Hi! I'm A Nineteen Year Old Girl Who Loves To Train Dogs And I Have One Very Talented Aussie :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dice Smith, May 23, 2012.

  1. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Hi! My name is Dice Smith and I'm from Cedar Springs Michigan. I own an amazing four year old black tri australian shepherd who will be turning five on June 9. His full name is Sir Kodiak Bear but I call him Kodi for short :) He is my world! He is the reason why I get up in the morning, get exercise everyday, and even bother to take care of myself lol. In short, he's my reason for living :) I have trained him myself since he was an eight week old puppy. Currently, he knows over 105 tricks and commands. We are constantly uploading videos to our youtube channel eliluvsdice if you would like to see his talents :) Dog training is my biggest passion in life. I have been training dogs since I was 8 years old and have over 11 years of experience. My training philosophy is positive reinforcement and reward based training. Kodi does have some behavioral issues and we are huge fans of the Dog Whisperer. Kodi has grown up knowing the word tsh! I hope to one day be able to turn my love for dog training into a career. I would also love to become a veterinary technician, anything that involves working with and helping animals :) Kodi is very smart and would rather train than play fetch or frisbee lol! He's also extremely photogenis and will hold the cutest poses for me if I ask him to. My sister and I think he would do amazing printwork. He's a total ham! :) I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here and to learn something new!
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome Dice. It's great that you are so involved with your dog. I feel the same way about Missy(exercise, getting up) I'm also looking into jobs that involve helping dogs. Oh and get ready for everyone to tell you how much they dislike the Dog Whisperer. I'll check out your Youtube page tomorrow. Love your profile picture. What behavioral problems does he have? There are very knowledgeable dog owners here and I'm sure some of them will be able to help you with them. Please stick around, this is a great site full of knowledgeable dog lovers.
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  3. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the warning lol! I get that a lot already :) I respect everyones opinons though and what works for some dogs don't work for others. Kodi is reactive to people. I'm working on desensitizing him while on walks but it's a work in progress. Thanks so much for welcoming me! I really appreciate it :) I love your profile pic too. Your dog is a cutie :)
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  4. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    Hi! Nice to see you here - I was just looking at some of your stuff with Tessa earlier tonight! :LOL:

    I would LOVE to see your tricks/cue list to see if there are any I haven't heard of or seen before - care to share??
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  5. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Sure! But I'm new so I'm not sure what a cue list is.
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  6. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Sure. But I'm not sure what a cue list is.
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  7. Dice Smith Well-Known Member


