Just Tossing This Out There...


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I live in Riverside, CA (USA). I'm surprised you don't have to register your dogs. I do agree with threenorns that you will eventually have to get them licensed. Is your town/city small?

Oh and here in Riverside it's also law that you're pets are microchipped. But they don't enforce that one as much.
I live in a somewhat big city, but no where in Georgia do you have to register your dog.


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I find that so odd! Do you not have the option to register them or is it not available?
Before I joined this forum I had never heard about registering your dog or laws for having to vaccinate. I'm going to look up laws on animals in Georgia and see if I can find anything about registering them. Where I live you don't have to get your dogs rabies shot unless you take them to a dog park and some other places. But if your dog does not a a rabies shot and attacks another animal or human they have to be quarantined at a vets or pounds.


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Here it is $12 intact and $8 for neutered. Where I'll be moving it will be $25 intact and $7 for neutered.

And none of mine are registered (Naughty Charmed) but I just moved once more up north. And am planning another move in a couple of months so it would be a waste. Nobody checks here so I tend not to worry. Then again I don't keep their rabies tags on them either as they tend to snap the metal piece that holds it to the collar. I have all their paper work that I can provide on demand however.

Southerngirl- Just google your town name, Georgia and dog licenses and it should pop up.


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So from what I understand my county does not require you to register or have certain shots unless you take you dog to the dog park(rabies) but some counties in Georgia do require that you register them.