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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by kassidybc, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Well Jazzy's 'Casting Call' (http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/forum/threads/casting-call.7153/) gave me an idea. I thought it would be really fun to make a forum-wide video! We could all help brainstorm and think of ideas and direct it, and all of our dogs could take part in it. Lots of us here have pretty talented dogs, we might as well take advantage of it! :D I'd be willing to edit it, we could put it on YouTube and give credit to everyone, and link to your channel if you have one. Would you guys be interested in doing this? I'm not exactly sure what the topic of the video would be, an idea I had was having it be Christmas themed (I know it's not really near Christmas right now, but by the time we finished the video it would be closer). I also like what Jazzy is doing using a fairy tale, maybe we could do something like that. Just some ideas, I'm not that creative so brainstorming and making this is going to have to be a team effort. :LOL: Give me your thoughts, all ideas are welcome!
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Great idea :)

    Could we maybe get all the dogs who participate to wear the same colour scarf so that it looks like they all belong together?

    And agree whether we video inside or outside because jumping between can look a bit odd because of the change in lighting.
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  3. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Great ideas, yes, it will definitely be a challenge to make it blend together. I love the idea of the scarves, we should definitely do something unifying like that.
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Great idea. How about bandannas.
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    Great idea, I love it. Tamara had talked about doing a trick video with all DTA dogs, but never got around to it.
    Personally I prefer outside videos because the natural lighting is usually better than indoor. Plus I don't have a good open area to record in.
    Something that came to mind was for the beginning of the video everyone could record there dog running out the front or back door.
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    This could be hard because no one will have Christmas decorations out to work with for a video. Such as Tree, stockings and things like that. Maybe something not holiday related. Everyone may not celebrate them. :)
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  7. running_dog Honored Member

    Love the idea of bandannas

    I'd prefer the video to be outdoors too.
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  8. running_dog Honored Member

    I'd prefer it not to be Christmas related but didn't want to be a spoil sport :rolleyes:
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  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    Ah your fine to say if you don't like an idea. It's suppose to be fun for everyone.:D
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  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    Only theme I can think of is a high quality trick video.

    or maybe base it off a song such as

    I love friga11's videos.
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  11. running_dog Honored Member

    This is the one I always think of :cool:

    Though summertime might not be the right theme right now :rolleyes:
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  12. running_dog Honored Member

    Could we have the dogs writing to each other and sharing an idea like they are pen pals? Or have one dog posting the letters and the others getting them and sharing a trick? Then the whole point is that they are not in the same place and we could each build our own tricks around them getting the letter and have one trick/sequence that is what they share in the letter.

    I would say they could email each other but I think the posting letter receiving letter is more fun - one dog might go to their mailbox and open it to take the letter out, Zac might get the envelope from our postman, Piper might steal it from the mailbox and Missy have to get it back off her... just so many different options. And then they all get to open the letters in different ways and read them. Or why not have the bandannas coming in the mail and then the dogs showing them off... Could finish with like a fashion shoot of each dog trying to look cool wearing their bandanna.
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  13. running_dog Honored Member

    What about introducing a photo near the beginning which has all the dogs together on it maybe at camp with a flag the same colour as their bandanas will be. If you let me have a few photos of your dogs I could use Gimp to make them into one snapshot and give them a really adventurous backdrop. The dogs could obviously love the photo but it makes them a bit sad. Tricks like paw on the photo, picking the photo up and carrying it over to the bed, nose touch the photo, wave at the photo.

    Then the bandanas and letters come - not every dog has to be shown getting the letter and opening the letter, and not every dog has to be shown reading the letter, we just need the impression that all of them got it and read it.

    They all wear their bandanas and go out excitedly to do stuff and they could do similar things so the things they do link them even though they are far apart. For example Zac climbs up a tree, fade to Missy coming down off a tree stump and spinning, fade to Chloe spinning and then crawling into long grass, fade to Piper crawling out of long grass and jumping over a log, fade to Gus jumping over a log... They are not the right tricks obviously but you see what I mean. For stitching together this part we should try to take as many shots of the tricks as possible so we have a good chance of being able to fade them effectively.

    Then a good finish might be the dogs going to sleep with their bandanas, photo and letter (plus whatever other doggy "treasures" you want to include). Final shot zooms in on the letter for the first time and we can read the words "see you all next time"

    I suppose we could even do a sort of romance because we could fake two dogs living far apart when actually they live near each other and then we could fake a reunion. And then all the other dogs get letters about it and celebrate in their various ways.

    In fact unless someone replies quickly I think I'll be visualising a feature film! :LOL:

    Kassidy if you like this idea I will help pull it together (if you want me to) as I know it will be a lot of work to make it work.
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  14. southerngirl Honored Member

    Love it, love it R_dog
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  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm totally in love with the video. I'd never seen it before.(y):love:
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  16. kassidybc Experienced Member

    LOVE IT. I'm glad we have you lol, my creativity=zero. :p That would be awesome if you could help pull it together, my editing skills are pretty basic.
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  17. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Don't worry about that! That was just me attempting to think of ideas lol. I'd rather you just say something, the video will be better that way! :D
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  18. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I definitely agree that it should be outside. And I love the bandana idea!
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  19. running_dog Honored Member

    Do you two want to PM me with some photos of your dogs as we seem to be the only people interested at the moment and we can kick off with the photo.

    What colour flag do we want? Remember we have to match the bandanas to the flag and they have to look good on our dogs. I thought to have a wolf head or a pawprint on the flag, maybe we could match that on the bandanas, ideas welcome.

    Any ideas on music? Something lively but campfire-ish? Is there anything royalty free that you think might work from incompetech or similar?

    We also need to figure out what outdoorsy tricks we want to do so we can fade them in to each other. Do any of your dogs do the volleyball off the nose trick like in the doggy summer video? That might be really effective. Also Zac is really good at climbing leaning trees (as I already hinted earlier). Gus likes hiding behind clumps of grass as if he's playing being a commando but I'm not sure if I can capture that, also he loves paddling and splodging :LOL:.
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  20. southerngirl Honored Member

    Yeah I'll send some tomorrow or Monday. Does it matter if it's one of Missy and Piper or would you like them separate.
    And for the bandannas I think a bright color would be best with Missy, Zac and Chloe being mainly black.
    Doing a solid bandanna would probably be easiest if it were solid color so they will all match.
    Maybe a wolf paw print and have the flag be the same color as the bandannas. We could try and paint the paw print on the B ourselfs.
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