keeps eating his poop!!


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Can someone please help! my staffy pup keeps eating his poop. i reward him wen he leaves it alone & punish wen i c him eat it, it was also suggested 2 try pineapple but he loves it! how can i stop this?!:dogunsure:


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Clean up after him immediately every single time he goes - that will eliminate the possibility of his eating it. He can't eat what's not there. You also don't want it to become a habit. Also, start training a good solid "leave it" - and if you see him start to eat it (because you haven't cleaned it up) ask for a "leave it" - and of course, if/when he does (leave it), reward him heavily - then get it picked up immediately!


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As usual, JackieNmutts is right!
My dog USED TO do this, but doesn't now, it CAN be trained out of the dog, using the 'leave it" cue.
somewhere is a thread on how to teach "Leave it", if you do not know. If i can find it, i'll post it for you, it's not hard to teach.

Me, i think i taught that, starting in the house, by putting a not too exciting treat in front of him, "Leave it", and rewarding him if he did NOT eat it.
then i advanced along to more and more tempting treats.

then i did this outside. (For my dog, ALL tricks/cues are way harder for him to do outside).

then i began to say "Leave it" about poop. He got the idea pretty readily, he understood.



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My dog used to do this too!!
Sprinkle chilli powder (not too much!!) on all his droppings and wait.. He'll never touch poo again.


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hi my dog use to do this and I tried all these cures that didnt work but the one that did work was giving my dog 5 or 6 pumpkin seeds in there food. Dont ask me why that would work but it did. You buy them from the health food shop as well