Beg
    (One way of teaching beg is to teach the dog to wave both hands)

    Sit + Speak + a bubble wand= Blowing bubbles!
    (You teach your dog to bark at the wand and he blows bubbles!)

    Nose Target ball --> Push ball --> Soccer or bowling!
    (By teaching your dog to first target a ball, you can then teach him to push a ball!)
  4. dereksmagic New Member

    OH MAN! THIS IS AWESOME! You laid it out for me! (what can I say, Im research lazy :/) But I like to type up a storm! I think thats why Id rather type long posts asking tons of questions rather then research them myself... ok thats off topic lol.

    Anyway. Thank you to EVERYONE for ALL of the great tid-bits of advice.. My dog isnt too much of a picky eater, so ill try the canned goods.. I was thinking even like the canned "Vienna?" sausages cut into little chunks, Maybe even some hebrew national hotdogs? I know he would go nuts over that more then green beans or anything. haha Do you think that should be ok?

    Sorry I didn't get back on here and reply sooner, I had a trip to the emergency room. bah... (Crohns disease)
  5. ackerleynelson Well-Known Member

    Sorry, can't help you with dvds....I have no dvd...:p

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