I Need Help With My Dogs Behaviour

Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by Sleepysleepy, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: NO NO not at all, not you, amateur! You can and do like posts by various members!! on a regular basis, too! I think of it as a supportive thing to do to other members, in a way, adds to the overall good feeling of the site, imo.

  2. KibasMom Member

    This sounds like a hard dog. The thing is, you should introduce him to dogs slowly. Buying a clicker for a dog like this is definitely a good idea. You should get a friend or two with a dog to help you out. Start by (this should probably happen after he gets better with the leash training) having your friend walk across the street with you with their dog and walk him by. When your dog spots the other dog you click and treat and then have your friend walk past and out of sight. You'll need to keep doing this day after day because it's all about repetition. Soon your dog might be calm and he'll associate seeing other dogs with getting a treat. You'll need to do this first before you actually work on approaching a dog, you have to associate him first with seeing a dog means getting a treat. It's definitely going to have to be baby steps with a pup this aggressive.
  3. KibasMom Member

    Btw, I don't know if anyone mentioned but there are leads out there that prevent the dog from pulling. It's a leash and there's a loop that goes around the dogs snout area. Then when they are trying to pull it stops them and pulls their head to the side and they are unable to pull without being stopped. I think time after time of trying to pull and that happening would teach him that pulling also means stopping, you should think about investing in a collar like that for your dog
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  4. Sleepysleepy New Member

    Thank you Ray & Harry
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  5. Sleepysleepy New Member

    Harry loves all humans, known and unknown- just dislike dogs :-(
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    OMD - I just about spit milk out my nose laughing at this!

    So what is the deal with likes - sometimes I get likes on stuff that I wouldn't think was particularly helpful so I was unsure of what their purpose is?
  7. Sleepysleepy New Member

    Those classes sound great I live Manchester M21, UK
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  8. Sleepysleepy New Member

    To Everybody who posted back, I am overwhelmed by everyones support and ecouragement. Im currently sat in the office at my desk and all i want to do is leave work immediatel, drive home and just o running or playing with Harry- no lessons, no teaching just a full on play session (calm before the storm lol) If he knew how many people were talking about him hed be well chufffed, he loves the attention.
    I have started my change direction techinique over the last week as posted on my very first post from Pawtential Unleashed (Thank you Very much) and this is starting to work and although the neighbours think im going mad, harry is not yanking on his lead, Ive also changed my walk route, so I now have random walks every day twice a day. no walk is ever the same route. I bought him a happy harness (the girl in pet store called it this) which has helped me tremdously as his little neck is not been chocked as when he does pull or go for other dogs the harness braces his whole body which makes me feel alot better knowing he is not being physically hurt. He is getting his 15 minutes dog training every night im currently working on high fives so i will let you all know how that goes haha

    Still no joy with a trainer but will keep looking.
    Once again I will keep posting with questions and advice and i will keep yu updated.
    Again I Cannot thank you enough for the boost and encouragement these posts have given me, and anyone who tells me different in the park will get it between the eyes.

    Thank you every one and speak soon.

    P.S have posted pics of Harry so you can all see the little monster for yourself ;-)

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  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    Harry is a cute little monster.:p I'm glad he is making some progress. Your not alone on the neighbor thing, mine probably think I'm crazy too.
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    RAY! I'm so so encouraged you sound like you do have some hope, and i sure hope you noticed how many of us agree that Harry's issue is NOT your fault. I know you will hear that, the entire time you live with Harry, but, his issue is not your fault.
    You CAN make Harry BETTER
    but Harry IS who Harry IS.
    and what a CUTE lil bugger he is, dawg, he couldn't be any cuter if you paid him to be!! No wonder you are crazy about him!!

    Yes, yes, even teaching Harry tricks, any trick,
    is going to be a great starting point, for both of you!!

    and yes, with so so many things to work on with Harry, a no-pull type of harness or head-halter is helpful for you right now, cuz if any dog needs his walks, it'd be Harry!!:ROFLMAO:

    and yes, don't let the others get you down, you WILL get there, you can help Harry become his best possible self!!
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  11. SD&B Experienced Member

    Aw, he's a cute little monster.

    Taking action is exactly what you needed to do. It sounds like you have started down the right path with Harry. Pawtential gave you excellent leash advice. And soon he'll be so good at high fives, you'll have to work on a different trick. It almost sounds like Harry just needs something to do. Channel that energy appropriately and you'll have a great dog.

    Don't worry about the neighbors. As you've just learned, there are no instant magic bullets for this kind of thing. It's a process and will take some time. Remember - baby steps is the key. A little bit of improvement here and there will all add up. He may even take a step backward here and there. As long as you have a two steps forward, one step backward kind of situation, you'll eventually come out okay.

    Keep us posted. I've been wondering how it's going with Harry Monster. :)
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  12. Amateur Experienced Member

    Hey I entertained my neighbourhood for months with my stubborn pig headed puppy !
    Just know its for a good cause ... and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Dang he is cute though.
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