Kilo- The Siberian Husky


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So cute! I'm surprised by how different they look from each other, being littermates. I've never house trained a puppy, but I've heard that crates are very useful, and that taking them outside at very regular intervals after eating and drinking also helps. With our dog, when I take him out to the yard, I say "go piddle" or " go poops" and treat him if he does either. If he doesn't do anything within a reasonable amount of time, I bring him inside with no treat, and try again later.


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Yup all things we have mostly already have incorporated :) so far we have made progress, this morning both have pee'd and pooped outside!

As far as looks- I agree! Loki really looks like his dad while Kilo looks like his father. The man whom bred them had two litters at once- so I do believe him when he says they are brother and sister as I have met the parents, but there is the chance he made a mistake and they aren't from the same litter as well considering with the amount of puppies.. it's understandable if he forgot considering he had them both together


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Absolutely beautiful pups! You have your hands full there...! Sounds like you are going great with the housetraining though (y) Can't wait to hear more progress (and see more piccies!!)


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Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!:love::love:

Sounds like you're both doing really well with them. It's early days yet, so don't worry about Separation Syndrome yet, keep it in mind, but give them a chance to find their paws first. As you say, so much to learn for them.

Great work with potty training, just be patient, even though they're litter mates they will learn different things at different speeds.

LOL lack of sleep is par for the course, good luck on getting some. Your boyfriend sounds awesome, it's wonderful to have such grand help!


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well we've been doing super awesome so far! Loki has been doing great housetraining- aside from the general pee in the house he knows to go outside, but Kilo on the other hand does better when he is outside alone.., the day before he went poop outside all day- today he only would goto the bathroom inside the house and would get super upset if Loki was not there.. the problem is if Loki is there- he finishes his business sooner and then they think it's play time. So we know that the majority of accidents inside is Kilo sadly- I really hope it will pass soon, I just don't want him thinking that this is okay to do.

So far I've also started to teach them to 'sit pretty'/ sit up because they're still so small they've found their balance especially easy for this trick- I'm super excited about that especially since they've already gotten sit down pretty well.

MaryK, I'm trying not to, as I don't want it to be an issue but they have shown signs of it, so when one dog goes out to the bathroom we try to distract the other (mostly is Loki who has issues inside the house when Kilo goes outside) and he generally has been doing good too. They've definitely settled in a ton compared to when they've come home, especially Loki, it's surprising he's the same dog!

I agree, I miss my sleep.. although I managed to actually get a full sleep yesterday with no issues as my boyfriend took over for me, we had to give them a bath again though on the 19th as my boyfriend forgot to take them outside through the night (started falling asleep and didn't set an alarm- he's still learning and will get the hang of it... he's handled it so wonderfully though, i'm actually pleasantly surprised.) It's hard though sometimes getting all the sleep I need right now because I have lived with dogs my whole life and it's not my first time going through the potty training process, I pretty much wake up from a dead sleep if i hear a dog trying to spit up, growl, or pee on the floor.. except for yesterday because I was so tired ( I didn't even goto school last night because of that.) especially since I currently work midnights, so when I goto bed everyone else in the house is already awake. I'm hoping I can just adjust to their schedule and mine faster LOL.


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They are both adorable!! Congrats on the new additions, and keep taking lots of pictures... I've never had a puppy, but everyone who I know who has one says they wish they would have taken more pictures since their puppies didn't stay small for long!


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I think at this point, they have taken over more memory on my phone in pictures than my horse! They're absolutely spoiled though and getting into eveerrything lately though. It's definitely keeping us on our toes. There are so many times though that I swear, I want to hit my head repeatedly on a wall.