Inge & Fenna Introduce!

Hi !

My name is Inge, I'm from Belgium. My dog Fenna is a Kooikerhondje and is almost one year old. I have another dog, Janneke, she's a Golden Retriever but she lives at home with my parents. She's already 10years old.
When Janneke was younger I learned her the basic things, she also knows how to "speak". Unfortunately, when she gets excited, she "speaks" a little too much!
My other dog Fenna lives with me in my apartment. She visits my parents and all the dogs over there (3 golden retrievers; Janneke, Aika and Shiva and 1 Maltezer; Luka) almost every day. She can run around in the garden and play with the other dogs.
I went with her to the puppyclass, but she thought it was kinda boring, and I thought the same :) so we just train at home, when we feel like it ;)
She also knows the basic things and she knows how to : turn around, get back, roll over, crawl,..

When I was with a friend I was reading a magazine about dogs etc, that's where I found this site, I want to learn Fenna a lot of things, but I'm not that creative, or I don't really know how to begin with it. I hope we can learn a lot here! I look forward to it!


(I'm sorry if I am writing mistakes!)


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Hi Inge, welcome to DTA.
I love Kooikerhondjes. They are such little workers! I know the breed, because I live in Holland;)
I am not very creative too, but here you can find lots of tricks and tips on how to teach them!


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Welcome to the DTA! You should find alot of idea's and how-to's on here! Happy training!
Thanks everyone :)
Kooikers are dogs you don't see very much, another reason why I like them so much ;) BUT, there are Kooikers in the US, the breeder where I bought Fenna also sold dogs to the US. The people from animal planet went to this breeder for Dogs 101 :)
I especially want to learn her some new tricks. I think she generally listens good enough ;)