Let's Make A Video!


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I agree with Danielle, bright colors are good. Maybe red, or orange, or like a bright green? Whatever you guys think, I'm not picky. :) What position do you want the dogs in for the picture?

I'm guessing that Jazzy and maybe Mary will want to participate, but I don't think they have been on in a while...
I want to join in, fingers crossed no more computer problems.

Bandana color, red please or bright green, my two are mostly black, well Leaf is, Blossom is Black and White.

Am reading through the threads now. Will continue on reading.


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Would you be okay with red? And instead of solid how about your standard one you find in most stores. I think a solid would be harder to find.
Leaf has a red one with a paisley type of design. Not sure about whether Blossom will wear one yet, LOL she'd probably model the 'chewed' look at this point of time.


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Sorry I've haven't been on DTA in a while.
I now have photos of Veronica, Missy, Piper and Missy, Zac and Gus.

Am I right in thinking I'm missing Chloe, Evie, and possibly Leaf and Blossom?
Blossom has quite a few photos on her About The Dogs post, would you be able to use them? I can of course take more photos if needed. I'll find some of Leaf or take some more. Her best photo is on the same page as Blossoms photos.

Be tomorrow now, it's after midnight here and Ms. Blossom is something of an early bird, and I need some sleep!


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Too hot today for photos, the glare is awful and photos just don't come out at all well. Would really stand out against other photos taken in a better climate. I cannot do them at sunset tonight, best time in this weather, as I've a prior engagement, so will try again tomorrow.

If not, would you be able to use the photos on their respective About the Dogs pages?


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Hi All, I'm sorry, I'm really busy at the moment.

I started work on the photo last Saturday and this is a work in progress version (all the sizes can be changed and the dogs moved around). The dogs still need properly cropping to their outlines.
Mostly they seem to be lit from the left side of the photo. I think the pictures of Todd and Chloe will also work with this. I haven't time to check on Blossom and Leafs photos now but all being well I will in the next few days. Believe it or not I haven't a single suitable photo of Zac or Gus lit from the left!

We need to work out a target length for the video and from that we'll know how much time we're going to have for each dog, after that we can start to work out the kind of tricks we want included.


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So cute!! Just let me know if her pictures don't work, now that the snow is gone (yay!!!) it should be pretty easy to take more pictures if needed. :) You could always use my profile picture too, that's lit from the left. I can post the full picture if you want me to. Though you may have to get creative with placing her since she's on a chair in that picture. ;)


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It's awesome R_dog! It put a smile on my face when I saw it. I can't wait to see the final product!(y):D
Wish I could have taken the leash off, but if a squirrel were to be around she'd be gone.