Hi! I'm A Nineteen Year Old Girl Who Loves To Train Dogs And I Have One Very Talented Aussie :)

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Yes, yes, i second Sara's dislike of dog whisperer, as well, completely agree.

I have learned a lot about dogs, dog training, and many other aspects of dog care here. I have had to change my mind now and then, we all can learn from each other. None of us are born knowing about how to raise dogs, we all have to learn from each other. HOPE YOU DO STICK AROUND, and see how many of us here on DTA have a different mindset about both training,
and managing behavioral issues than DW has. There ARE a lot of "reformed" DW fans on this website. Probably by now, you can notice, his "yank and kick" methods are NOT curing your dog, right?

Lol, maybe you will be like me, and end up changing your mind here or there on this or that!!:ROFLMAO:

Although i strongly applaud DW's emphasis on giving dogs exercise and stuff to do,:D
that's about all i can say i agree with from him.

Cesar Milan is hugely popular, but, that does not mean his ideas are best or correct. We now have 1000s, maybe millions, of dog owners out there, yanking their dogs around and wondering what "secret inner issue" of their own caused their dog to be shy or dog-aggressive.:ROFLMAO:
Btw, i totally love your positive only method!! But DW is NOT "positive only", at all.

Here is just a brief look at DW from another point of view (he is NOT in keeping with your "positive only" dog training methods.)

Like Sara, i can vouch, DW type of "yank" methods were harmful to my dog, too. I once hired a trainer, who "said" she was "positive only" and ended up yanking, scaring, intimidating my dog, even an "alpha roll", and my dog-aggressive dog was way way WORSE afterwards, for some time. (that was LAST time that trainer ever got near MY dog)
People here helped guide me, and sent me to better resources, to learn how to help my dog. BUT WELCOME, AND WHATEVER ISSUEs YOU ARE FACING WITH YOUR DOG,
YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! THIS IS A GREAT SITE, chockful of knowledgable, committed dog lovers, i'd betcha, a dime to a dollar, that whatever your dog is doing,
i'd bet, someone else here has a dog doing it too!! :ROFLMAO: or, knows how to help reduce it/solve it.
Thank you so much for welcoming me. I do respect everyones opinions but at this moment I still very much like the DW. I would like to point out that I only use positive methods while training Kodi's tricks (click, treats, games, etc.). I don't 'tap' Kodi with my foot and never plan too. I do believe Cesar helps many dogs and does wonderful things to save the lives of dogs that people have given up on and will put down. I would also like to point out how much he does to rescue and save dogs lives. However, I do respect everyones opinions and would appreciate if everyone respected mine as well :) I am open to suggestions but I never want to feel attacked.

Dice Smith

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1 .Sit

2. Down

3. Stay

4. Come

5. Give

6. Drop It

7. Wait

8. Watch Me

9. Hold It

10. Easy

11. Heel

12. Go Kennel

13. Focus

14. Settle

15. Stand

16. Leave It (Treat On Paws)

17. Leave It (Treat On Nose)

18. Leave It (Item He Can’t Have)

19. Okay

20. Release

21. Directed Retrieve

22. Go Right

23. Go Left

24. Touch

25. Tap Left

26. Tap Right

27. Bring It (Dropped Item)

28. Up

29. Go To Your Place

30. Ring Bell To Go Potty

31. Bang! Bang! (Play Dead)

32. Rollover

33. Beg

34. Shake

35. Cover

36. Cry

37. High Five

38. Back Up

39. Forward

40. Twist

41. Spin Left

42. Spin Right

43. Circle

44. Give Kisses

45. Figure Eight

46. Play Soccer

47. Walk And Weave

48. Jump Over Held Bar

49. Say Your Prayers

50. No Peeking

51. Paws Up (Walk With Me)

52. Reverse

53. Wave Hello

54. Jump

55. Table Up

56. Chair Up

57. Blow Bubbles

58. Under

59. Beneath

60. Speak

61. Carry It

62. Stop

63. Push

64. Go Tunnel

65. Go Tire

66. Weave Thru Poles

67. Pause

68. Over

69. Walk It

70. Jump Thru Arm Hoop

71. Jump Over My Arms

72. Jump Over My Legs

73. Jump Over My Knees

74. Push The Swing

75. Bow

76. Search

77. Head Down

78. Jump Thru Hula Hoop

79. Jump Thru Double Hoop

80. Pick Up Your Toys

81. Finish

82. Switch

83. Closer

84. Around

85. Weave (Thru Legs And Pole)

86. Which Hand

87. Show Me A Tree

88. Show Me A Red Wagon

89. Show Me The Porch

90. Show Me A Table

91. Show Me A Chair

92. Show Me The Pool Deck

93. Fetch Stuffed Dog

94. Fetch Stuffed Bone

95. Bring Me My Shoes

96. Bring Me My Coat

97. Bring Me Your Leash

98. Bring Me Your Bandanna

99. Bring Me Your Squeaky Ball

100. Freeze
101. Pick up the trash
102. Close the door
103. Tug open the fridge
104. Close your kennel door
105. Go night night
106. Leapdog
107. Cross your paws
108. Walk the dog
109. Twirl

