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My cairn Gilbert strongly dislikes it. He will even growl if you try and hug him :( his daughter Poesie who is only half cairn is very cuddly, but she's only 3 months old and was born here so it's not surprising!
Oh no :( how old is Gilbert? Maybe he is hurting somewhere, and thats why hes growling? or has he always been like that?


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he's 1. He's always been like that really......it's just gotten worst and worst :unsure: he's not hurting, as it starts as soon as you touch him. He doesn't do it with everyone though, alway with me..:(


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Kikopup has a grand video on clicker training. Here is the url for her FaceBook page, sorry have to go out shortly, so cannot look for the vid. but it'll be there.


To start you need to 'load/charge' the clicker. Just get eye contact with your dog, doesn't have to be sitting or anything fancy, and click/treat for around 10 times, that charges/loads the clicker. It is VERY IMPORTANT to treat seconds after clicking, even if you click by accident still reward, as the dog needs to totally associate the clicker with a treat.

You can use food or if you dog isn't food motivated toys as a reward/treat, and also, have some high value treats too, for those harder tricks.