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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by kcmetric, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    My boyfriend is moving in with me and is bringing a dachshund from a neglectful situation. I've already met her, she's very, very sweet and I think she could have a lot of fun.

    Anyone have some good beginning resources for earth dog trials? Any thoughts on the sport in general? Have any experience with it?
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  2. rouen Experienced Member

    If you're looking to compete, knowing where you're located would help us find clubs/trainers near you. If you're just looking to get her into hunting then you'd probly be looking into terrier(wo)man or ferreting type hunting. Knowing what exactly you want to do will be helpful.
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  3. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'd love to compete with her, it'd be great fun!

    I think just hunting would be fun too though, there are lots of scary rats on my street and it'd be excellent if she could get rid of them for us haha.

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  4. rouen Experienced Member
    The Dachshund Club of the Great Lakes (Link above) should be able to tell you who to contact about training. Other hunting can be taught aside from that. The club should be able to test her prey drive, usually they taunt the dogs with rats before sending them down the artificial burrow. Also get a flirt pole with a toy that looks like a rat on the end, get a long line and take her in fields and let her chase and hunt things. The more experience and exposure she has with small animals and chasing and/or killing them the closer you will be to your goal. The earthdog clubs dont let the dogs eliminate their target, so she wont get actual experience attacking and killing the prey with them.
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  5. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much! This is awesome.
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