I forgot to addd those four :)


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// I am open to suggestions but I never want to feel attacked.//

Oh, of course not, and you are most welcome, like i said, i hope you do stick around, very very much!! Like i said, I love your "positive only" methods and am impressed with that trick list!
and i love pitties!

but i was not attacking you, at all, unless, you are Cesar Milan.:ROFLMAO: Like, Sara, i am a proud "cesar-hater" too. Like, since you dislike Stillwell, (i can only wonder why!?:eek: ) i don't feel that is an attack on *Me*. I like that Zac George, too,:D but, don't know much about him really, but, i've liked what i have seen of him so far.

I got so worried that I just reread my post, which seems friendly towards you, imo, or at least, i hope it does!:eek: and i reread all the other posts of those speaking up about their dislike of Cesar Milan methods and/or "theories",:rolleyes:
and none of them struck me as an attack on you either, and if so, i'm sure neither me, nor anyone else, would want to seem anything less than welcoming. We were attacking much of what Milan says, and does, not you. but, there is something good in everyone, and Milan is no exception to that rule. I'm the only one who did say 'something' good about Milan,:ROFLMAO: like, i do agree with his strong emphasis on exercise, and giving dogs stuff to do--YES!

There just aren't a lot of Milan fans here, sorry. But you certainly have a right to believe whatever you want to, absolutely!! There is room for everyone here!!:D

WELCOME!! YES DO STICK AROUND!! Please do!!! And feel free to post photos of your dogs, too!
See the "upload a file" button under a post you are writing? Click on that, and upload some photos of your dog, so we can see your dog better! We are all big photo fans around here!! :ROFLMAO:

Dice Smith

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Oh thank you so much! No I wasn't attacking you or anyone else either. I just have had people come down hard on me before for my beliefs, so I'm kind of always on the defensive now lol :) I know you and everyone else were not attacking me and I thoroughly respect and enjoy hearing other peoples opinions, thoughts, and philosophies :). Thank you all for welcoming me and I am looking forward to hearing more from everyone and learning from fellow dog lovers. I would like to mention that I posted a training tutorial to the tricks forum and also mention that I left four tricks off kodi's trick list. They are: walk the dog, leapdog, cross your paws and twist which brings it up to 109 tricks he knows. And thanks for telling me about the upload pics button! I love to share and see pics of fellow dogs too!!!
This is my training motto:
It isn’t about the end result, it’s about the fun journey you take and memories you make while training.
And here are some pics of my witle baby Kodi Wodi Bears!
SANY7554 (800x600).jpg


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What a sweet kind eye he has, too!! Very intelligent look in his eye, as well, and lovely markings.

and wow, what a collar he has!! WOW!! Dice, you DO have it bad for this dog, don't you!!:ROFLMAO: I'm just teasing, if my dog's collars showed, i'd get him one like that, too.

Dice Smith

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Oh thank you so much! It's true I do have it bad for him lol! I am constantly spending WAAYYY to much money on him, but I couldn't think of a better way to spend it :) The collar/leash combo with his name on it is actually a prize we won on a facebook contest. He's my absolute world and I'm actually tearing up thinking about him! <3 Oh, also since I'm new could you please tell me how to follow someone? I haven't figured it out yet :)


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To Follow someone simply click their name or profile picture and this thing comes up(don't know what to call it) at the top right it says follow.
Kodi is adorable, he's so fluffy.:love: He's face is really cute I love the brown on the bottom of his face.


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BATS is good, but, it's harder than it looks to help a dog distinguish
between being removed away from scarey person cuz he barked at it/had a reaction(prevent further escalation)
being removed away from scarey person cuz he was "being good"/not barking at it.(reward)

but, some ppl do say it helps their dog!!


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BATS is good, but, it's harder than it looks to help a dog distinguish
between being removed away from scarey person cuz he barked at it/had a reaction(prevent further escalation)
being removed away from scarey person cuz he was "being good"/not barking at it.(reward)

but, some ppl do say it helps their dog!!
Good point.

Here's a basic setup:


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Yes, it's a great plan, i love the concept. But dog is also removed for tensing up or reacting, as well, and some dogs can have trouble sorting the difference out,
being removed for beginning to tense up or reacting
being removed for not reacting. (a dog's threshold can change now and then, a dog might be fine at 35 feet away, but, if you stay there long enough, the dog does begin to focus on that enemy dog there and tense up, even though when you first got to 35 feet away, dog was initially happy)

One of the creators of BATS belongs to one of the forums i belong to.