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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by johnny1609, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. johnny1609 Active Member

    hey everyone, my names johnny. im a 19 year old lad from plymouth in the uk. i have been around dogs all my life but as i now live with my girlfriend and daughter i decided that when my dad bred his 2 dogs to have a pup.

    My pup is called panda and will be 7 weeks old on thurs. she is lurcher to lurcher with the soul intention of be used for hunting whilst be a family pet. she is a very biddable little pup and has sit mastered already.

    the reason i joined is because i have hunted since a young age and it just seems that noone takes pride in the dogs behaviour, myself however i would like little panda to be well trained.

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  2. Dlilly Honored Member

    Hello, and welcome!

    This is the perfect place to chat and ask questions about dog training! :) This site supports positive reinforcement, so pretty much all of use use positive methods to train our dogs. :)

    That's great she can already sit!
  3. johnny1609 Active Member

    cheers, im hoping to have her extremely obedient as its a great help in the field but i may teach her a few tricks aswell
  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    Teaching my dog tricks helped us create a better bond, and, it helped her with obedience training as well. It is also pretty cool to show off her tricks to friends :)
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  5. johnny1609 Active Member

    Yh I know what you mean, pups great for me but won't do things for my gf. That and everyones impressed with her sitting aswell.

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