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  1. twinmamma New Member

    We have two cairns, one in his 16th year, and a 3 year old. we are currently considering a golden retriever who is not yet 2 years, are we mad????
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome. Make sure that your 16 year old dog is okay with another dog coming into the house he is old and may not want a young dog bugging him. I have a 16 year old dog who would be ticked if we got another dog. If he is okay with it and your able to meet his exercise and training needs I say go for it. And don't forget to post pics of the golden if you get it.:)
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA!!!!:)
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  4. twinmamma New Member

    Hey thanks for the speedy reply, we are more concerned about the 3 yr old(Barney)he is neutered but has shown aggression towards the golden(Bud). Our old man (Spud) has growled at Bud and that has seemed to establish the pecking order with those two, but with Barney and Bud its a different matter. Barney looks very sad, ears and tail down when Bud is around, Bud just wants to play but he is very boisterous, and we are unsure of what to do as we dont have much experience with large dogs. We know the golden is intelligent, willing to learn and please. Plus we have 17 year old adopted moggie too! Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated !
    Just a little background on the golden - recently neutered, I think around June/July, will be 2 years in March, his owner loves him, but due to a change of work hours the dog is left by himself too much, we have him here every now and again, but the owner, and rightly so is thinking of rehoming him, but he dosent want him to go to anyone he dosent know. My husband and I have always loved golden, but we have always had cairns.
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    You say that Barney ears are down and so is his tail, it sounds like he might be stressed or fearful. Is he panting or avoiding eye contact with Bud? Has he been around bigger dogs before?
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  6. twinmamma New Member

    hey:) yes avoiding eye contact, when I went in the garden with them Barney stood on the wall, where Bud couldnt get him, I stood with him, Bud just kept trying to get at Barney. I seperated them. Made Bud sit outside the door, waited till they were calm and brought him into the kitchen. Re introduced them, Spud was fine, but barney didnt even want to come into the kitchen:(
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  7. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    A young, friendly Golden shouldn't be hard to find a home for. It sounds like your two, esp. the younger guy, aren't keen on having him around so I'd be inclined to hold off for their sake. The animals you already have are the priority, and if they say no, I think the answer should be no. You don't want to agree to this and have a fight break out, esp. with one dog being so much bigger than the other -- a single retaliatory bite from the Golden can cause your little guy a great deal of damage :(
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  8. twinmamma New Member

    yes, that is my worry Adrianna:( Our dogs are our priority, I will not do anything to make them unhappy. Its strange as I go out running with Barney, usually 5k every other day, and recently he has got to barking at other dogs
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  9. twinmamma New Member

  10. southerngirl Honored Member

    Aww cute picture.
    Has he had a bad experience with a dog lately maybe that's why. I would start desensitizing him to dogs. If you don't know how let me know and I'll explain or someone else.
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  11. twinmamma New Member

    Hey, yes that would be great, any help very much appreciated:)
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    I think your two boys are saying No Way to the new boy. I would be looking for someone you know and trust to adopt him, as Adrianna says, your two are the top priority.

    I'll post more on desensitizing later, it's 3.a.m. here so must get to bed. But my boy Ra Kismet was attacked by another dog jumping it's fence, so I have had to desensitize him to other dogs. If you wish, p.m. me:)
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  13. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    Hello and Welcome! I also have cairns! Gilbert is a one year old cairn, and I also have his daughter Poesie who is half cairn! Their not the easiest dogs to train, are they? :LOL:
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  14. twinmamma New Member

    Hello :) yes they are stubborn wee dogs, but we love that they are hardy, but also lap dogs!

    Just a little update, with great thought, we have decided not to take Bud, although he is a handsome and very intelligent dog. We have to put our pets first, we have had Bud around a few times, and taken Barney and Bud for a walk, our eldest now just sleeps alot, so he wasnt able. The walks have been good with both dogs respecting eachothers space, and walking side by side. I have watched them both together, and really think it comes to this - Barney - wants to play, so starts playing, Bud also wants to play, but is too rough, obviously he dosent know this. Barney takes so much pushing around and then get aggressive and attacks Bud. Bud thinks Barney is still playing! Barney hasnt shown Bud that he is the boss over him, so Bud is trying to be the dominant dog. My eldest, Spud, who we were really worried about, has really accepted Bud, and Bud him, a few growls from Spud has shown Bud hes boss. But we also have Sophie, our 17yr old adopted cat, I have had to put her food, tray, bed, etc in another room. I really dont want to even chance Bud seeing her and chasing her. Buds owner, I think, is hoping we will change our mind but I dont think it will happen, although Bud is alot calmer coming into the house, and when he gets too boisterous he sits for me (well food;) )then I tell him to go to his bed, and he does. If circumstances were different, we would jump at having Bud, but its too much at the min.. I have them together for a short time, then swap each dog with the other, and then one on one with me! Any advice on keeping Bud calm in the house would be appreciated. We will help the owner with him for a short time until a forever home is found for him :)
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  15. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    Sorry to go off topic, but out of interest, do you mean you find them good lap dogs? I'm trying to figure out how much of what he does is a characteristic of the breed or just him :LOL:
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  16. twinmamma New Member

    Ha ha, yes they love a cuddle, but are hardy and very stubborn, I take the younger one out running with me (Barney) the brindle one, we ran just over 5 miles(8km) yesterday, he loved it! Came home had a good sleep, fed, lots of cuddles, and he was ready to go again. Our older cairn was also like this, but I used to walk alot with him:).
    Barney comes up to me every night for a cuddle, jumps up on the sofa and sticks his back end in my face, well not literally, but hes saying Im here - scratch my back!. Since we have been having Bud he has started barking at other dogs, which he never used to, so I have a bag of treats in my running bag, to distract him :) Do your dogs not like affection ?
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  17. jdave51 New Member

    Bentley & Toby say "Hi" !

    2012-09-26 18.59.22.jpg
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  18. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    My cairn Gilbert strongly dislikes it. He will even growl if you try and hug him :( his daughter Poesie who is only half cairn is very cuddly, but she's only 3 months old and was born here so it's not surprising!
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  19. jdave51 New Member

    2012-10-02 18.49.59.jpg Bentley living the good dog life........
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  20. jdave51 New Member

    I need advice on starting clicker training.........just got a clicker and never tried it......
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