I'm starting to be afraid....

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by szecsuani, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. luna may New Member

    Hmmm... It sounds like a great idea! How big is Pami? Can she be intimidating enough if she wants to? (I'm asking because Kesem, for example, most certainly isn't. Come on, a miniature Poodle? Let's all yelp and run away in a cloud of dust :rolleyes:)

  2. goldencheddar New Member

    Common Interest

    He may be seeking out Szecsuani because she is doing tricks with her dogs and he has trained his dogs to do tricks too. Don't drop the caution, but he may be just drawn to her by the common interest. There is safety in numbers.

    I took my dogs to the park this past Sunday along with my neice and a neighborhood child. I set up some agility jumps and weaves and then a picnic blanket and the whole setup for an afternoon at the park. I would keep the dogs leashed until we ran the course and then leash them right away so as not to let them wander to anyone else in the park. I could see the local police drive up, park beside my van, get out and walk right up to me. I thought, oh no, here goes my perfect place to practice! It was a young lady policeperson and she smiled and said "What are ya'll doing here" I told her about my dogs doing agility trials and she wanted to watch them and thought it was really fabulous. She said have a great afternoon and got back in her car and left. I have by the way asked permission to setup and work at the park and it was granted. I am very careful to leave everything in order when I leave. No poop is left unscooped!
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    c'mon kasem and pami are plenty big enough, i know some males are more afraid of my nans teacup chihuahua when he growls then storm (i think its funny) some couriers wont even knock on the door if he see the chihuahua inside they go back and leave a note in the mailbox hehehehe

    so dont judge little dogs by there size they're plenty big enough to scare big full grown men
  4. marieke New Member

    I wouldn't advice her to carry a knife because it can also be used as a weapon against her. If someone does attack and he's quite a bit stronger than her it's easy to take the knife off her. Pepperspray is a great idea I think. While with a knife you'll probably always will hesitate to really use it until you know for sure he's gonna attack you (until it's maybe too late) pepperspray is in the long term quite harmless but will give you enough time to get the hell out of there.

    And one tip: if someone ever threatens you with a weapon to get in a car or a building, DON'T do it. Especially not if it happens in a public place. However scared you may be what me might do to you, it's better if he does it in front of other people (witnesses, helpers). If you decide to obey and do quietly what he tells you, who knows where he'll take you and what he'll do to you there.

    Wow, this thread may even make you more scared :msnsad:
  5. luna may New Member

    Lol :D
    Hmmm... Mabe Kesem could scare of your friends if she'd bark, which she doesn't. She's just too damn friendly :dogrolleyes:
  6. luna may New Member

    I think it'll be best to think positive about this whole situation... Even if you encourage a scared person, and make them feel better about it (safer, or braver), they aren't going to drop their guard right away. They can still have a wary eye looking out for trouble, but at the same time, feel relaxed and in control of the situation.
    I hope I've been helpfull... =\
  7. szecsuani Experienced Member

    No she can't... :D
    you just have to look at her face, and you start smiling. :)
    And she is afraid of even a kitten...:msnrolleyes: :D
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Good point, Luna May. Keeping your nerves in check is the best way to handle stressful or scary situations. Fear can make you forget everything you know about handling these situations and get you into more than you were already in. Try your best to stay calm and collected. :)
  9. emmasmamma Guest

    This guy might have a mutual dog interest, but then why is he asking personal questions like "What's your zodiac sign?" It may be a stereotype, but that is a guy looking for a hookup question not a dog interest question. Szecsuani- I would not hesitate to contact the police about this as soon as possible, name or no name. It's better to report it and be wrong than the other way around. They could keep an eye on the park and him. Even if they don't have anything on him, it doesn't make him safe. You said that others at the park think he's ok. Perhaps someone there has a name. Just because he has 3 dogs doesn't mean he's not up to no good. Predators sometimes use a "go between" to gain confidence. The police could ask around see if any other young girls have been recieving any unwanted advances from him Never allow yourself to be alone in the park. If no one is in the park, leave and come another time or with a friend or relative. Keep your eyes open to and from the park to make sure you are not being followed. You don't want him to find out where you live. Pepper spray is a good thing to keep on hand. It comes in little cans that often fit on a key ring. Any young lady should learn a few basic self defense manueuvers (ramming the heel of your hand to the under side of the offenders nose is very effective, fingernails or keys to the eyes and a stomp of your heel onto the instep or shin of the offenders foot works good) Honey, I don't want to make you paranoid or scare you, but I want you to stay safe. I have a 19 year old daughter and it's the mother in me.:msnrolleyes: Hope things work out.
  10. emmasmamma Guest

    They don't call them ankle biters for nothing!:msngiggle:
  11. drivingtenacity New Member

    The guy definitely sounds creepy. No normal man wants to chat up a minor. The next time you see him alone, and he comes up to talk to you, ask him why he's continuing to bother you. Depending on his answer, and your gut feeling, don't be afraid to be a bitch. You don't need to be polite to someone who's bothering you, and if he thinks you're rude and ill-mannered, he might stop trying to get into your pants, if he's a run-of-the-mill non violent pervert.
    Best case scenario, maybe he's worried about you? (yeah, not too likely, but maybe he's trying to befriend you out of some mis-placed fatherly instinct?)
    I have to second the suggestion of not carrying a knife. You seem like a sweet girl who'd hesitate to stab someone, and if you don't hold it correctly, you're more of a danger to yourself.
    Worst case scenario, if he gets too close to you physically, punch him in the sternum(the bone right in the middle of your chest).Even a light push there will set anyone off balance, then run. Preferably while calling authorities.
  12. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Very true about the knife...but, I use mine almost daily for everyday activities so I'm still carrying mine, lol.
    DrivingTenacity, your straight-forward attitude amuses me. ^^ I love it. xD
    I would agree that you shouldn't be afraid to be rude. Your "run-of-the-mill nonviolent pervert" isn't used to someone standing up to them. Bravery can often be intimidating, and if you show them you aren't the least bit afraid(even though you are and should be) they may back down. You could try to politely let him know that he is making you extremely uncomfortable, and if that doesn't help, then resort to being...well, less polite. I agree that a good punch to the sternum will definitely give them the right message. It hurts like hell, especially when you don't hit like a girl. x) Lol. If you could teach Pami to growl or bark on cue as has been suggested, it could be helpful. I plan on teaching Mud to growl on cue, but really only because it's cute... But then again, his dogs could react to Pami's mock-defensive behavior. So really, I still think your best bet is to simply go to the proper authorities. I would consider the fist in the chest to be a last resort.
  13. bullysheful New Member

    This is a very serious problem and you being scared makes it so much more serious.Something needs to be done.I've read the advice you got and they are all effective , just try evey single advice you get.I hope everything goes well.People can be so weird sometimes...

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