How Do You Teach "get In"

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Evie, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Evie Experienced Member


    I was just watching Jean Cote's latest video, and saw how great Onyx is at the cue 'get in'. This is where she shuffles backwards from where ever she is and sits by his left leg.

    I would LOVE to know how to teach this one if anyone knows :)

    Evie B knows 'heel' which for her means to walk around behind me and sit at my left leg, but we've always struggled to get her to sit CLOSE to my left leg, she kinda sits around the left side of me where ever she feels like it, depending on how motivated she feels at the time....

    so yeah, any suggestions on how to teach 'get in' would be appreciated :D


    (Would love to hear from you personally Jean if you happen to pass by this thread :D)
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  2. 2SpoiledAussies Well-Known Member

    I would just teach this luring her in to your side, then go to a hand signal, then verbal. If you're having a hard time getting her in straight, maybe you could teach her to target all four paws on a board. Then stand even to the board and tell her to get it in on to the board. I'm sure this one will be one of those that takes really long for some dogs.
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  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    You can learn a closer sit next to you by asking the behavior while there is a wall on your left (so there isn't much choice where to sit).
    I would first learn her to back up while you are standing behind her. Than let her back up with the wall and than letting her sit, increasing the distance gradually.
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  4. Evie Experienced Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll have to start trying to teach this one in the next few days... although maybe not tomorrow as it's supposed to be 42 degrees (107 fahrenheit) tomorrow and we don't have aircon :(
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    OMD!!!!!!!!! Haven't heard the forecast. No walks or tricks tomorrow that's for sure! When does this appalling weather end??????
  6. Evie Experienced Member

    Tomorrow :) Just one day of it luckily for us :D
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  7. Anneke Honored Member

    Weird, it's cold here... they say at least -10 celsius tonight, even more in some places :D

    I haven't watched Jean's vid yet, I was about to, so I don't have any advice right now;)
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank goodness for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was just too much!:eek:
  9. Evie Experienced Member


    Finally got around to teaching Evie to back up (first step to 'get in' - i think (n))

    We've had 2 sessions on it today, and she's doing wonderfully!! I found a Kikopup video on how to teach backwards because Evie and I had struggled previously, but we're all good now and well on our way!!

    Hopefully once we have a bombproof back up, we can move to her backing up to my side, or maybe to a target mat, which ever she finds easiest. Getting the sit at the end of it won't be a problem... Evie likes to finish every movement with a sit lol :D

    My main problem with training at the moment is that;
    a) Evie finds training boring and trying to excite her about it is near impossible no matter how excited I get...
    b) Kittens are VERY distracting. If we lock them in the other end of the house, they're still distracting as they meow. If we go outside then we have to try and work around the rabbit and horses who are also very distracting...... According to Evie B, nothing is more distracting than a 4 legged animal. I think we'd find it easier training in the middle of the dog park in peak hour... :rolleyes:
    c) Did I mention kittens are distracting?
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  10. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Ooooh!! Kittens!! :love: I can totally see how they would be distracting. Though in Kodi and I's case, I would be the one distracted not him! ;) :LOL: :rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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  11. sara Moderator

    I taught Oliver to "get in" and "get right" by using the rear end awareness/elephant trick... if that's what you mean by get in. He'd get clicked every time his body touched my leg during a turn... worked brilliantly!
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  12. Evie Experienced Member

    Yeah that's what I mean. I saw Jean's Onyx do it in all of his training videos and decided that it was awesome and Evie needed to learn it lol.

    Um, could you be a little more descriptive on how you taught it lol :confused: Evie and I are a little stumped!
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  13. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    My dogs sit by my legs without a command. Although that would be interesting with a command.. although half the time I tell them to sit they turn around and sit on my feet.
    I'm going to try this though !
    For my dogs though they know 'in' as a cue to go into their kennels. I did that personally by feeding them in their kennels so that it became a positive experience.
    Have you maybe considered what everyone says.. just having her sit beside you like you would make her heel and say the cue, treat her. Walk forward and start again.
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  14. MissyBC Experienced Member

    This is how I taught Missy to 'get in':

    She would be anywhere in front of me. I would take a treat and lure her in a U turn beside my left leg... and reward. I didn't teach it using 'back up'.

    'Back Up' is a totally separate cue for her. :)

    Hope this is helpful!
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  15. Evie Experienced Member

    Evie already knows how to come and sit by my leg, what I'm trying to teach is the shuffle backwards to sit by my leg the same as Jean has Onyx do in all of his free dog training videos. If you click on this link, and go to 8.37 in this video you'll see what I mean :)

    This way sounds easiest lol, although Evie isnt always the easiest dog to lure lol.... she learnt leave it too well as a puppy and therefore doesnt follow lures all that well lol
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  16. freedomdreams Well-Known Member

    Oh okay I understand :)
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  17. 648117 Honored Member

    Lewis can't be lured very well either, he has no idea about following a treat. He just watches without moving (sometimes slaps the ground a bit though) for a bit and then looks around the floor for it (when I'm still holding the treat :rolleyes:).

    You could always teach her a hand target so that she is targeting rather than following a treat. Or use a target stick.
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  18. Mutt Experienced Member

    maybe you could use a target stick or a hand touch?
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  19. sara Moderator

    Ok so I taught Oliver (and several other dogs I've taught to get in) by first teaching him to put his paws up on a book (or other object) then shaping/luring the elephant trick. I think Oliver was started by me standing in front of him, and the book between us. after he got that he needed to keep his feet on the book, I would take a step to the side, about 1/8th of the way around the book, , with him nibbling on the treat in my hand, so his back feet automatically shuffled over to keep himself in line with me. this progressed quickly to him doing full spins around the book on his own without me moving at all. When I decided to teach him to get in, I would start him facing me and ask for the spin or turn (one command is clockwise, one counter clockwise) and I would stand in the way, so he'd run into me. I taught him both get in and get right at the same time, as it was easiest to do it that way, instead or resetting him every time.

    The other way I've taught this (and how I taught Scout), before I got into clicker training, was to have Scout stand in front of me, then I would take a long step back with my left leg, and lure her along with me, when she got even with my back leg, I would step forward with my left leg, so it was again even with my right. Scout would, of course, keep following the treat, and would turn around to get to it, and would then be standing directly in the heel position. You may need to take a couple of steps, of you have a large dog who can't turn on a dime :p. Eventually, I faded out the step, then the lure, and got a really nice, quick, get in from her. The backing up often just comes automatically, as a shortcut for the dog :)
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  20. blacknym Experienced Member

    I just used luring with Deja. We call it "tuck" and the right is "here" she also knows the "front" (self explanatory im sure."
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