I Think I Captured A Trick?

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by MaryK, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Having said on another thread that I just cannot seem to capture tricks, I think I may just have captured one.

    Anyone who's read about Ra Kismet would know he's soccer mad, trying to get him to leave his soccer ball almost requires major surgery at times:D Today was no exception.

    Took forever for him to finally 'come and leave'. I end up standing patiently waiting for him, no use pushing the matter, 'comes' fall on deaf ears:ROFLMAO: Must be the mud:giggle::giggle:

    When he did though he came with soccer ball, sat - leaving soccer ball right in front of him. And when click/treated and told Good Boy - placed his paw on his soccer ball - like players do at times to pose for photos but was still looking up at ME, not the ball as he usually does, just waiting to take off again with it.

    I quickly click/treated and said 'paw on ball', as it was so cute.

    I repeated this cue and click/treat quite a few times and each time he placed his paw on the soccer ball, only needing a slight hint once or twice. Wearing an expression which said 'finally I've taught Mom a trick YEAH':D

    Have I actually managed to capture a trick?

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    I think you did.(y) But just to make sure, try another trick session and see if he does it. :D
  3. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

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  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Now that's an adorable thing to capture, and something he'd surely enjoy!! (y):D It may/may not take any more work, you'll find out next time you work on it - but do work on it, cuz that sounds adorable!! And for a soccer-playing dog, that's perfect!! And ... it requires a picture. :LOL: And if it's a picure of a mud-covered dog sitting with his paw on his ball after a hard game of soccer, all the better!! Cuz we all know that soccer playing is a dirty job!! :LOL::ROFLMAO:

    Sounds like that could be his trademark picture. :cool:
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  5. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Dogster. Will do that just to be sure. LOL will allow extra half hour on training to get Rakins to come with soccer ball, was going to hide the ball before starting training:sneaky::D
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL I have to say it looked so right. It's still all nice and muddy, so no problem with a muddy dog:D Will see how it goes today but I have a feeling he was 'ultra happy' with that pose. LOL only thing is, requires great patience waiting from him to FINALLY hear calls of come:D Make Note to self - allow extra half an hour or more for training session:D

    Am going to be keeping camera handy for a photo shoot:D Yes, that seems really 'right' for Rakins mud-covered dog sitting with paw on ball somehow just don't see him all 'smart' looking in bow ties:ROFLMAO: Sure is, hot, dirty job:D Definitely Jackie his trademark picture so VERY Rakins (y):D:cool:
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  8. sara Moderator

    You're kicked out of my club:cautious:
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL it was actually Ra Kismet teaching me a trick:rolleyes:
  10. MaryK Honored Member

    And it wasn't a fluke either! He's now actually coming when called for training, complete with his soccer ball (almost on the first call too yeah!) and is now sitting, with paw on ball, waiting for his click/treat:D And he'll do it again and again, from just a sitting position when asked for 'paw on ball':D Plus he'll now leave his ball for further trick training, with the small proviso he's allowed to do 'paw on ball' in between other tricks:D

    Rakins is very proud to have taught his Mom a new trick and wondering why on earth she didn't think of it first!:confused::eek::D

    Official photo of muddy dog with paw on ball will follow shortly:D
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  11. Dogster Honored Member

    I'm still in, right???:D
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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    It just sounds like the cutest trick ever!!!!!:love::love: WE NEED PICS!!!!!!:D I can't wait to see a muddy Ra Kismet with his paw on an even muddier ball... cute and super funny...:LOL::love:
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  13. sara Moderator

    Until you screw up and capture a trick! LOL
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  14. SD&B Experienced Member

    Wow! Such a cool trick. Captures can get some of the greatest tricks.

    We are looking forward to a picture. You promised! :p:D:whistle:
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  15. jackienmutts Honored Member

    You guys are so funny!!! :LOL::ROFLMAO:

    Clicks and treats for Rakins for his new trick:cool: , and clicks and chocolate for you Mary, for catching on!! (y):LOL::ROFLMAO: Can't wait to see pics!!!
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL pics will follow but not today, too late, after spending most of last night and all today just trying to get through to DTA!!!!! Wish you could train computers with click/treat:rolleyes:

    Rakins thanks you for the treats:love: And so do I:love:

    Now all I need to 'capture' is Rakins sitting while I take a photo:eek: It's generally a two person operation, one armed with camera the other 'distracting' Rakins from examining the camera at close quarters:rolleyes: Hopefully 'stay' will work, even with me with a camera in hand!
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Pics will follow, start praying for rain again, it's drying up a bit, so maybe 'clean dog with paw on soccer ball' - provided he'll remain in stay and pose will I operate the camera. He's rather prone to want close ups - as in nose right on lens of camera!
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    I will attempt the impossible tomorrow, getting a pic single handed of Ra Kismet. Too late today, spent all day trying to fix problems with computer - that ones resolved now PHEW!
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  19. huntyr Well-Known Member

    can't wait to see this pic...!!!!!!

    wonder if I could capture this too, as the soccer ball is the ONLY ball Huntyr will play with...
    *looks to see if camera battery is charged up yet*
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  20. Dogster Honored Member

    Pics are on the "Post your Pic" thread, page 25, I think.:)
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