Games For Dogs


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They are clever! I am a well trained owner:D I always have a pocket full of treats and Cooper knows it. So during the walk, he will come and touch my hand and look up at me in his cutest face.
The crazy part about it, that I didn't even realize that I was responding to his nudging my hand every time!
To him I am a walking cookie-jar:D:D It is a result of my handtouch game, gone a little out of hand...
By the way I have been playing the handtouch game again and both my dogs love it. I do recall handtouches, or almost out of reach handtouch(so they have to jump up) or real quick touches.


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another game for dogs,
but, it might have to be taught,
putting something in dog's mouth, and having him bring item to a named family member. The recipient of the item, has to lavishly praise the dog, and give dog another item, and tell dog who to bring it to. "Bring it to Amy" or "Bring it to Daddy" etc, etc. or whatever names your dog knows for each family member. We sometimes use treats, as well, giving everyone in the family a small handful of treats to reward dog with.

We have informally taught our dog our names, by silly habit of saying "AMY's home! AMY's home!" or "DADDY's home!" or "MOMMY's home" and so on, we say this to the dog
as the family member comes home. We also do this, to incite our dog to do his famous "Victory Laps" of joy around......and around.........and around , as each pack member returns to the den.

If you have a stairway in your home, this "Bring it to Daddy" game, can also provide some exercise for the dog, too.

my dog much enjoys this game.


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Shane, my last dog, he was very good at this game. He would help me bring cookies(still in the container of course:D) from the kitchen to the livingroom and give them to my boyfriend. He was so carefull with the things he carried. He would never break anything.
Cooper is too lazy to do this. But I am trying to teach this to Jinx. We have a special basket for her, we can put things in, so she can carry it anywhere. Problem is, she will take it everywhere I want, but she won't give it to my boyfriend:D

Something else we used to do: I would be cooking in the kitchen and have diner ready. Now we do have a diningtable, but we always eat on the couch;) So I would call Shane and tell him to tell Henk(my boyfriend) that diner is ready. He would then run off and nudge his nose on Henk's arm or leg and then stand in the doorway looking back, as if to say: Come on!! Diner is ready!!:LOL:


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Ha ha, GREAT story Anneke!!!! That game sound awesome, I need to add it to the L....O.....N....G list of tricks I want to teach Shivon.:D Hehe.