Herding On Geese

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by fly30, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. fly30 Experienced Member

    That was quite an experience ! Very surprising, this seem to suit Fly who usually tends to have difficulties to choose her distance from the herd. We really enjoyed it. The video also shows the work of my friend who invited me with her dogs.

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  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    That is a pretty cool video, I like how fly went and got the one that was by itself. How do you control where fly goes to the left or to the right or to stay a little far behind?
  3. fly30 Experienced Member

    We have cues for directions, stop and get out. I mix up english and french at herding lol but Fly doesn't mind.
    So I use "lie down" to lie down (logical), "away" (sometimes we actually say Awé in the French way to have an open A) for right, "come by" for left and "file" (french word) for get out (or go away from the herd). We may use "stop" or "stand" to have the dog stop without lying down.

    Directions are special. Going left means get around the herd by the left, and same for right.

    Staying far behind is my main problem with Fly who tends to be sticky. But we want to avoid the dog lying down all the time so I use "file" or I just growl to have her keep her distance. We are working on this at the moment, as well as having a straight walk behind. Fly tends to zig zag all the time.
  4. fly30 Experienced Member

    The isolated goose, Fly had actually given up. It's difficult for a dog to make a choice between one goose and the whole herd so she naturally chose to abandon the isolated one. I asked her to go ("away" cue) and when she was back, I asked "come by" so she was right behind the herd again.
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I LOVED THIS!! I can't even imagine, how you even start to teach "get on the LEFT side of the geese" vs. "get on the RIGHT side of the geese." Geez, it'd be fun to be there, and see all this.
    Your Fly reminds me sooooooo much of my Buddy.:love:
    I could spot moments Fly looked at YOU every now and then, as his ears go puppy-flat, lol. (or, at least i think that is what i saw) At any rate, what a lucky dog Fly is to have you! I also was surprised, i did not realize how young Fly is!
  6. fly30 Experienced Member

    Thank you Tigerlily :)
    Before learning directions, we teach the dog to stay at the 12/6 o'clock position (always opposite to you behind the herd). So when you go one way, the dog goes the opposite direction. And then we start giving cues. I found and old video of Fly learning this, this was just the start.
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  7. Lexy88 Well-Known Member

    Aww arent the geese just so sweet :love:
  8. karleee Well-Known Member

    Go fly!..for a change,instead of using our cows for herding training...i tried using our guinipigs...dazzle thought it would be fun to try and pounce on them :cautious: maybe i should just stick to the cows ;)
  9. fly30 Experienced Member

    Maybe you should have someone teach you a few things before trying this kind of experiences lol :)
  10. karleee Well-Known Member

    hehe yeah,she is great at herding sheep and cows (especially the cows,as she does this every morning at our farm)...but the small creatures seem fun to play with :p

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