[Game] Guess the Breed


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Oh, that's totally a Puli!
I thought it might be a Komondor, but the more I look at it, the more I get the Puli vibe!


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It was indeed the Puli!
I thought this would be hard...:doglaugh:
I didn't know this much people knows this breed
(and komondors are usually white:dogwink:)


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OMG this looks SOOO FUN!!!!! I totally want to renew this thread!!!!! I hope you don't mind, CollieMan.;) Okay, here's one (It's probably too easy for you guys:D) :

Okay, WAAAAY too easy:D. I'll give you guys a week. (Unless you beg me, lol:LOL:)


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I was in doubt between the chinese and the mexican... Went for the chinese because of the spots. Couldn't find anything on the mexican about colors.;)
Have to admit I don't know much about the chinese, and nothing about the mexican.


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Southerngirl's right!!!! it's a Presa Canario!!!:D
If anyone has any other breeds for the game, feel free to post them!!!! (I ran out of ideas:cautious:):ROFLMAO: