[Game] Guess the Breed


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I see that I made that one too easy, and that lagomorphmonster protects his lead, now having two consecutive correct answers. It was indeed the chow chow. Full image can be viewed here.

Right, a little more difficult I think...

Answer in twenty-four hours...


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ohh i would have to say (maybe) a great dane or a cataloua leopard dog can i have two guesses


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I'll go with a young Great Dane...

Great idea! Out of curiousity, are you only selecting breeds recognized by a particular KC, and if so which one?


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Think I might have made this one a little too easy, but let's see....

Answer revealed tomorrow....

Apologies that the previous images have vanished. I deleted my domain this morning, and forgot about those images. Won't happen again!
Golden Retriever - though I'm not sure what body parts I'm looking at, so it is tough to guess. Are we looking at the tail on the left side of the picture????
More than 12 hours later, I've finally figured out what I was looking at. LOL. That's awfully sneaky to pick such a random body part (although it appears that no one else had trouble figuring out where we were).

Anyway, I know the rule is to have only 1 guess, but I'm going to change my initial guess to pomeranian.


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lagomorphmonster;3964 said:
More than 12 hours later, I've finally figured out what I was looking at. LOL
lagomorphmonster will be available for medical consultations shortly. :)

It was indeed the Pomeranian. Curses! Right....

I think the colours might give this one away too easily but here goes...

Answer in twenty-four hours....