    1 .Sit

    2. Down

    3. Stay

    4. Come

    5. Give

    6. Drop It

    7. Wait

    8. Watch Me

    9. Hold It

    10. Easy

    11. Heel

    12. Go Kennel

    13. Focus

    14. Settle

    15. Stand

    16. Leave It (Treat On Paws)

    17. Leave It (Treat On Nose)

    18. Leave It (Item He Can’t Have)

    19. Okay

    20. Release

    21. Directed Retrieve

    22. Go Right

    23. Go Left

    24. Touch

    25. Tap Left

    26. Tap Right

    27. Bring It (Dropped Item)

    28. Up

    29. Go To Your Place

    30. Ring Bell To Go Potty

    31. Bang! Bang! (Play Dead)

    32. Rollover

    33. Beg

    34. Shake

    35. Cover

    36. Cry

    37. High Five

    38. Back Up

    39. Forward

    40. Twist

    41. Spin Left

    42. Spin Right

    43. Circle

    44. Give Kisses

    45. Figure Eight

    46. Play Soccer

    47. Walk And Weave

    48. Jump Over Held Bar

    49. Say Your Prayers

    50. No Peeking

    51. Paws Up (Walk With Me)

    52. Reverse

    53. Wave Hello

    54. Jump

    55. Table Up

    56. Chair Up

    57. Blow Bubbles

    58. Under

    59. Beneath

    60. Speak

    61. Carry It

    62. Stop

    63. Push

    64. Go Tunnel

    65. Go Tire

    66. Weave Thru Poles

    67. Pause

    68. Over

    69. Walk It

    70. Jump Thru Arm Hoop

    71. Jump Over My Arms

    72. Jump Over My Legs

    73. Jump Over My Knees

    74. Push The Swing

    75. Bow

    76. Search

    77. Head Down

    78. Jump Thru Hula Hoop

    79. Jump Thru Double Hoop

    80. Pick Up Your Toys

    81. Finish

    82. Switch

    83. Closer

    84. Around

    85. Weave (Thru Legs And Pole)

    86. Which Hand

    87. Show Me A Tree

    88. Show Me A Red Wagon

    89. Show Me The Porch

    90. Show Me A Table

    91. Show Me A Chair

    92. Show Me The Pool Deck

    93. Fetch Stuffed Dog

    94. Fetch Stuffed Bone

    95. Bring Me My Shoes

    96. Bring Me My Coat

    97. Bring Me Your Leash

    98. Bring Me Your Bandanna

    99. Bring Me Your Squeaky Ball

    100. Freeze
    101. Pick up the trash
    102. Close the door
    103. Tug open the fridge
    104. Close your kennel door
    105. Go night night
  8. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    Awesome! Do you have them all compiled somewhere on youtube?
  9. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    My youtube channel is eliluvsdice. I do have a lot of them compiled in different vids on my channel, but currently I don't have all of them in one video. We are working on a super huge trick vid that will contain each trick he knows. Hopefully we'll have it posted within the next few weeks :)
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  10. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    My youtube channel is eliluvsdice. I do have a lot of them compiled in different vids on my channel, but currently I don't have all of them in one video. We are working on a super huge trick vid that will contain each trick he knows. Hopefully we'll have it posted within the next few weeks :)
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  11. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Hi Dice nice to see you here :)
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  12. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA!

    I'm proud to say I'm a Cesar hater... well not a hater, a disliker LOL. Yes every dog is different, but no dog deserves to be kicked, shocked, yanked, chocked or be afraid. Some of his stuff is good, but I dont like the physical stuff.

    I also have a HA dog, but I made him that way. I used a pinch collar before I turned completely positive, and used to correct Oliver for jumping on people with leash pops... he blamed the people, and now he lunges and snarls anytime someone looks at him.

    Positive reinforcement/negative punishment training will never cause they type of behaviour changes that occured in Oliver. Negative Reinforcement/Positive Punishment did that to him, which is Cesar's way of doing things. I will be rehabbing my stupidity with Oliver for the rest of his life :(
  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    Wow that's a huge trick list!!
    How does she react when she see's people(lunging, barking).
  14. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    You did it - I meant a list of things he knows - I call them cues or behaviors instead of commands but it was exactly what i was looking for! Many thanks!
  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    Yes, yes, i second Sara's dislike of dog whisperer, as well, completely agree.

    I have learned a lot about dogs, dog training, and many other aspects of dog care here. I have had to change my mind now and then, we all can learn from each other. None of us are born knowing about how to raise dogs, we all have to learn from each other. HOPE YOU DO STICK AROUND, and see how many of us here on DTA have a different mindset about both training,
    and managing behavioral issues than DW has. There ARE a lot of "reformed" DW fans on this website. Probably by now, you can notice, his "yank and kick" methods are NOT curing your dog, right?

    Lol, maybe you will be like me, and end up changing your mind here or there on this or that!!:ROFLMAO:

    Although i strongly applaud DW's emphasis on giving dogs exercise and stuff to do,:D
    that's about all i can say i agree with from him.

    Cesar Milan is hugely popular, but, that does not mean his ideas are best or correct. We now have 1000s, maybe millions, of dog owners out there, yanking their dogs around and wondering what "secret inner issue" of their own caused their dog to be shy or dog-aggressive.:ROFLMAO:
    Btw, i totally love your positive only method!! But DW is NOT "positive only", at all.

    Here is just a brief look at DW from another point of view (he is NOT in keeping with your "positive only" dog training methods.)

    Like Sara, i can vouch, DW type of "yank" methods were harmful to my dog, too. I once hired a trainer, who "said" she was "positive only" and ended up yanking, scaring, intimidating my dog, even an "alpha roll", and my dog-aggressive dog was way way WORSE afterwards, for some time. (that was LAST time that trainer ever got near MY dog)
    People here helped guide me, and sent me to better resources, to learn how to help my dog. BUT WELCOME, AND WHATEVER ISSUEs YOU ARE FACING WITH YOUR DOG,
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! THIS IS A GREAT SITE, chockful of knowledgable, committed dog lovers, i'd betcha, a dime to a dollar, that whatever your dog is doing,
    i'd bet, someone else here has a dog doing it too!! :ROFLMAO: or, knows how to help reduce it/solve it.
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    but DO watch "It's Me or The Dog" with Victoria Stillwell on tv. See if you can spot the difference there.

    <-----big fan of Victoria Stillwell.:D
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  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    IF you are interested,
    in reading about some things that might be worth trying to help your dog learn how to be calm around humans,
    here are a few of many many threads on that topic: (you can also reply or ask questions on this thread, or any of these threads, too)
    some of these threads may have some replies, which you may want to consider, but, you'll see, not every post on these threads is about shy dogs, but several posts, and several embedded videos,
    are about shy dogs:




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  18. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    Hello eliluvsdice!!!!
    I'm tamaravm who participated on your contest!!
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  19. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!!:D Wow!!!! Kodi knows A LOT of tricks!!!!
    <------ Subscribed!!!!

    I'm also not a fan of Dog Whisperer, I third Sara's and Tigerlily's dislike of him. I feel that there is no point of punishing dogs that hard. But please stick around!!!
  20. Dlilly Honored Member

    I know you from YouTube!! Im Delilah443 on there. Welcome to DTA! :D

    I also dislike The "Dog Whisper". Actually, the real and first Dog Whisper is Paul Owens! He wrote an amazing book about positive dog training long before Cesar Milan had his tv show.

    His book is called The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training. It was really an incredible book, and I think everyone here would learn from it.
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