Introducing Button :)


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Hi All,

This is my Chocolate brown labrador x springer (springador) 'Button'. He's 3 years old now & absolutely love him 2 bits. He's been a great help to me whilst I've been recovering from a car accident & we spend alot of time together...hence I started to teach him different tricks.

Have only just joined the site...but great to see a site dedicated to dog training/tricks as I'd love to teach him more stuff...he's very smart & picks things up so easily.

Vickie & Button :)


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What a gorgeous looking fella! Don't think I've ever seen that breed mix before; it really works.


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What a handsome boy. So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are recovering well. Sometimes a dog is a lifesaver when you need them most and least expect it. It sounds very Karmic that you guys found one another when you did.

Welcome and I'll look very forward to hearing about training too. :dogbiggrin:


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Thankyou so much for the welcomes. Have been looking round the site & will hopefully start posting more soon.

Vickie & Button x


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Beautiful dog! I've heard of the mix, it would be a good one, I always thought. I grew up with a Springer x Cocker, who was a great dog, so I have a love of springers.