Introducing... Buddy Soccer!

Do you and your dog have a special sport?

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Chloe and Buddy

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Ok, so Buddy has this soccer ball that used to be mine. It eventually deflated a bit and now he uses it. It has bite holes in it, so it's perfect for him.

So, one day we were playin' outside, and we started a game of soccer.

And thus Buddy Soccer was born.

We play it ALL THE TIME! :LOL:

It gives him LOTS of energy and is a simpler alternative to walking, since I can't walk Budd everyday. (After school activities)
And, it is a good use of an old soccer ball. If he didn't use it, I would have tossed it out years ago.

Do you and your dog have a little sport like this? Do you play football instead of soccer?


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My dogs instantly destroy soccerballs:D For Cooper there is nothing better than an deflated soccerball. That way he can pick it up and chew on it:rolleyes:
But, if we don't have a lot of time and we do need the dogs to burn of their energy, we take them out with a soccerball. We kick the ball around a few times(the ball usually lasts about 2 minutes before they bite through it), but then the real game for my dogs begin!
They take the ball, dig a hole, put the ball in it and then dig the ball out, over and over again:LOL:
In between we kick the ball, but they will fetch it, go back to the hole and start digging again.
This is what happens when the ball is still inflated:
And this is what happens when the ball is deflated:LOL:
So it's not actual soccer, although Cooper will play that, but Jinx just clamps the ball between her legs and won't let you kick it:p
Cooper thought up this game all by himself and Jinx copied it.
We only play this game in the sanddunes, because of them digging. When we play it in the garden we have to stay on top of it, because they will dig up anything:eek:


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Soccer, volleyball, basketball and sometimes all at the same time :) but last time we played Zac bit 4 holes in the ball :oops:


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Anneke, that video is hysterical, what IS that? is Cooper having a funeral for the deflated ball??:ROFLMAO: I laughed so hard to watch that, he looks so proud that he got that ball buried wayyyy down deep, til he realized it was behind him again!:ROFLMAO:


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I really don't know, it's his game:D He does it with tennisballs too, but then he digs them out so fast, they go flying and he has to go look for them.
Every time he gets the ball out of the hole, he goes and put it back in, just to dig it out again. He has so much fun doing it and it wears him completely out. The deeper the hole, the better. He's just a silly dog, my big boy:D
You shouldn't stand behind him, when he's digging, he'll cover you in dirt!!


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Yep, You're welcome to borrow him:D
He is very good at digging holes for planting trees too, as my father found out;) But he wasn't happy when Cooper wanted to dig out the tree, on our next visit, lol!
He is also very good at cutting back the bushes too:rolleyes: He is a great gardner:LOL:


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wow, we could have used Cooper some years ago, when we planted 60 arborvitae evergreens all around our yard for a more private, my guy got carpal tunnel or some wrist injury, from digging holes, and i also developed brutal blisters all over my hands, and we ended up hiring my daughter's friends, for so much cash per first, they all signed up, with much enthusiasm!! ......til they dug a hole....:ROFLMAO:

..............took us forever to get 60 deep deep holes dug......if only, we had Cooper here, HE could have nailed the chore for us, and had a great time too!! :ROFLMAO: and all we would have to had to supply, was a deflated ball........

ANNEKE, you could maybe hire Cooper out to anyone planting trees?? Drop off a card at tree-suppliers, and offer your dog to help get those new trees planted!!!???