Into Frisbee? We Need Your Advice!!


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Hey guys..

So I've been told several people that our newest dog Streets would make a great frisbee dog, and so for a while now I've been trying to find a way to get her involved in the sport. Unfortunately it seems there are ZERO frisbee clubs, classes or trials on ny side of the country.. Is there any way to still get her involved - and possibly competing, or are we just plain out of luck? I heard something about a way to still earn frisbee titles if there isn't anything in your area through an online site.. Does anyone know anything about that? Any advice to get us started would be awesome!! :D


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If I'm correct the OP lives in British Columbia.
How far are you willing to travel, I have nothing in my area as well, you can still practice at home :) I find YouTube very helpful ! Sadly Aliza is just learning to catch treats because when you throw I.e. a ball it just hits her head lol, she doesn't know what to do. Slow progress :)


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Yup, unfortunately I'm here in BC where nooo one has even heard of disc.. Boo! :(

Thanks for the list Linda! The Washington club is probably the closest, and I am definitely considering it if I cant find anything nearby in Canada. Personally I'd be willing to travel a bit if it meant she got the chance to compete, but as I'm absolutely terrified of driving, its my boyfriend's call in the end :p There IS a trainer here in Vancouver who is apparently quite into disc, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, she flat out refuses to give us the time of day, which is EXTRA frustrating because as far as I've heard she's my only local option - Argh!!
Streets is pretty good with her catching already - with a ball at least, and loves to show off with some acrobatics at the simplest of throws (as the video below shows), so I think she would do great, but she definitely still needs some work.. Perhaps I'll see what I can find on youtube for now then - thank you :)



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That jump she does is called a flip in frisbee. And she is fantastic at it! I love the way she hurles her back end up and she has a nice clean landing on all fours. Nice and controlled.
Too bad that trainer doesn't want to help you out. I can see Streets doing very well at frisbee!


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Yeah I really wish we had more resources around here, but unfortunately we'll have to make due. In the meantime I've started her in agility and she seems to really enjoy it, so at least we found something she likes!

Do you do disc with your own dogs Anneke? I ask because we're curious about how you would teach a dog to vault off of you.. My boyfriend really wants to keep working with her regardless of whether or not there are trials nearby, so I figured this forum was the best place to ask :)


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Zak George has a couple videos about frisbee training, you should check out his YouTube channel. (I'll get the link when I get to a computer)


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Streets is doing so well!!! That jump is awesome!!!:D Even if you can't find a trainer, I say go for it!! Streets would make a fantastic disc dog!!!:)

If you want to learn different ways to throw a frisbee, these are great tutorials.

And here are some videos I thik you'll enjoy (I love these!!!:))

All these dogs are rescues:)


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I think Streets would be fantastic!

Lego, may I ask where in BC you are? I live in Vancouver. :)


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Ahh Dlilly and Dogster, you're the best! Although I forgot to reply (I'm a tad absent minded at times), I took Streets out this past weekend to work on a few things from these videos and we had a blast! I can't for the life of me get the throws just right yet, and Streets is still mastering the art of consistently catching the frisbee, but its a work in progress - and a fun one at that :) I'll keep you guys posted on our training sessions, I'm really excited to see what this girly can do!

And blacknym, I live out in Surrey myself, but I work in Vancouver and I'm out there most weekends. If you ever see a three legged red and white pittie walking around downtown, feel free to say hi :)


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Mark is a Great guy and puts out TONS of training videos so you are going with some good stuff there.

I know of two people in Canada Angela Ewtushik and Rick Rauwerda. They are in Ontario, but they might be able to help you find someone close to you. They have a website here:

Keep up the great work!