How To Spot Great Dog Food


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Unforunately Authority Harvest Baked is no longer available. :( It was a good food for a good price, but they discontinued it for some reason. They have a whole new line now, which honestly is not great at all, but as far as I know they have not replaced the Harvest Baked. I fed it for a while when I first started learning about better dog foods, until it was discontinued. :confused: Lots of unhappy people when that happened.


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More and more often, i am making several of Buddy's dinners each week. Many times he gets almost no kibble, or very little kibble in his bowl, and gets a bowl of meats, a lil bit of veggie, especially green veggie,
and every now and then, a small spoonful of rice, too. So bowl is 85% meat.

If it doesn't look like enough, i add in some kibbles. It depends on how much meat whe have in the house. I use fish, pork, chicken, eggs, beef, deer meat, turkey, duck, goose, whatever we have. His love for fish has grown a lot.

But, i only have the one dog, and he is not a giant sized dog, either, so i have that option now and then. I can't do this all the time, though.


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Tx, this list should be also duplicated under "dog food" too??
i think it's great to have it HERE under "dog health" as well,
(to help catch eye of ppl who don't realize they are feeding crappy dog food,)
but maybe under "dog food" too?

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Unlike most pet owners in the world, I have fed my dogs high quality foods for years, with taste of the wild(TOTW) being one of them. Both the high prairie and the wetlands are foods I'd recommend for those on a budget wanting to feed quality foods to their dogs. The pacific stream, and sierra mountain aren't high enough in meat content for me to recommend.

what do I like about Taste of the Wild?
dogs are carnivores with an identical internal anatomy of the wolf. dogs do not need carbs, veggies or grains. Taste of the wild is much higher in meat than a lot of other foods, and has no grains.

firm stools! Out of all of the foods I've used, including, wellness core, canidae, acana, evo, totw always proves the best stools.

price....this is one of the more affordable foods of this caliber....and is even comparable in price to grocery level foods such as iams or pukeanuba..which are garbage

taste of the wild and other diamond manufactured foods are ethoxyquin free

I am a little weary of foods that come out of diamond since they have had a few recalls.
I also think that, while taste of the wild has a lot of meat content, it doesn't hold a candle to foods like acana, orijen evo

I'd recommend taste if you want to feed your pets a high quality diet that is better than 90percent of the foods out there but are on a budget and can't feed a raw diet or a diet such as orijen.


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Thanks for posting this Tx. Great info! Dog food shopping can be confusing... Especially now with all the recalls. :(


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Besides choosing the best dog suited to your family and lifestyle, picking their food is one of the most important (and tricky) choices you’ll make as a pup parent. Your dog eats the same meal every day—they deserve to love it with reckless abandon.
My own dog has been on four different foods until we found one that stuck. For us, that means ingredients are king—dog people care what they put in their family members’ tummies, and subpar kibble just isn’t going to cut it. It also means that the price has to be right at that sweet spot; you know what you’re getting, and the cost is fair. In that spirit, here are 7 foods paw-picked by yours truly, and sometimes my dog.

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I changed my pup's diet one year ago as he was a bit lethargic and after my research I discovered that it may be up to poor nutrition. The vet suggested to choose better quality food, high in proteins etc... How to recognize great food? Try different options and definitely consult your vet. I feed Cooper Australian Ivory Coat dog food and I can say that he is doing much better... Playful and cheerful all day long :)