How To Train: Hand Stand (video)


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Yesterday Missy did a handstand on her own(no wall or help from me). It was only for a second or so, but I was so proud and gave her lots of treats.
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's really awesome, Missy's such a beautiful gal, I bet you're proud of her and rightly so!:D(y)


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That is great off Missy!!!! How long have you trained this trick?
I started teaching her this in September, but I did take a break from it so I've been teaching her for about 3 months. It is a hard trick because I started teaching her to back onto stacked books, than a mushroom chair, than my dresser(she couldn't use the wall at first because it was too slick), wall and now she is learning without any props. At first with the dresser I had to help her and same when we went to the wall. Now she has to build up her strength so she can do it on her own. Right now she is only able to get fully up every once in a while.