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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by ilovemydog, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. ilovemydog Active Member

    Hi everyone I try to post a video of my dog doing tricks and it didnt let me. It said i need to change the avi,mpg ect.. I try to change it and again it didnt work. Then i went into my i movie i change it to tiny and try to change . avi ect.. and it didnt work. What can i do??

  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm having the same problem with uploading my videos.
  3. ilovemydog Active Member

  4. running_dog Honored Member

    If possible try a different computer. There may be some incompatibility in the computer itself. I don't know why but videos won't upload from my computer (it just goes on uploading them forever, never moves on from that screen, and I tried every suggested format and a few more besides :mad:) but exactly the same files will from upload from a borrowed computer.
  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    I just uploaded the video from my computer to my flash drive. Than I uploaded it from my flash drive and it worked:)
  6. ilovemydog Active Member

    I have a mac and what i have is imovie. I dont have windows. :) If it had the youtube link it would be easy couse i have tons of vid there.
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  7. ilovemydog Active Member

  8. ilovemydog Active Member

  9. ilovemydog Active Member

    Nop dont work :( this is SAD :(
  10. ilovemydog Active Member

    I try other site online convert and they even sent it to my email and it didnt work. I just used my brother new laptop mac and that didnt work :( Can you please a area so people cna upload there youtube links!!! plz.
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  11. ilovemydog Active Member

    I have try everything. diff convert sites., my brothers pc, my friend pc nothting :( I even made the video smaller. nadda. So please have a little area for youtuber that can post there videos to.. Thanks so much.
  12. ilovemydog Active Member

    whats a flash drive?
  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    Its also known as a USB drive you plug it into your computer and it stores stuff like pics. videos documents ext. [IMG]
  14. ilovemydog Active Member

    I might have one i will check it out thanks hope this works.

  15. ilovemydog Active Member

    I just came back from the store and i got a usb i put my video in the drive and then try to upload it and it didnt work. then i try to change the format again and that didnt work :( this is soooooo sad.
  16. southerngirl Honored Member

    Srry it didn't work. I hope u find out whats wrong.
  17. ilovemydog Active Member

    :( me too

  18. omgallydee Active Member

    I was having this same problem all day while trying to upload my first video. I converted my video about 15 times using a lot of different encoding settings and over and over kept getting the same error message about accepted file extensions. This seems like a Mac-specific issue with the uploader, as once I finally decided to try booting up my Windows machine the upload went as smooth as could be... and that might explain why uploading the video from a flash drive would be a viable workaround. It's definitely something that should be looked at, though.

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